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Peaches n cream with a balsamic reduction! Angela Liddon, you and your gorgeous, fancypants desserts! It’s culinary art!

Late summer (and early fall, and early summer, and late spring) is HOT HOT HOT in my part of Northern California, and all I want are cold foods. Just giant salads and oceans of vegan ice cream.

That’s why I recommend you make this cashew-milk salted caramel ice cream as soon as possible. The author, Jennifer Barckley, took two years to perfect her recipe, which probably means it is amazing. What was the last thing you spent two years on? 

I admit, both desserts seem a bit more labor-intensive than I like (I am a lazy, sweaty lump), but if you want to impress people and cool them off, serve them one of these beautiful dishes. They will be offering to have your babies by bite three, guaranteed. BRILLIANT IDEA: What if you made cashew-milk salted caramel ice cream and served it with fresh peaches and a balsamic reduction? Serve it to your neighborhood and watch them worship you as a kitchen deity!

If you want to go the easy route, though, vegan Miriam Krule and some of her family members did a six-brand taste-test of grocery store vegan ice creams over at Slate. Unsurprisingly, So Delicious was their favorite, and nobody liked weird old Tempt. 

[top photo by Angela Liddon; bottom photo by Jennifer Barckley]

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