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Stephen James Luxury Organics sprouted nut, seed, and superfood bars taste great, but the best thing about them is the super cute packaging. A chiseled half-naked cartoon man adorns the Berry Bar, inspiring vegans everywhere to eat more berries and do more push-ups.

All of the bars are crunchy, and the flavors range from very good to excellent: The Beauty Bar and Berry Bar were my favorites, with just the right amount of sweet and tang, followed by the Pizza Bar.

Remember pizza combos, those pretzels filled with mile-long artificial ingredients that somehow confuse your brain into thinking you are eating pizza? The pizza bar tastes kind of similar, if all the chemical aftertaste were replaced by a smushed-together raw pizza you might get at Cafe Gratitude (before it closes!), replete with delicious tomato and botija olives—such a fancy/interesting touch, and it totally works!

The Beauty Bar has a sassy lady on the cover, so one might assume she is love interest of the dude on the Berry Bar box. Since a fellow Vassar grad I know works at Steven James Organics, I’m going to spill the beans: Berry Bar is single, waiting for his Mr. Berry to come along, and Beauty Bar is totally into the meditating chick on the Smart Bar. They’re all delicious, just so we’re clear!

SJO also sells Volcanic Pili nuts. Their Pili nuts are sourced from the Philippine rainforest, and taste like a mix between macadamia and Brazil nuts. They are super high in Vitamin E (a beauty nutrient, according to David Wolfe), and have the highest magnesium content of any nut. They are creamy and lovely. Highly recommended!

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