Every day in New York this week seems to bring a new Banksy. Reader Erin M. sent us this video link of his most recent production. As you can see, it’s a truck full of squawking stuffed animals, and it drove around the meat packing district. 

I’m not sure what to make of it. When I first saw it, I wasn’t sure it was trying to make a statement of any sort but when you watch the video it does seem to be an anti-factory farm meat stunt or about the “humane myth,” especially with what’s painted on the door at the beginning. But maybe it’s just supposed to be silly. What do you think?


Good job, Irvine: City Council bans sale of dogs and cats!  »

Last night the Irvine, Calif. City Council passed some amazing legislation: They banned the sale of dogs and cats, rodeos, and animal circuses! Irvine has us all beat, California! Money quote:

Society is “moving toward a more thoughtful and conscientious approach to animals,” speaker Claire Kim said Tuesday night. “This ordinance responds to the spirit of our times.”

It totally is! It totally does! Next for the city: Mandatory spay/neuter laws, which the council decided to further study.

Three cheers for Irvine!

[image of Banky’s Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill by jmm via Flickr]


Friday vegan blog link-o-rama!  »

A tour through this week in vegan blogs:

1. The Obligatory Vegan Post—a sweet essay by someone who just started being vegan and is loving it,

2. Sabor de Soledad—is vegan!

3. Amazing Vegan Ice Cream—a blog with such flavors as Barack-y Road (a delicious vegan take on Rocky Road and a nod to our favorite candidate!) and Pumpkin (Pumpkin).

4. Vegan diet good for Type 2 diabetes—DUH.

5. A great endorsement in the New York Times for Prop. 2!—No philosophy can justify this kind of cruelty, not even the philosophy of cheapness. Assholes.

6. Top Five Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets—I would add a George Foreman Grill to the list. Duh.

7. This is bizarre but Banksy is apparently saying something about factory farming—I am not Banksy. Your turn.

And now, our favorite cute animal picture of the week.


[photo by Nigel Treblin/AFP/Getty Images]

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