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Another year, another Earth Day! I like to look at Earth day as a New Year’s of sorts — I examine the steps I’m taking to reduce my carbon footprint, and also try to make new resolutions, then revisit old ones I’ve let slide. For instance — when I buy coffee, there is no reason I should ever come out with a paper coffee cup and plastic lid. I have travel mugs! I made a resolution awhile back that if I didn’t have my mug with me, I wouldn’t buy coffee. It’s time I re-evaluate that one, and stick to it!

I can’t write this and not mention how green the vegan lifestyle is, after all, my motto is “every day is Earth day when you’re vegan”! There are always more steps we can take, to reduce our consumption of resources! Let’s inspire each other!

The Vegansaurs have compiled a list for you, of the things we do (besides being vegan) to take care of this planet and it’s resources, so that we don’t have to move to Mars and allow the destruction of another planet in this galaxy to begin!

Sarah — “I reuse everything, literally everything: takeout containers, foil, Ziplock bags, shopping bags, boxes, teabags, etc. I’m not a hoarder, yet! Oh yeah, biking! I do this, too.”

Rachel — “I carpool to work and bike around town whenever I can (so much harder now that I don’t live in the Bay Area anymore!). I buy almost all my clothing and as much household furniture as I can used. I carry my own water around so I’m not stuck with bottled.” She also shops at farmer’s markets, supports local business, and brings her own bags to the grocery store. As far as household care, Rachel covers her windows in plastic during the winter so she doesn’t have to use as much heat and programs her thermostat “to mellow out at night and while I’m gone.”

Laura —“I compost everything! I throw out one bag of actual garbage, like once a month. It’s crazy what you can compost between the city and your own backyard! Amazing! Oh, and buy as much stuff used as possible, except underwear because I’m not Lindsay Lohan. Or swimming suits… speaking of which, do you have a pool? It is hot as shit out! And don’t use chlorine in that pool! But do use salt water or whatever is naturally antibacterial so you don’t get gangrene or chlamydia from me.”

Meave — “Composting! Plus, making your own vegetable stock from scraps, buying those recycled, recyclable toothbrushes. Washing everything in cold water. Public transportation and walking because driving is the worst. Filling a big jug with water when you’re heating it up to do dishes and then using it to water plants/dog/yourself/ice. Little things like this seem insane, but you have to look at it as habit-changes, not like ‘adopting crazy behavior’. It’s like how you had to learn to always read ingredients. You just learn to put the giant bottle under the tap, until the water’s hot, or wash your ziplocks instead of throwing them away”.

Megan — “I buy organic! I buy organic sheets, organic food, organic everything! Just so there’s less junk in the earth.” 

Mark forwarded me a spam message about hot tubs. I am assuming it was to prove the point that no paper gets wasted when one sends an email, as opposed to snail mail. And also because he’s funny.

Jenny (that’s me!) — My mom hates going to the the grocery store with me, because I never use those plastic fruit and vegetable bags — I think they are so wasteful! More than anything I try to keep my consumption of plastic products down, because the thought of the Pacific Garbage Patch terrifies me. I wash all my clothes in cold water, I try to not buy coffee out unless I brought my own mug, I use canvas bags when food shopping, and when I cook, I try to use ingredients that come in the least amount of packaging possible. You will hardly find processed cheeses or creams in my recipes. Like Meave, I also walk and take public transit everywhere!

Now it’s your turn! What measures do you take, to live a greener lifestyle?

Don’t forget, if you live in the Bay Area, there is not one, but two events for you to attend on Sunday — Berkeley Vegan Earth Day and Earth Day at Hayes Valley farm


Berkeley Vegan Earth Day is coming! Win some shit, if you want!  »

Berkeley Vegan Earth Day is holding a contest on Facebook to win some prizes! Free shit, hell yeah, etc. It’s pretty simple: Change your profile pic to the BVED logo for 24 hours, and comment on their page that you did so.* Read to the rules and see the logo here. Prizes include DVDs, vegan treats, water bottles, books, and shirts, and the contest ends on Friday, April 20.

