L.A. bans painful tools used to train elephants!  »


Infuriating still from Peta’s "Elephants in Circuses: Training & Tragedy"

On Wednesday, Los Angeles sided with the elephants when the city council banned the use of “bullhooks, pitchforks, baseball bats and other goads that circus trainers use to control elephants and other exotic animals.”*

First of all, “pitchforks and baseball bats”?!

Secondly, thank you, L.A. The city council’s vote was unanimous (faith in humanity momentarily restored), and the ban takes effect in January 2017, a delay “meant to give circuses time to change how they handle elephants or remove them from the shows.” (You know which choice I’m rooting for.)

Naturally Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey spokesman Stephen Payne (insert snide remark about how much pain elephants are caused by this abuse), was pissed, and said the law was “completely unnecessary.” He went on to say that this new ban “would force the cancellation of Los Angeles circus events” (excellent!) and City News Service quoted him as saying that the circus may move to a venue outside the city limits. (I see a PETA protest happening.)

City Councillor Paul Koretz said using bullhooks is “inhumane and unhealthy,” and that “the circus is welcome in Los Angeles, just without the bullhooks. … We’re hoping that they follow the model of other circuses that don’t use exotic animals.” 

Happy day for the elephants and other “exotic animals!”


Activism corner: Protest the god-awful circus!  »

All riled up about the truly staggering amount of bullshit in this world; brimming over with excess rage? Protest the motherfucking circus! Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey are in Oakland through Sunday, Aug. 16 and San Jose from Wednesday, Aug. 19 through Sunday, Aug. 23rd, and Citizens for Cruelty-Free Entertainment has organized daily protests at both locations. Circus animals are subjected to the cruelest, most disgusting abuse of any animals involved in the entertainment industry—unlike those in films, whose safety isn’t even always guaranteed despite international exposure and serious oversight; circus animals do not get the help they so badly need.

Here at Vegansaurus, we encourage daily culinary activism by way of eating all the vegan food in the world but this is a way to do really effective direct action TODAY. People forget about circus animals, but they suffer for something so stupid as (REALLY REALLY BAD) entertainment. Honestly, if I’m going to the circus, I want to see ten human beings spelling out entertainment! preferably with their legs! while hanging from a high wire! YOU DIG!? What those Cirque du Soleil foolios can do with their bodies makes me feel grossly inadequate in the sack. THAT’S the kind of shiz kids should be seeing. If they want to see ANIMALS from the JUNGLES and SAVANNAS of AFRICA, pick up a BOOK. You don’t want your kids’ first exposure to these animals to be when they are drugged up, tied down and beaten. That’s not how you teach kids about animals. I mean, unless you want them to be a serial killer or something, then I guess the circus is great.

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