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When Emily of PureFit sent me free samples of some of their nutrition bars, OF COURSE I ate them all. I love food, doy! But although the bars are nutritious and taste all right, I don’t know if they qualify as food. Every flavor I received has the word “crunch” in the title—Granola Crunch, Peanut Butter Crunch, Almond Crunch, and Berry Almond Crunch—but I was disappointed to learn that they were not, in fact, that crunchy. They reminded me of PowerBar's old formula, which had gone out of style by the time I was in high school.
Although I was bored by the blandness and disturbing, flesh-colored appearance of the Almond and Peanut Butter, I very much enjoyed the other two flavors. I love finding dried berries in things, so Berry Almond Crunch had added sweetness and texture. The winner, however, was Granola Crunch.

I realize this review is starting to sound like a late-20th-century flashback, but this bar tasted like Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, upon which I have fond memories of chowing down after a heartbreaking lazy grueling game of Little League Soccer.

Regarding nutrition, the main advantage PureFit bars have over my personal favorite, Clif Builders, is gluten-freedom. Also, while Larabar and the like might taste a bit more similar to food, PureFit offers a heck of a lot more protein. So, celiacs and PowerBar-lovers who want to bulk up, look out for these!


BBQ Seitan is back at Benders and it’s apparently better than ever. AND OMG TATER TOTS YES. They’re serving it up Tuesday through Saturday nights, so get on it!
[Thanks, KevMo!]

BBQ Seitan is back at Benders and it’s apparently better than ever. AND OMG TATER TOTS YES. They’re serving it up Tuesday through Saturday nights, so get on it!

[Thanks, KevMo!]


Bender’s Bar!  »


Bender’s has a new menu because Weird Fish is whack and ended the satellite kitchen. HOWEVER, they have stuff that can be made vegan and are CARRYING DAIYA CHEESE NOW! All right now, yall.


Okay. So I heard from KevinMonty that Bender’s Bar has a very similar menu to Weird Fish, so I had to check it out. He’s right! and further, it’s actually a Weird Fish satellite kitchen! So it’s like Weird Fish but even closer to my house and EVEN BETTER because

  1. It’s HUGE so there’s a better chance you’ll get a seat!
  2. It’s a bar so even if you don’t get a seat right away, you can play pool, darts or pinball, and have a delicious margarita! And the drinks are cheap! Which brings me to my next point
  3. Nothing but NOTHING goes better with a basket of beer-battered and deep-fried seitan and fries than cheap beer. Except maybe cheap margaritas.
  4. Bender might be best character ever on TV? I mean, except for Nibbler*. And Al Bundy. NO MA AM!

Last night, I ate so so so so many Fried Yo-Yos (pickles! SO GOOD!) with vegan ranch dressing, beer-battered seitan with sesame-ginger sauce, french fries, and seitan tacos that I am now a complete person. Or at least a fatter one. AND GUESS WHAT: IT WAS WORTH IT, FOLKS. Next time, I’m getting a veggie Philly cheesesteak (sans cheese, unless they offer it with vegan cheese! Which they might! Because they do at Weird Fish!) and the seitan Buffalo Girls (pictured)! That might be tonight, actually. The Weird Fish satellite kitchen at Bender’s is open Tuesday through Saturday (on Sunday they have free BBQ—which I cannot speak to except that it’s probably gross—and on Monday, there is a sushi happy hour and there are apparently quite a few vegan options—I’ll check it out and report back! THE THINGS I DO.)

*Not to be confused with the equally awesome and somehow even more adorable Nibbler, Vegansaurus’ favorite bunny and spokesrabbit!

UPDATE: We did some follow-up research in regards to Hallie’s comment, below, regarding the batter. The result? ALWAYS ASK. Sometimes they run out of the vegan batter, in which case they make a non-vegan one. Always ask!

UPDATE 1/28/10: Bender’s no longer has the WF Satellite kitchen but has a new menu with some vegan options. Have yet to try it but am a little worried. SAD DAY.


Review: Club Waziema!  »

Club Waziema
is my favorite Ethiopian restaurant in San Francisco. Not so much because it’s autentico (I stole that from Jonas, I believe it’s Mexican for “authentic”) but because it’s delicious food in a fun space (dive bar meets whorehouse. See: the ridiculously wonderful and sexy wallpaper) and it’s super-cheap and there is an excellent jukebox. Oh and IT’S ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT. AMAZING.

I strongly suggest ordering the Vegetarian Combo, a combination of all their vegan dishes. They don’t use the proper Ethiopian names on the menu because their customers are almost 100 percent Hipster McWhitey but basically you get two different lentil dishes (one spicy, one milder), a mushroom stew, collard greens and a potato/carrot/cabbage combo for $9, ALL YOU CAN EAT. When the food runs out, you just ask for more and they bring it out because as mentioned above it’s ALL YOU CAN EAT. Has there ever been four more beautiful words strung together in the English language? I’m being serious, can you think of any? Because I’m actually trying and I can’t.

Everything is served on injera, which is traditional Ethiopian flat bread made with teff flour. The injera at Waziema is fluffier and less tangy than I like it but it’s still delicious and I think easier on a palate that isn’t used to eating this type of food. Please see above about Hipster McWhitey. You use the injera to eat all of the food so please don’t humiliate yourself by asking for a fork or some shit. HOW EMBARRASSING.

Some things to keep in mind when dining in here. The service can be inattentive and slow (this is how they do in Ethiopia. I’m assuming.) so either be relaxed, baby, or prepare to go to bat for what you believe in. I’ve also had really excellent service so it’s a bit of a crap shoot. It’s good for groups (I had a big birthday dinner here a few years ago and it was the perfect location for a laid-back celebration—just make sure to call ahead and reserve some space. You can apparently even make reservations on their site. I would say not great for a romantical date because it can get really loud and there aren’t basic restaurant things like tablecloths and shit because you’re in a bar but on the other hand, I had the first date with my current boyfriend here and he’s ALL RIGHT. And oh yeah, they are closed Sundays and not open for lunch. The kitchen is open from 5 to 10 p.m. every night but the bar stays open later, until midnight on school nights and 2 a.m. on the weekend SO YOU CAN PARTY! ETHIOPIAN STYLE! WHAT?!

That is all.

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