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Who doesn’t love a listicle? You know you’re too busy/distracted/lazy to read anything more in-depth! This here is a tiny post ABOUT two listicles, even shorter for faster digestion. It’s like pre-chewed food! Let us feed you information, baby birds.

First is our Laura’s list of "50 Vegetarian or Vegan Things to Eat Before You Die in SF" at 7x7. I totally agree that the spicy samusa soup at Burma Superstar is amazing and delicious, but the dosas at Udupi Palace are way cheaper and tastier than whatever at Dosa, which is full of itself.

Second is Sonia Mansfield’s list of "Bay Area’s Best Vegetarian & Vegan Dining Spots" at CBS Local San Francisco. She puts Souley Vegan at the top, which, you know, I have eaten there a couple times now and while it is good, it is not my favorite—too salty. Maybe I just don’t like soul food? Or something is wrong with me, because I don’t think Flaco’s taquitos are super-good, either. Cha-Ya, though, oh sweet delicious Cha-Ya. I could marry that dengaku.

What’s on your list of must-eat vegan foods in the Bay Area? Or your not-the-Bay Area? I love the pizza cheesesteak at Jay’s, the brunch at Donut Farm, Ike’s vegan backstabber, and, um, a whole lot of other stuff I can’t think of right now because my whole family ordered pizza without me and I’m craving greasy food so hard. Oh that lentil-donut thing at Udupi, love it. NOW BACK TO THE KALE MINES.

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