Sharks in Australia FINALLY get hip to Twitter  »


Hammerhead pic from SLSWA’s Twitter feed.

Sharks have never been on-trend, shall we say, but this is downright irresponsible. Only now getting on twitter? Get it together, sharks! You guys are apex predators! You should be early adopters, leading the way for society! 

But yeah, in an effort to avoid shark attacks, 338 sharks in Australia have been fitted with monitors that detect when they are close to the beach. When they get within half a mile of shore, their size, breed and approximate location is tweeted from the Surf Life Saving Western Australia Twitter account.


Some are critical of the program because they think that if there is no Tweet, people will interpret that as no threat, even though not all sharks are tagged. Personally, it seems like another measure to help people avoid sharks, that works with other measures. It could even help sharks with their current, longstanding PR problem just by increased visibility when they aren’t killing people and are just being sharks.  I’m curious to see what happens. 

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