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Here’s some whack shit about dog shows: they glorify and encourage breeding, while millions of dogs die in the shelter system each year; the American Kennel Club is an incredibly powerful lobby that cuts off any legislation aimed at curbing breeding; these shows are sponsored by gross-ass dog food companies like Pedigree and Iams (you would think these fancy assholes would know better than to feed such crap); and most egregiously, they’re not Puppy Bowl.

Dog shows are some bullshit, so go protest the shit outta this one! The only dog show I want to watch is Best in Show and that’s mainly because Fred Willard is my future grandfather. I’m not sure how that works but I’ll make it happen. 

The protests will happen from noon to 3 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 29 and 30, at the Cow Palace at 2600 Geneva Avenue in Daly City. All you have to bring is your own self, dressed in black. Please do not bring your animal pals!

From the organizers:

Our message will be that not only can you rescue pure bred dogs from shelters and rescue groups, but more importantly, it is not about what the dog looks like! People adopt animals because of the joy, love & complete loyalty they provide us, completing our lives & filling them with happiness. If people who buy dogs from breeders “love the breed” they would not contribute to the death and suffering of dogs in shelters of that same breed. Please come out and be a voice for these animals & let people know that breeders KILL shelter dogs’ chances at LIFE! 

For details, please contact Shani Campbell of United For Animals at (925) 819/6752
[That’s Lightnin Hopkins, a bloodhound who was rescued from a shelter after a breeder dumped him (classy!) and Fred Willard at a screening of Best in Show at The Castro. It was a fundraiser for Rocket Dog Rescue!]

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