The last SF Vegan Drinks of 2010 is TONIGHT!  »

Let’s celebrate this shit-tay weather by getting shitfaced with our vegan brethren at Martuni’s for the last SF Vegan Drinks of the year! Sad face. As always, SF Vegan Drinks is sponsored by your Vegansaurus, and the wonderful folks at VegNews, who bring you this important message:

The special drink this month is a Pumpkin-based (Yes!) Fall Harvest Martini for $5. IS THAT NOT ENOUGH!?

 We’ll also be cooking up some more vegan hot dogs. For only 98 cents a piece, you can satisfy your after-work hunger. There will also be all the vegan popcorn you can eat!

This is by the way all lies, because I “can” eat a fuckton of popcorn. And a fuckton of just about anything else, even though we’re all secretly anorexics with latent foie gras desires. So join the rest of us at the hot dog/popcorn feeding trough from 6 to 8 p.m. tonight. I’ll be the one not wearing a name tag. Again.

PLEASE NOTE: I copied the last bit of this post directly from Steve. He’s out of the country or something so this is the one time I’m in favor of DON’T ASK DON’T TELL, capiche!?

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