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OK, we’re here to help with your weekend plans. We’re gonna get you pregnant this weekend! Or we’re at least gonna get you so fat you look pregnant. Lez do this.

FRIDAY NIGHT (that’s tonight if you’re not good with days, like me! Happy Thursday!)
“Local Flavor” art exhibition at Fabric8
; opening tonight at 7, a food event every Friday through Nov. 1. DO IT. 

If you’re at BlogHER Food, come see me (Laura!) on a panel about cuisine ambassadors reppin’ the vegans! Say hi. Please. I’m ascurred.

It’s the last weekend for Beats ‘n’ Brunch and so get your ass down their asap. This will be happening on both Saturday and Sunday and you’ll be there both days!

Go lay in the park, it’s gonna be a beauuuutiful day. If you want, you can hop on BART and go to Oakland for all sorts of amazing eating. Or what about Berkeley for some soft serve

OK, get up. Go do something good for the chickens by 
protesting against the sale of live chickens at the Heart of the City farmers’ market. DO IT HURRY, and then:

Head back to Beats ‘n’ Brunch and enjoy the very last day of deliciousness. 

Next, because all you do is eat, head to Pop’s for your FREE DELICIOUS PHILLY CHEESESTEAK, Sunday from 3 to 5 p.m. and learn it, live it, love it. 



LAST WEEKEND for Beats ‘n’ Brunch :(  »

Beats ‘n’ Brunch, the best vegan brunch in San Francisco, is going buh-bye until WE DON’T KNOW. We pray it’s not long because it’s by far the tastiest vegan brunch in SF. Major fucking bummer. We pray this is a hiatus and these fools will come back stronger than ever because if there is one thing SF needs, it’s good vegan brunch. I guess I’ll go back to eating Effexor for weekend brunch because that’s what this fucking city is driving me to. Goodbye, Korean Pancakes, I hardly knew ye. So long, Badonkadonk, I barely badonkedonked ye. Farewell, vegan hippie brunch geniuses, I didn’t know you well, but I woulda gone to your yoga class.* Or at least made fun of your camel toe in it, whatevs.

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