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After PCRM’s recent body-shaming tactics, I wouldn’t be surprised if many omnivores were rightfully terrified of the plant-strong medical community. Who wants to consider making a lifestyle change when they will be derided and treated inhumanely in the process? I wouldn’t blame anyone who might potentially be interested in eschewing animal products for the sake of their health if they felt too upset and offended to consider transitioning into this lifestyle.

That is why I’m here to gently, kindly, and very lovingly tell you why Mark Hyman, M.D. is different, and why his new book, The Blood Sugar Solution, is truly fantastic. Dr. Hyman’s new book elegantly lays out a plan for anyone looking to adopt a plant-strong diet for health to do so effectively and as easily as possible. But perhaps most remarkably, he does this without shaming those he aims to help. In fact, he takes great care to explain how obesity related to animal product consumption and other processed foods is NOT anyone’s fault, and exposes how big business and factory farming are working against people’s own biology to create disease in the body. Regardless of body size, he suggests that there are ways to improve your health through a plant-strong diet rich in diverse greens, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and legumes.

Dr. Hyman states that weight loss need not be the primary goal of any nutrition regimen—any plan should foremost focus on incorporating wholesome, plant-strong foods, and that weight loss will naturally result. He sheds light on hormonal issues that can arise from eating different foods, and how moderation is near to impossible with addictive foods like cheese. He does not include any pictures of anyone’s legs with captions that say cheese made the legs the size that they are. He just spits straight biochemistry like the rad guy he is, and compassionately suggests that there are ways to boost energy and metabolism without extreme deprivation diets or dangerous surgery.

The Blood Sugar Solution touches some territory that may not apply to all vegans—if you’re already healthy, you may want to skip some of the individualized nutrition quizzes and chapters. What I do think is essential for all vegans are the latest scientific studies included that outline which nutrients are most essential for a healthful, long life as a plant-strong eater. There are also some beautiful recipes in the back, including a split pea and rosemary soup that is as easy to make as it is economical. Dr. Hyman wants people of all budgets to eat healthful soup, shame-free! What a great person!

One last note: Dr. Hyman is not a vegan (I checked with him on Twitter, just to make sure), but he heavily promotes plant-strong diets, and offers some really valuable advice for balancing your plant-strong diet. He advocates eating SLOW carbs, not LOW carbs, and sets the record straight on which essential vitamins and minerals we should all ensure we get in our diet to make sure we’re eating in a balanced way for longevity. I highly recommend you check out The Blood Sugar Solution if you’re interested in getting more info on how to eat a balanced vegan diet, or if you know someone who may want to transition into a vegan diet primarily for health reasons and wants to feel supported and informed, not ashamed and discouraged.

Here’s to our health, the health of the animals and the planet!

This is Vegansaurus raw correspondent Sarah E. Brown’s latest post! Read more by Sarah on Vegansaurus, and visit her personal blog, Queer Vegan Food.

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