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Well everyone, fall has officially descended upon us. To tell you the truth, I’m still in denial and I’m not ready to think about squash soups, Halloween OR pumpkin lattes (especially not pumpkin lattes). I’m not ready to lose the glow of my sun-kissed skin for the almost transparent color I get in winter! I WANT IT TO STOP! 

Since I can’t stop the hands of time, denial it is. But wait, what’s this? A charming baking tutorial featuring gluten-free, pumpkin spice, chocolate chip cookies? Yep, and I love it! I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact it was created by my internet bestie and future vegan bakery co-owner (we love cats and mimosas, the building blocks to any solid friendship), Amber!

Amber, you’ve changed my mind about the arrival of pumpkin season! Okay fall, I’m in! San Francisco is pretty much fall year-round anyway, the sun just goes down at different times depending on the calendar month.

Not only is Amber an extremely talented vegan baker and decorator, she’s super funny and charismatic too! Watching this video, I feel like I’m in the kitchen with her, at least until I’m unable to try one of those delectable looking cookies. But that’s okay, because thanks to her guidance, I can now make my own cookies! Oh my gosh, don’t even get me started on the one-liners! (“Speaking of wet ingredients”, holds up a beer to drink.)

Fingers crossed that with popular demand (you) Amber will start making baking videos on the reg. I heard a rumor (received a text) that a mimosa cupcake tutorial may be in the works… I hope it’s true! 

You can follow Amber on Twitter and Instagram at MonkandMao, and be sure to subscribe to her Youtube channel “Blue Balls Bakery”. 

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!] 

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