Verb brings you vegan dry shampoo and more!   »


Dry Shampoo in action! The videos on Verb’s “Demonstrate" page are awesome! 

I’m been lucky enough to have hairstylist friends (bang trims, galore!), which means I also have access to some awesome hair products. One of my BFFs, Jessica, has been working for this awesome company, Verb (based out of Austin, Texas, ya’ll), and I’ve been a fan of their Leave-In Mist for a few years now. It’s a great conditioning detangler, and heat protector!! (I’m a former bleached blonde, so I know a thing or two about fried hair. Jenny Bradley feels me on this!) I knew that particular product was vegan (and gluten-free), but was stoked to learn that so is everything else (minus the Forming Fiber, which they’re working on reformulating). They don’t test on animals (p.s. WHY DO COMPANIES STILL DO THAT?!?!) and they’re made in the good, ole U.S. of A. (#Merica)!


The answer to all my defrizzing prayers. 

I knew I had to write about them, so they sent me some other products to try (yay free stuff!)! The Hydrating Shampoo and the Hydrating Conditioner left my hair feeling super soft and tamed the frizzy situation (which can be a BIG situation, depending on the weather). I also tested out the Styling Cream, which isn’t something I’d seek out on my own, because my hair is super fine (and not in the “girl, you look fine” kind of way), but it totally didn’t weigh my hair down and CRUSHED the fly aways!


The key to the prettiest locks for the laziest gal. 

Then there was the Dry Shampoo. When I bleached my hair regularly (many hair colors and years ago), I only washed my fried locks once a week. Now that I’m rockin’ the au natural color (because I’m cheap and lazy!) I’ve been washing my hair daily (who knew I’d been killing so much natural hair oil all those years?!), but Dry Shampoo lets me be the lazy woman I’ve always dreamed of being (and no one would know by looking about my fabulous hair!!). 

If you don’t live in Austin (don’t move there, the locals hate it when people do), then you can order from their website!


Hurraw! vegan lip balm rocks my world!  »

I am so popular at work right night. Even more popular than I already was! Which was very popular. Why? Because Hurraw! sent me a bunch of lip balms to try for free and they sent me so many, I decided to be charitable and see what the omnis around the office thought. THEY ARE OBSESSED. Like, the office manager just ordered 12 more tubes online. And everyone is saying it’s their new favorite lip balm. 

They are very light, not waxy or greasy, and my lips have been so soft. My favorite is the almond one because I love almond smelling things. I also like the cinnamon tint one. It gives you a very subtle tint. I was worried it would sting because it’s cinnamon? But it didn’t at all. Totally smells cinnamon-y though. And I like the Ayurvedic one I tried, Vata. It smells like almond too AND it has a pretty label. 

You can order right from the site. I highly recommend them! Order a few extra for your work friends and boost your social profile. 


Bare Bones Beauty Are the Skin Products for Sensitive Vegans  »


Um, so that’s all of us, right? Damn sensitive vegans. 

Bare Bones Beauty is a line of skin products developed by vegans for people with sensitive skin. There’s cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and lip balms, and they’re all made of very few ingredients you can pronounce and feel amazing on your skin.

Since using them, I haven’t had any itchy red skin or breakouts. I don’t know if it’s coincidence, but it just is. If you’re looking for something super simple to clean, tone, and moisturize your skin, you’ve found it. Also, the logo is an adorable skull and crossbones with bubbles on its head. The whole thing is just so (vegan) quiche, I can’t stand it.  

Full disclosure: I received these for free, but I will definitely pay for them in the future. 


Vegan Beauty Market: All-vegan makeup store!  »

I’m kind of a Sephora addict (they get me with those samples!) so when I saw this online store on VegNews* I was so excited! I still am! Vegan stores are my favorite because it’s like you don’t have to worry about anything. No checking labels and looking up products on your iPhone, all the work is done for you!

Vegan Beauty Market looks pretty hype. The only problem is they don’t have a ton of options for each category. But at least you know everything is vegan! I like supporting vegan companies but I would love to see more mainstream brands with products that happen to be vegan on the site. Like with vegan food sites. Though they don’t really sell Oreos, do they. Shoe sites! Vegan shoe sites sell mainstream-brand shoes that happen to be vegan. So I wish it was like that—vegan brands and mainstream-brand vegan products.

I can’t tell if they give you samples And you totally get samples!. I love samples! I’m sample-obsessed! They also donate a portion of the proceeds to animal and environmental welfare organizations. That’s dope!

Things I am interested in: these multipurpose eyeshadow/blush/etc. powders from Herbs of Grace, coffee bean eye cream, and all these vegan brushes. New makeup brushes are THE BEST. I haven’t tried any of these, I’m just saying I’d like to. I’ll let you know if I do!

*Laura is a columnist for them! Got to disclose the facts because I’m way pro.


Looking good, San Franciscans  »

Hey sexy people, gave a shout out to San Francisco’s “beauty trends!” Let the excitement begin! I’ll summarize for you because you are lazy and I’m a genius summarizer:
1. Smokey eyes are so totally in.
2. You’re crunchy bastards.

They say vegan makeup is all the rage and that Pin Up Cosmetics is totally the way to go. I had never heard of this Pin Up Cosmetics but they’re vegan and based in San Francisco! Has anyone tried their products before?

They also gave some love to Rainbow Grocery among other places:

If you’re in San Francisco (or you just want to get into natural beauty), stores such as Rainbow Grocery, Whole Foods and The Real Food Company are the hip places to shop for local, fresh and organic beauty products. Come visit!

Congratulations, you guys are grocery hipsters! Yay!

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