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The awesome website Pawesome, ye of the fantastic pet news and also cutest animal shirts ever,  has a dollar for dollar campaign going on with Berkeley East Bay Humane. So, donate! And have your dollars matched! And save dogs and cats! And then eat some cake, you deserve it, you’re such a good person. Attractive, too. You’ve really got it all.

From Pawesome’s donation page:

When Pawesome was nominated for a Petties award, while we were stoked to be recognized for our pawesomeness, we were more excited about the prospect of donating our $1,000 prize to the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society. In May 2010 the organization suffered from a fire that gutted their facility and they’ve been struggling to raise funds to rebuild. While it’s a bummer we didn’t win a Petties, Pawesome has decided to give back to the Berkeley Humane Society anyway and we would love your help.

Pawesome will match your donation to the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society, in a dollar for dollar campaign. We can give a maximum of $500, so with help from you guys, we can all chip in $1,000 to this wonderful organization.

To participate, simply select the Shelter Fire Relief Fund button on the BEBHS donation page, make your donation, and then forward your donation receipt to pawesomehelps [at] pawesome [dot] net.

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