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Approximately a million years ago the folks at Mary’s Gone Crackers emailed us about reviewing their gluten-free vegan snack foods. I┬álike crackers and free stuff so I accepted the offer, even though IN GENERAL I am skeptical of gluten-free baked goods. Mary’s sent me a monstrous amount of food, one of almost every product:
Exhibit A: An overwhelming supply of snack.

Now, after a long and rigorous testing process that included a road trip, a plane flight, an interminable graduation ceremony, and many weeks without grocery shopping, I am pleased to bring you my opinion about almost everything Mary’s Gone Crackers (MGC) makes.

Executive Summary:┬áThese are pretty decent snacks. I’d buy the Sticks and Twigs again. I’d be perfectly happy to eat the cookies and crackers for the sake of a gluten-sensitive friend, but probably wouldn’t seek them out.

General Thoughts
MGC says it manufactures its food in its own dedicated gluten-, dairy-, and nut-free facility. Though I don’t have serious food allergies, I have much sympathy for people who do, and thus I declare that such a level of dedication is awesome. Their ingredients are also organic and non-GMO, yeehaw.

Did the name “Stick & Twigs” focus-group well?

Sticks & Twigs
Dear MGC: That is not an appealing product name. Also “Pretzel-Snack” is not a word and is not a good description of the food contained in this package.

That said, these are delicious and my household devoured the three bags we received within about two days. Think super-crunchy, health-food Fritos, but with less grease and more chia seeds. My favorite was the curry flavor, my BF liked the chipotle tomato (not particularly spicy), and we both found the sea salt pretty snackalicious. These have the addictive level of crunch that all snack food have, and due to their high seed-content are hard enough to chew that you might just avoid eating the whole bag in one sitting. Thumbs up.

Mary’s makes five flavors of crackers. They are small and round and like the Twigs, rather dense and seedy. They’re not crumbly or melt-in-your mouth like some kinds of of crackers, which makes them kind of an intense eating experience and not in my opinion the perfect place for hummus or other spreads to lay. However, when I treated them like little round snack chips, I found them worth eating and kind of like rice crackers (which they are).

  • Herb flavor: Very rosemary-esque and not to my liking
  • Black pepper: Nice kick
  • Original: Seed-tastic
  • Caraway: Reminds me of rye bread
  • Onion: Not enough onion! Never enough onion!

A challenging arena, and MGC did OK. These are some of the better gluten-free cookies I’ve had, but I’m not in love with them. Somehow all the flavors remind me of raisins. But I’ll admit, in late-night cookie-binge desperation, these were pretty damn worth stuffing my face with.

  • Double chocolate: Chocolate saves things
  • Ginger: Crumbly, nice zing
  • Chocolate chip: Hmm. Not so much
  • N’Oatmeal Raisin: I miss oatmeal.

Confession: I only finally got around to writing this review because I’m moving and it became obvious I couldn’t move with an entire box full of cookies and crackers. Has anyone else had experience with MGC? What’s your favorite flavor? Do you have other gluten-free options you recommend? Does anyone who’s not allergic prefer to buy gluten-free? If so, can you explain that to me?

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