Fancy dress: Brave Gentleman’s vegan ties!  »

Ecouterre brings us wonderful news: Brave Gentleman has a line of vegan ties! They are made of “a blend of organic cotton and recycled hemp, then stiffened with interfacing derived from recycled plastic bottles—a manufacturing first for ties. All eight designs are crafted in New York City’s historic Garment District under fair-labor conditions.”

I’ve heard it’s difficult to find vegan ties, or at least vegan ties that aren’t those hideous, squared-off, knitted monstrosities. These eight designs are not those; they’re neat, basic without being boring, and altogether quite pleasing (except for the wide-wale corduroy. God save us from wide-wale corduroy).

They’ve even got bow ties in two widths, if you’re into that sort of thing. Frankly I feel like we’re still recovering from Tucker Carlson’s nauseating bow tie appropriation of the last decade—outside of a tux, of course—but if you feel confident in a bow tie, then by all means, put one on.

I am super-into these ties. I’m also super-into that J.Crew, casual-preppy, “summer in Kennebunkport” look, and they hit that note perfectly, so maybe that’s it. Regardless, if you have some money to drop on classic, U.S.-made, vegan accessories, Brave Gentleman’s got the neckwear for you.

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