Two Boots brings vegan pizza to Mets fans!  »

This just in! Two Boots will be serving up vegan pizza at Citi Field. Via their twitter: 

Happy MLB #OpeningDay! Didja know we got #vegan pizza @ #CitiField this year!?

We are taking over the sports game! Vegans are total jocks! Rally! Rally! Hit it in the alley!

That is all. 


For the vegan sports fan, PETA’s best veggie food at baseball stadiums  »

I grew up on baseball. My parents took me to my first Baltimore Orioles game when I was two months old. I didn’t realize you couldn’t throw peanut shells on the ground in polite company until I was way too old. And when I became a vegetarian at age 11, one of the few things I missed was ballpark hotdogs (I now shudder at the thought, but kids will be kids).

As a grown-up vegan, baseball games are still fun, but I don’t ever go for the food (though I do love the garlic fries at Giants’ Stadium). I usually bring my own version, scoff at the suckers around me paying $12 for a crappy hamburger.

Now PETA’s gone and messed that up, by pointing out there’s some veggie food at stadiums, and giving them publicity for it, so they maybe have an incentive to add more. Last week, they released a  Top 10 Vegetarian-Friendly Ballparks list.

Surprise! No. 1 is in Philadelphia. Apparently the Phillies offer a vegan chicken-steak sandwich. Sign me up!

Other top contenders, and the things there I really would want to eat, are:

2. Seattle Mariners’ Safeco Field: Vegtastic has the run-down of what to eat here. Sushi! Vegan hotdogs!

3. Detroit Tigers’ Comerica Park: vegan hot dogs.

4. Oakland Athletics’ Coliseum: Eh. I’ve been here, not impressed. Not much vegan that I know of, though the vegetarian offerings might be OK.

5. Los Angeles Dodgers’ Dodger Stadium: vegan sloppy Joe, veggie sushi, and edamame, hurray!

6. New York Mets’ Citi Field: veggie dogs, veggie burgers. Here’s an outdated report!

7. Los Angeles Angels’ Angel Stadium of Anaheim: veggie dogs (I’m noticing a theme here), black-bean burgers, bean burritos, veggie wraps, and California cucumber rolls. Plus gluten-free options!

8. Washington Nationals’ Nationals Park: Hell yeah, I want me a tofu sandwich with Vegenaise, and a falafel! Last time I was here I brought my own Chipotle; that was good too.

9. Pittsburgh Pirates’ PNC Park: Vegetarian lo mein and salad with fried green tomatoes sound interesting, but not sure they’re vegan. Sigh.

10. Minnesota Twins’ Target Field: “vegan mousse martinis”?! What is that? Why don’t I have one? Plus veggie kabobs!

Road trip in order? Find out more and get ongoing news at Veggie Happy. And watch some MLB bloopers to get in the mood!


Field Roast Frankfurters to be served at AT&T Park! Go Giants!  »

Extra! Extra! Field Roast Frankfurters have passed the taste test and will now be served at AT&T Park for this season’s Giants games! Huzzah!

I’ve had many of these vegan frankfurters and they are hella good. They smell so much like oldschool ballpark hotdogs, those omnis will just need to catch a whiff and the line will form! What a happy springtime announcement! 

Next, I want to see this at Phillies games! Come on, Phils!


Adopt a Giants-loving kitty for $9!  »

Even though the Giants totally blow and the Phillies have a way better typeface, I am happy to report that the Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA in exotic San Mateo is having a special adoption rate for kitties with the Giant’s team colors. That RULES! Just like when the Philadelphia Flyers did this four months ago. So even though the Giants are going down, this is an excellent time to get a kitty and show your team pride! Even if your team is a bunch of jerks!*

You have through Sunday, Oct. 31 to adopt your black or orange kitty for $9. Do it and send me pictures!

*Our Megan Rascal is a loyal Philadelphian.


It’s a boy!  »

I saw this story on the news Saturday night (shut up! I wouldn’t have gone out even if I did have somewhere to go!) and gee whiz, what a cutie! A little Masai giraffe was just born at Safari West, an African safari park in wine country. His name is Stretch McCovey, after some San Francisco Giants hall of fame player who was probably nowhere near as good as Mike Schmidt. But his nickname was Stretch, and this is a baby giraffe, get it? But for real, that’s a cute name. And just look at his face! SO CUTE! He’s all like, “DID I STUTTER?”

Really, I say this a lot, but I think baby giraffes are my new favorite animal! This is the 14th giraffe born at Safari West and in total, they now have the largest privately owned giraffe herd in the United States!

As soon as I saw it was some tourist attraction, I was immediately like, “ABUSE!” but turns out this place isn’t so bad. And according to Vegansaur Steve, it’s pretty great! “I’ve been to Safari West (stayed overnight, did the full tour) and it seems to be the real deal,” he says. “Virtually no enclosures, just wide open spaces and the animals seemed very suited to the hot, dry environment of wine country.”

And Safari West has a blurb about their breeding programs in the new born announcement:

Breeding Success—Safari West is committed to the management of captive populations to support wild populations, and continues to put significant effort into the conservation of the many species which call Safari West home…. “To allow our animals to exhibit naturalistic behaviors, including reproduction, we make every attempt to provide our wildlife with the most naturalistic settings possible. This includes multi-acre habitats, wooded areas, streams, and ponds,” says Nancy Lang, Ph.D. The environments found on the 400-acre wildlife preserve at Safari West are much like those found in the exotic and untamed lands of the African continent.

That kind of does sound great! I also found this bit in their FAQ: “Safari West is not a zoo or a theme park, nor are we a drive-through park. We are an African Wildlife Preserve and African Tent Camp. Safari West Wildlife Preserve is a private facility whose primary focus is on conservation through education.”

Sounds pretty legit. And Steve told me that thanks to Safari West, Scimitar-Horned Oryx populations are being introduced into northern central Africa after being nearly hunted to extinction. Kudos!

[Images from Safari West website and this Sonoma county real estate blog]

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