These cute vegan boots are on Groupon today! Good looking out, Kate K. I’ve never really been into combat boots but these I think I could get down with. I like the folded down thing. 

These cute vegan boots are on Groupon today! Good looking out, Kate K. I’ve never really been into combat boots but these I think I could get down with. I like the folded down thing. 


Bogs footwear keeps you warm and dry in the slush!  »

It’s been kind of a weather nightmare in New York as of late. I’m sure you all heard about Sandy, but then this past week we had a dang snowstorm. Seriously? Seriously. And as usual, I was completely ill-prepared for snow. I had some cheap boots on that immediately let icy cold water seep in and they have no traction so I pretty much almost slipped and died 80 times. I thought, “omg I should’ve word those boots Bogs sent me!” They sent these boots to me for free last year but the weather wasn’t that cray back then. Now, the weather is CRAY with a capital JEEZ LOUISE. Basically, it’s perfect Bogs weather.

My Bogs, picture above, are called the Charlot and they are completely vegan (obvi). Not all the boots are vegan, some have leather. But the insoles are vegan so you don’t have to worry about that. These boots are bulkier than I expected so don’t think you’ll be wearing them to the club, but they sure are rugged. And I got compliments from the girls at work, so that is always a good sign. I walked around in the slush and didn’t slip once and my feet stayed totally dry and toasty. 

Here’s some nice background from Bogs:

Bogs are made with 100% natural rubber sourced fairly from Malaysia and non-toxic glue. The materials we use are die-cut to minimize waste. Our shoe boxes are made from recycled materials and are shipped from the manufacturing plants by sea to reduce our environmental impact.

They also sell a line of camouflage ”hunting” boots but I like to think of them as “wildlife photography” boots. There are a lot of other styles and colors to choose from. Bogs are great for snowy/slushy/icy/rainy days or super for you farmer/gardener types. And if you like to jump around in mud, get some Bogs and you’re good to go.

UPDATE: I got official word on which Bogs are vegan and which aren’t (because I’m the best!):

All Bogs are Vegan except the following styles (which have leather on them):
McKenna, Mason, Seymour, Hudson Buckle, Jamison Leather and Bridgeport Leather. 
Everything else we make is using a mix of natural and synthetic rubber (about 80% natural) and are vegan-friendly. 

And they are working on manufacturing Bogs without glue (through a new heating process) and making their antimicrobial lining on the insoles 100% organic. Look out for that next year. I’m very excited for this!


I’m so into these new(?) boots from Brave GentleMan! Not only are they hot and vegan, they are also ethically sourced. Dudes: you should all get these. I’m trying to make my pal Kevin Still get them. I’m helping him upgrade his wardrobe because I’m so nice. He didn’t even have to ask for my help. But boy does he need it! He wanted to try on cargo pants. Like, really.

I’m so into these new(?) boots from Brave GentleMan! Not only are they hot and vegan, they are also ethically sourced. Dudes: you should all get these. I’m trying to make my pal Kevin Still get them. I’m helping him upgrade his wardrobe because I’m so nice. He didn’t even have to ask for my help. But boy does he need it! He wanted to try on cargo pants. Like, really.


Review: Earth Elite Vegan boots from PlanetShoes!  »

You guys, I got free boots. And they are amazing.

PlanetShoes contacted Vegansaurus in January to see if we’d be interested in sampling their services. After some editorial discussion, I decided that as I’m totally in this for personal gain—presents, money, the adulation of anonymous masses—then yes, it would be a really great idea if they sent me a free pair of vegan shoes to review.

Knowing I would soon be living in the republic of Georgia, which in the winter is a snowy country and in the spring a wet one, I thought, how about wellies? Or even better, insulated wellies! I chose this pair, the Earth Elite Vegan. In leopard, because animal prints work best when used unconventionally (or at least not as underpants, ugh).

