Breaking news! Animal Collective partners with Keep, youngins rejoice!  »

Here’s a good bit of news!: Animal Collective is partnering with Keep shoes to raise money for the Socorro Island Conservation Fund! They are going to make a Keep shoe collection together! Yee-ha!

Animal Collective is like totally popular, right? The kids these days, they love them, no? I don’t know much about this newfangled music but I did see Animal Collective with Panda Bear like eight years ago during my D.C. days, before they were so popular. I’m obviously the coolest. No but I enjoyed it very much. I’m just too busy listening to Billy Paul to keep up with the kids these days! That’s right: TSOP, motherfuckers!

Pairing up dope vegan sneaks with a nice band is right up my alley! Well done, pals, well done.

[can’t see the video? watch it at!]

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