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You might be thinking, “What a boring product to review. I am so tired of looking at Amy’s frozen foods in my local boutique grocery freezer case. I don’t even eat frozen foods; I only eat meals prepared from farmer’s market ingredients and Veganomicon recipes.” Nice life, snob. Also, marry me.

What I’m saying is that for regular people with busy lives, desk jobs and no money, frozen food happens and Amy’s is generally one of your better options. Specifically, the Black Bean Vegetable Burrito is where it’s at. I ate these twice a day in college, and have recently rediscovered them as the perfect food, after a long (sad) accidental hiatus.

This delicious creation is made with a whole wheat tortilla, a bunch of organic vegetables like tomatoes and peppers, it’s totally vegan, and it tastes like one of those junk food refried bean Taco Bell burritos from the ’80s that tasted SO GOOD when you were a kid and never allowed to eat them. Actually, I wasn’t allowed to eat them so I could be remembering that incorrectly, but you know what I mean? The delicious taste of junk food chemically engineered to addict your brain?


(OOH speaking of that, Eric Schlosser was at Herbst Theater last night and I would totally have gone if I could! He’s not talking about fast food though, he’s talking about our fucked prison system. Still very interesting.)

Anyway, to recap, Amy’s black bean burrito is full of good stuff but it tastes conventionally delicious. Also it’s about $3 and rocking 9 grams of protein and no cholesterol, so I recommend you keep several in your office freezer. Find it in the freezer case at your local spot (if you live in San Francisco or a comparable city where your vernacular grocery markets are full of things like organic produce and the Hain-Celestial family of products.)

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