One of my feet is nearly a half-size smaller than the other, which is spectacularly inconvenient, but I wear a between U.S. women’s sizes 7 and 8, so at least I can always find shoes to (mostly) fit. In a dream world, they’d sell shoes individually, but this is real life and not even clothes-by-weight places will sell you single shoes, so I ordered a 7.5 and hoped.

The boots arrived just a week before I was scheduled to leave, so I didn’t get much time to break them in. The first time I wore them outdoors, actually, was to walk through the sleet in Tbilisi to fill a prescription before my disgusting cold and I left for the village where I’d live the next four months. They kept my feet warm and dry, so I was pleased.

I was more pleased the more I wore them, which was between once a week and daily during February, March, and April. The seasons have been weird and late in Georgia since their snowless winter and utterly freezing-cold January and February. March, too was cold and wet, and while it’s warmed up for spring it still rains almost daily. Meaning, I’ve really made use of these boots! They fit snugly over tights and tights-and-socks (noting I have like average-size calves), and the fleecy lining kept my feet and legs toasty warm. Actually, they’re too well insulated for warmer-weather rain, but for winter (and presumably autumn) they’re ideal. The soles are comfortable, although they didn’t keep my feet from freezing on the cement floors in the unheated school; I don’t count that against them, I have a condition.

Walking on Earth Shoe soles is weird; I may have been the only woman in Georgia wearing fashion! boots that made her shorter. They are quite comfortable though. And the zippers are nearly waterproof! I tested this one March day by wading into a knee-deep, freezing cold river; the boots let in a negligible amount of water right on the zipper line, which dried very quickly after I got out. Because they’re fitted to your leg, water can’t splash over the top, so all of you covered by boot is protected in whatever weather. They make a lovely squeaking sound when you knock them together, and they are really easy to clean. They protected me from rain, puddles, mud, and other perils of a two-kilometer walk to school over a partially paved road, and you can roll up the legs to pack them with ease.

What I’m saying is, I love these boots. You might, too! Why not buy a pair? Oh, because it’s going to be summer soon and it hardly rains at all in California, let alone in the summer—well, they’re on sale NOW, so maybe taking advantage of that would be smarter than thinking about shoe purchases in the short term? MAYBE. Or don’t buy them, whatever. I had warm and dry feet all snowy/sleety/rainy/hail-y winter/spring long, these boots are great. And they come in colors like black and red and whatever if you’re not ready for/you’re not looking for the extra attention drawn by leopard print. Earth Shoes! Worn by hippie weirdos AND your Vegansaurus!

Would you like Vegansaurus to review your product? We would (probably) like to review it! Get in touch! Thanks to PlanetShoes for the vegan boots, they really are excellent.


Winter boot round-up from Planet Shoes!  »

Hey people! You know I have fly shoes and now that I’m back on the East Coast where we got the snow, I began to worry about my superdope boots! I don’t want the rain and snow to ruin them! AND THEN! Reader Shelly P. sent us these Patagonia boots to check out as they are made of all kinds of vegan materials! Perfect timing, Shell-boogie! (today only! Free nicknames!) So I was looking for the boots online (you know, the internets) and found them along with several other nice winter boots on, who has a lovely vegan shop. Let’s check them out!

First, we have the Patagonia boot that inspired this round-up. It’s pretty dope. I like the whole handle thing it’s got going on, seems very practical. And you know me! Señora Practical Shoes! But for real, I’m always like, Why the heck do I not own a shoehorn? The shoehorn is really some genius time-tested technology. It should totally be added to the Simple Machines list. I know, right?

Next we’ve got the Earth Pride boot. I like the fake shearling and it comes in plum—purple is so hot right now. So hot.

This is a hemp boot from Simple. Look jerks, I’m not a hippy! These are just kind of cool and look a little rough and tumble. Or rififi as les French say. Damn, I’m always teaching you guys stuff. Congratulations!

All right all right, here’s your round-up wild card: the Acorn Ergo bootie! I know, they look a little ridiculous. Truth be told, I could do without the embroidery but I think it’s quiet enough over the charcoal color. These could be totally fly with some skinny jeans, for real. And like all the others, they are waterproof! SHWING! (today only! Wayne’s World exclamations!)

