Fallout from Missouri’s puppy mill proposition has already begun!  »

The big election doesn’t happen for six more days, but the threat of Prop. B ending canine slavery in Missouri puppy mills has already shut down some breeders. OK, technically it was a massive investigation by the Humane Society of the United States, but the horrors HSUS revealed is definitely helping the case for Prop. B.

HSUS released its report on Missouri’s worst puppy mills [pdf] on Tuesday, Oct. 5, awarding Mettoville Kennels/”Teacher’s Pets” a Dishonorable Mention for the horrible “treatment”/neglect of their dogs—800 purebred, popular, pedigree dogs that the owners would sell to a broker, who then sold the puppies to our favorite places: pet stores. On Friday, Oct. 1, Teacher’s Pets and another massive puppy mill, Conrad’s Cuddly Canines—not named in the report—announced they were going out of business, and would sell all their stock in a two-day auction on Oct. 29 and 30. Combined, that’s 800 dogs who need homes! Animal rescue groups naturally freaked out; what if other, profitable puppy mills bought up the dogs? Compared to the “Dirty Dozen” the HSUS report focused on, these two prisons were luxury retreats. Obviously the rescue groups had to buy all 800 dogs.

Rescue groups have been working like crazy throughout October to get the funds and foster homes to be able to save all the soon-to-be-homeless dogs and puppies. They’ve arranged for veterinarians to do onsite examinations, innoculations, and spaying or neutering. Still, even if some dogs go for as little as $5, the medical and transportation costs won’t fluctuate, and these groups need help. You can click on any of the following links to donate to various rescue groups, including Something Special Castaways Rescue of Missouri; Paws For a Cause of Minnesota; and multi-state AdoptALab, which is getting extra help from Boston Baked Bonz: the company will match all donations to AdoptALab made before the auction begins on Friday, Oct. 29.

This is super last-minute, which is really annoying; also annoying is how much work it took to find news about this massive dog auction. Three articles about it, total. If you have a few spare dollars, toss them to one of the rescue groups—even $5 could save a dog from going back into a puppy mill, and that’s huge. Not to get too Sally Struthers here, but if your choice is between a beer and saving the life of a dog who has only known misery and pain, maybe forgo the beer this one time?

We’ll let you know the results of the auction as soon as we get them. Cross your fingers all 800 little animals get rescued. Cross some more fingers that Missourians pass Prop. B next week, so no more dogs suffer like these poor articles have.

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