In case you missed it: a former United States Department of Agriculture scientist says 70 percent of ground beef in supermarkets contains “pink slime.” YUM!:

The “pink slime” is made by gathering waste trimmings, simmering them at low heat so the fat separates easily from the muscle, and spinning the trimmings using a centrifuge to complete the separation. Next, the mixture is sent through pipes where it is sprayed with ammonia gas to kill bacteria. The process is completed by packaging the meat into bricks. Then, it is frozen and shipped to grocery stores and meat packers, where it is added to most ground beef.

The “pink slime” does not have to appear on the label because, over objections of its own scientists, USDA officials with links to the beef industry labeled it meat.

“The under secretary said, ‘it’s pink, therefore it’s meat,’” Custer told ABC News.

If that last part isn’t some sound reasoning, I don’t know what is. Bon appétit!


Top 10 links of the week: a festive boat ride through the sea of veganism!  »

[This poor turtle got his leg burned and it had to be amputated. Poor guy! I’m glad they gave him a wheel but am I the only one who thinks this wheel is kind of difficult to maneuver? He’s using it kind of like a stub, it looks like.]

Brooklyn Bliss is doing a giveaway for a four-piece Paul Labrecque curly hair care kit valued at $92! They tell me the brand is vegan. Go enter or whatever, you curly-headed bastards.

The NYT has the story on what happens when you get rid of top predators. It’s bad. Didn’t we talk about this last week? I could look but I am tired and it’s hot.

Here’s a dumb article about locavorism vs. not eating meat. What if you eat neither meat NOR dairy?

Pikas are a real animal and they are really cute and they are in danger!

Apparently they have less cattle in America so beef costs are going up. I’m sure they can just get more from the Amazon! Slash and burn, baby!

Here are some stories from people who had terrible health issues that went vegan and got healthy!

Peru has banned wild animals in circuses! Huzzah!

The Milk Board makes an apology for their crazy-ass PMS campaign! Shocker.

In South Dakota, 1,500 cows died from heat exhaustion. Poor ranchers, am I right? Guys, they will lose money!

Fucking Saratoga and their horse races.


Four dead in Japan thanks to E. coli  »

Super shitty news out of Japan: Four people are dead and at least 56 are sick—after eating raw beef at a popular chain barbecue restaurant in Tonami in Toyama Prefecture. Totally fucking awful.

What’s really scary about this (besides EVERYTHING) is that we’re discovering more and more variations of E. coli that are super crazy dangerous. Before there was just O157:H7 to worry about, and now there are at least six more types of E. coli. Shudder. I’m telling you, we’re gonna see more and more horrific stuff like this happening.

In extra-super-disturbing news, many of these E. coli variations aren’t even looked for in labs, so there’s a chance that even the most stringently tested dead cow (that’s like 1 percent anyway) is gonna be teaming with all sorts of delicious E. coli that nobody ever even looked for. Hide your kids, hide your wife. Or you know, stop eating that (literal) shit because it ain’t safe.


It’s World Water Day! God forbid we talk about meat  »

It’s World Water Day and almost no one, save a lone sexy twitterer, is talking about the toll meat takes on water conservation! Everyone is more than happy to turn the faucet off when they brush their teeth but no one wants to look at the ginormous pink hamburger in the room: meat consumes a crapload of water. It’s bad with a capital awful. Here we are, telling people to speed up their shampoo routines while conscious choices in eating could reduce individual water usage by hundreds of gallons a day. Reducing meat consumption is a substantial, documented way to reduce water waste and yet, nobody wants to get the word out. Lucky for you! I’m HERE and I’m LOUD.

I’ve been hunting around today and National Geographic has this great interactive comparison guide for water use and different foods. According to this, it requires 1,799* gallons of water to produce one pound of beef. It’s only 216 gallons to produce one pound of soy beans. Say it with me now: JESUS CHRISTMAS! That’s a big difference!

Because reading is boring, I have more pictures for you! I found a super quiz over at that estimates the amount of water you use a day. It’s like a Cosmo quiz with morals! I went ahead and took the quiz two separate times! In the quiz, they ask if you are an omnivore or a vegan; keeping all the other answers exactly the same, I did one go-round for each diet option and here are the results!:

So vegan diet to omnivore diet, that’s 543.9 to 1,149.9. DAMN, SON! Meat-eaters use 606 more gallons of water a day than us vegans? Yowza. I kind of saw that coming but more than twice as much? That’s pretty criminal. Yet we’re harassing people about how often they wash their hands? For real, just how many times will we tell people to turn the faucet off when they brush their teeth? Hey, did you also know you should turn the lights out when you leave your house? YES DUH now let’s talk about how we can make real change!

*This is the most conservative figure I’ve seen all day; other sources calculate that it takes thousands of gallons more.

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