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In the Jamaica Plain neighborhood of Boston, a Whole Foods is set to take over the a Hi-Lo that currently serves as the neighborhood’s grocery. People got concerned that “Whole Paycheck” would be too expensive for the locals so The Boston Globe did an investigation of pricing at the stores. Results? Whole Foods is average!

Homeboy was thorough:

Some points about methodology: When gathering prices, I did my best to pick similar products at each store, and went for the cheapest option, when available. If stores stocked different quantities of a product, I did the math to be sure I was comparing the same measurements of the same or similar products. Last, while there’s no guarantee that the Jamaica Plains Whole Foods will have the exact same prices as the chain’s other stores in the area, I did check the prices at three different Whole Foods—Beacon Hill, Cambridge, and Symphony—and the pricing was identical at each.

After this first study, people complained that the writer failed to include fruits and veggies, which they insisted were more expensive at Whole Foods. They did a follow-up, turns out that’s not true either:

Fruits and vegetables at Whole Foods can get pricey if you buy the wrong items. But if you’re a smart shopper, buying produce there turns out to be the same as buying produce at the other stores. For example, regular tomatoes at Whole Foods were $3.99 per pound, which is a dollar more than at Stop & Shop, Shaw’s and Foodie’s. But plum tomatoes were generally cheaper at Whole Foods than they were at other stores (Whole Foods, $1.99; Stop & Shop, $2.99; Shaw’s, $2.49; Foodie’s, $1.99). Likewise, while oranges were 50 cents more expensive per pound at Whole Foods, green peppers there were a dollar cheaper than at the other stores. If a shopper happened to be buying tomatoes, oranges and green peppers this week, the price fluctuation at the store would have evened themselves out.

He did note that meat was definitely more expensive at Whole Foods—guess who doesn’t care?! THIS GUY! Meat should be expensive, if there are any attempts to raise the animals responsibly (I know, a ridiculous concept on its own, but you know what I mean). Sorry they don’t sell grade-Z chuck.

An important thing to note about this second investigation is that Hi-Lo apparently doesn’t even sell meat and vegetables anymore. WTF? It’s a sad, far-too-common occurrence. In my opinion, it’s one hell of a good thing that a grocery store where you can actually get vegetables is moving in. Welcome to the neighborhood!


Erin of Olives for Dinner cooks up a vegan storm in Boston apparently on the regular. This is balsamic agave tofu with beet couscous and asparagus! She says it is easy and cheap, and deceptively fancy—this is some gorgeous food!
[share your pretty photos of your vegan food with Vegansaurus!]

Erin of Olives for Dinner cooks up a vegan storm in Boston apparently on the regular. This is balsamic agave tofu with beet couscous and asparagus! She says it is easy and cheap, and deceptively fancy—this is some gorgeous food!

[share your pretty photos of your vegan food with Vegansaurus!]


East Bay Vegan Bakesale! Plus sexy pandas, peek-a-boo owls, and your big fat pets in this week’s (abbreviated) link-o-rama!  »

Hello, tiny owl! This is Sam Adams, a resident of the Pennsylvania Audubon Society Center bird sanctuary, who really wants to be in pictures. So much so that he hogged this nice couples’ wedding photo, but that is all right with us because marriage is patriarchal nonsense, while saving owls is wonderful and right. [photo by Hoffer Photography/Rex Features]

Some events for your non-costume dates
East Bay Vegan Bakesale! Tomorrow, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.! Details here!

No Worries Filipino Vegetarian Cuisine will hold its grand opening celebration tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 30 from 4 to 9 p.m. You can enjoy a special chef’s menu and live music, and an Oakland city official will participate in a ribbon-cutting ceremony. You know Vegansaurus loves No Worries, and we expect this chef’s menu to be extra-tasty. See you at 1442 Franklin Street (at 15th Street) in Oakland!

Hey Boston-area readers! Friend of Vegansaurus, vegan, and ridiculously talented writer Kevin Fanning is participating in a reading as part of Arts at the Armory in Somerville, Mass., on Monday, Nov. 1. You should go! It is like 15 minutes from Boston, no excuses. Buy a chapbook while you’re there, tell them Vegansaurus sent you.

Have you dreamed of growing your own shiitake mushrooms? You are in luck, San Francisco: the Studio for Urban Projects in conjunction with 18 Reasons presents a one-day workshop on exactly that! Led by Maria Finn, the workshop will take place on Monday, Nov. 1 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Studio for Urban Projects at 3579 17th St. at Dolores. The registration fee is $45 per person, which also includes all the materials you’ll need to “inoculate and care for your own shiitake log.” Further information, including registration, here.

Friday, Nov. 5 is Worldwide Anti-Whaling Day. We’ll give you a more detailed post next week, but mark this on your calendars now: the Northern California protest is set for 3 p.m. that day at the Consulate General of Japan, at 50 Fremont St. in San Francisco. For now, read the official WWAWD site for more information.

