Tom and Misha, two dolphins held in captivity for years, have been freed into the ocean! The real live ocean! OMG. This is the background from CNN where you really get to see the dolphins getting trained to fend for themselves. You can also watch the video of the moment they get released on Born Free’s youtube channel. Watch this one first and then go see that one because this background makes it so much better. And then you will be like about to cry. And I’ll totally let you cry this time! I’m so nice to you.

As the video says, this is controversial as people are worried the dolphins can’t survive in the wild after being captive for so many years. But the trainers say no one has ever reintroduced dolphins in quite the way they are. I mean a year to learn to hunt seems like a pretty good amount of time. I’m just worried that they will like people so much that they will get caught in nets! But all dolphins seem to like people so maybe it’s the same risk any dolphins face. I don’t know!

Fingers crossed! God speed, Tom and Misha!

via Ecorazzi


Californians: Call your senator TODAY and say NO to AB 979! It’s SUPER WHACK!  »

Born Free has the details, but basically AB 979 has the potential to invalidate numerous city and county ordinances that protect consumers and wildlife by giving the state Fish and Game Commission total control over them. For example, AB 979 could repeal ordinances that ban the use of Conibear traps after dogs or cats were maimed or killed; limit the use of bows and arrows in developed areas; and restrict fishing in certain areas; and repeal local laws prohibiting the killing of songbirds. It’s a really bad idea SO CALL RIGHT NOW!

Don’t know who your senator is? It’s okay.

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