OK, that is your winter boot round-up—for the time being! Stay warm! And classy!

[images courtesy Planet Shoes]


Vegan Rain Boot Roundup!  »

As I was trudging to my morning ritual of soy-latte-and-seasame-bagel-with-tofu-cream-cheese at Think Coffee, I was splashed on by an oncoming car speeding through a puddle. We’re talking big puddle. Pond, even. Never mind the fact that I was already soaked due to this incredible downpour we have goin’ on in the Village on this not-so-fine morning :( After yelling (a bunch of obscenities) after the culprit, I took stock of my appearance. My feet were surprisingly dry, thanks to a recent purchase at Mooshoes.

For the conscientious vegan, here’s a rain boot roundup!

Ah, the fateful boots that saved me from being drenched by some (asshole) driver. These 100% waterproof boots are lined with a faux-fleece-type material, adding some extra warmth on those oh-so-cold winter days. I bought my Elite Yellows in-store at MooShoes, but they are available for online purchase as well in yellow, cherry, and black.

This pair of Jennifer boots, also available at MooShoes, is designed in Canada to be super-warm (hence the company name “ToeWarmer”). They also are 100 percent waterproof, with the added benefit of having a super-comfy and warm lining.

If you live near a Marc Jacobs store, you might be able to score a pair of $28 black rainboots with either pink, green, yellow, blue, or orange detailing.

The classic Hunter boot is free of animal products (read: completely made out of rubber). If you’re smart, you can order them on Amazon for half the price as Hunter’s online store.

In a related note, if you’ve been dying to get a pair of Uggs (read: for their warmth, not for their ugliness), you may be in luck. There’s a pair of faux-fleece warm fuzzies on Amazon. Be forewarned, they are not at all waterproof. BUT they make for perfect in-house slippers on those freezing cold winter days.

Images: Amazon, MooShoes.


Flip Winter the Bird with Your Very Own Vegan Boots!  »

Put your sandals away kiddies, winter is here! That means it’s boot season. Don’t let all the Uggs and leather boots get you down, there are plenty of vegan boot options. Where? I’ll tell you where! I’ve searched online and compiled a brief sampling of some of the superfly options available. YOU’RE WELCOME.

First up, Madden Girl Cazino tan pleather slouch boots from Alternative Outfitters. Clocking in at a lean $69, these boots are dope and I want them. Moving on!

I present, the westward bound boots for $54.99 from ModCloth. If you are concerned you can’t pull these off, STOP BEING CRAZY.

Next, we got the Narmada boot on MooShoes. For $165, these riding boots can be yours! And you can pretend you own a horse! A rescue horse you saved from a life of misery in the rodeo! It’ll be great.

Let’s move on to “booties” as they’re uncomfortably called. Vegan Chic has the Narmada boot from Neuaura for $124.99. If you don’t think these are awesome, you are crazy and I feel bad for your whole family.

On the cheaper side of booties (that’s what she said?), here is a lovely pair of boots for Go Jane: the leatherette buckled ankle boot. These bad boys are only $17.70.

For my last act, I am leaving you with an amazing pair of boots you cannot afford. Unless you can afford them in which case, let’s get married! I’m an excellent cook and I’m great in bed. These boots, named Finn (the picture is actually of an older model with a different name, but it’s the same), are made by my favorite vegan shoe company of all time, Beyond Skin. They are 100% vegan AND they are supercool about production, like no sweatshops. As it says on their site, “fret not, no humans, animals or small children were harmed in the making of our shoes.” The problem isn’t the shoes, it’s the damn U.S. dollar! It sucks! We can’t compete with the British pound! So the boots are £ 224 and according to google, today that is $368.50. Yowza. Actually, that’s not HORRIBLE. They last a long time. Anyway, buy them for me! Yay! It’ll be great.

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