A little light reading
Farm Sanctuary asks that you please send an email to the University of Pittsburgh to politely ask that they stop using live pigs for their Advanced Trauma Life Support courses.

Good news, panda-lovers: All of 19 little pandas were born in captivity this year as of last week, the most since 18 in 2006. Chinese scientists credit their success in part to the panda porn program, which shows dumb young male pandas what they’re supposed to be doing with the female pandas—you have no time for adorable, chaste snuggling, pandas. Get to business or die trying, as it were.

Animals who maybe could use a little less human intervention: your cats and dogs, which are all as MORBIDLY OBESE as ALL ENGLISH-SPEAKING WHITE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE, and the Medicare won’t pay for canine-sized Hoverounds, so stop feeding them from your dang plates. Seriously. If you really can’t resist giving your little puppykins treats, toss ‘em some vegetables while you’re chopping them up for your dinner. The dogs I live with eat everything except raw garlic and leafy greens; they love raw onion and every other piece of produce they’ve tried. It’s a win-win! Winston loves bananas, and look how healthy and happy he is! Or at least healthy.

Finally, mark another entry in the Annals of Self-Promotion: Laura’s “Week in Vegan” column debuts in the SF Weekly today! She’s great, go read it!


Guest post: a vegan guide to Boston!  »

So you find yourself in Boston, wandering past the vaguely Irish pubs and seafood restaurants, weaving through Red Sox fans and college students as your stomach cries out in hunger. What is a vegan to do? Fear not—Boston is full of wicked ah-some vegan noms.
Let’s start off with a kick-ass brunch option. The Otherside Café isn’t all-vegan (too busy being all-hipster), but it can convert almost anything you want into a startlingly huge and awesome veggie delight. There’s a vegan “diner breakfast,” tofu scrambles, and mimosas. Not in the mood for breakfast? 1) What’s wrong with you? And 2) never fear. Otherside has an amazing vegan chili nacho plate–hot, creamy, PG-13 territory. And then the standard wraps and sandwiches, etc. Jon’s Buffalo Tempeh sandwich is the winner here. Otherside isn’t really the place for tons of vegetables, but the fake meats and real beers are plentiful. You’ll feel almost manly until you remember that soy turns you gay.

Speaking of hipsters, let’s hop on our fixies down to Allston aka Brawlston aka Awe-ston aka I made all those names up and if you actually call it that, people will definitely laugh at you or peer with bored disdain over their ironic moustaches. Or they will laugh with you and accept you. Try it out. Anyway, for vegans, this is the place to be.

If you want something cheap and delicious and maybe need more brunchy options, hit up Allston Café, the artist formerly known as Herrell’s. The breakfast burrito with these nuggets of delight called “tofettes” is great for hungover days. Get the salsa inside and drench it in Tabasco! There are vegan pancakes, tons of vegan cream cheese choices, and vegan muffins of rotating flavors, like French toast–most topped in sugar. Then there are vegan cupcakes, which are basically the same thing as the muffins, but whatever, only one is socially acceptable to have for breakfast and I believe in norms as long as they are egg-and-dairy-free.

If you have a little more dough, then it’s time for pizza! (Get it? Dough? Pizza? See what I did there?)  Just down the street from Allston Café is Peace O’ Pie, once T.J. Scallywaggle’s. Now it’s run by the Boston Vegan Association, basically. That means their ingredients are no longer wins from dumpster dives, which is either a good or bad thing, depending. Regardless! They are an all-vegan pizza place with rotating specials, great toppings, calzones, and desserts. They are kind of pricey, but definitely worth it. They use Daiya and it melts like the real thing. Putting tempeh on your pizza makes it even cheesier, somehow. Probably magic.

And now my favorite place ever—Grasshopper. Right next door to Peace O’ Pie, this all vegan Asian heaven houses the most divine, omni-converting dish ever: The No Name. Gluten, deep-fried and covered in sauce. YES. There are tons of other good dishes too, but who cares. I go for this. Oh, and I guess the kale. Their mixed veggies comes with kale! OK and the spring rolls are great, too. And I guess a lot of people rave about the chicken fingers (tofu wrapped in dough and deep fried). But the truly majestic choice is the No Name. And you can have as much of it as you want if you go on buffet night, the third Sunday of every month. BVA meetings mean you have to plan expertly to have seating, especially if you roll with a huge crew of vegans like me, but it’s worth it: you can eat until you’re comatose for $10. Hooray!

So yeah, who needs clam chowdah?

[Thanks to longtime reader, part-time San Franciscan Katie Woods for this guide! Katie attends one of Boston’s many fine institutions of higher learning, where she pursues a BFA and apparently eats like royalty.]

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