Are you planning on attending? I went last year, and it was intense! But, in a good way! I wasn’t sure what to expect and my mind was blown, by both the film (Call of Life) and speakers. Also making it a very special night for me — I tried Nacheez for the first time. I highly recommend going this year; it looks like a blast!

The official promo manager of BVED, Alex Eaves, sent me the tip about this contest. If you don’t know who he is, get on that! He was one of the panel speakers last year, representing his company Stay Vocal and maybe I swooned a little bit.

[Ed.: For further East Bay veg awesomeness, don’t forget about Oakland Veg Week, which starting this Sunday. Eat all the food, see all the speakers, get laid, don’t get laid, whatever, you know how we do.]

[Ed., again: Not sure how we feel about contestants that make you shill yourself on FB/Twitter but uh, it’s for veganism? And it’s only 24 hours? And you could win some water bottles? All right!]


Berkeley Vegan Earth Day is Friday (that’s tomorrow)!  »

Yo, all you vegans! And hippies! And people who enjoy having a great time! All of you will hopefully be served well at tomorrow’s Berkeley Vegan Earth Day! It’s actually not a whole day, it starts at 7 p.m., and I believe it’s a film screening and then a panel discussion? The site is a bit confusing and the about us page is just about the event planners, not about the actual event. I am bad at figuring stuff out, so that’s why I’m a blogger. Wait what? Anyway, it should be fun, and we’ll be on the scene doing some HARD! HITTING! INVESTIGATIVE! JOURNALISM! Or you know, eating cinnamon rolls from Sugar Plum Bakery. See you there!


Upcoming SF Bay Area events! Go to them ALL!  »

Here are some events for you to enjoy:

Friday, Apr. 8
1) Zoe Weil, a pioneer in the field of humane education, will be speaking at UC Berkeley. To get inspired, check out her awesome TED talk, and we’ll see you there!

Saturday, Apr. 9
1) Caesar Chavez Parade (as part of the Caesar Chavez Day). A veggie contingent is marching in the parade and they need big numbers to educate the crowd that Caesar Chavez was a vegetarian! Meet at 10:30 a.m. at 19th and Dolores Streets, across from the Mission Bell. Parade starts at 11 a.m. and lasts an hour!

2) The Green Festival. All the usual jokes about hippies not bathing and breast milk cheese and hemp overalls. har dee. If you want to help leaflet (you do) let me know and I’ll connect you with a group that’s going!

3) The Anarchist Book Fair is all weekend. Should be fun, plus, if you’re into leafletting, let me know and I can hook you up with someone who can get you materials! Leafletting is easy and feels really good, plus it’s a bunch of anarchists! They love us!

Sunday, Apr. 10

1) If you’re a fat lady, you should come to our clothing swap! It’s all vegan, with cupcakes from Fat Bottom Bakery and champagne from wherever I can buy it hella cheap. Plus OMG NEW CLOTHES.

Monday, Apr. 11
1) VegDay Resolution Anniversary Feed-In! The San Francisco Board of Supervisors passed a VegDay Resolution encouraging meat-free eating on Mondays one year ago on Apr. 6, 2010. To celebrate the anniversary, a group will be sampling delicious vegan food to Whole Food shoppers and encouraging folks to eat Meatless on Monday. If you want to help (or, uh, eat for free), show up at the Whole Foods on Haight at 5 p.m.

Wednesday, Apr. 13
1) The Coalition to Fight Factory Farming is putting on an extravaganza to educate people about where their food comes from. It’s co-sponsored by the always amazing Berkeley Organization for Animal Advocacy and the Berkeley Student Food Cooperative! They are so rad, for real. Let’s all go and bring omni friends!

WAY WAY in the future! But win something TODAY!
Berkeley Vegan Earth Day
is coming up on Apr. 22, and the organizers want you to win some great shit! Buy your tickets now and it can happen

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