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Hello all! It’s finally here! The perm-corsage! I mentioned I was getting this yesterday on FB and everybody was like, pics pics pics! So here she is! I’m so excited. 

So yes, Gristle Tattoo is in Williamsburg, BK. It’s a nice little space and alllll vegan. They even do adoption events and bakesales and all of that! When I was originally looking at local vegan process tattoo artists, I came upon Brittany Bauza’s work on Gristle’s site. I was in love! She has a great classic tattoo style. I knew it, she was the one for me.

I set up an appointment and went in yesterday. Brittany and Felix, their piercing person who was there too, were immediately friendly and made me feel very comfortable (it’s my first tattoo!). I took a lovely pic of Brittany standing behind the counter to show you guys how not intimidating it is but I accidentally deleted it because I’m the super genius. 

Brittany showed me a few designs and they were totes perfect and we landed on the design you see above. Because I tell everyone I’m impervious to pain, I thought it wouldn’t hurt at all. It did hurt. I am not impervious to pain. It was totally a tolerable pain though so NBD. But the whole time Brittany was so nice and answered my 100 million questions. I asked her about the various rumors I hear about vegan tattoos, like they don’t last as long or the colors aren’t as bright. She said that’s all crap and the ink brand she uses is actually used by a lot of tattoo artists who don’t even know it’s vegan. And look at that color! Bright. 

Now it’s the morning after and I still love my tattoo! And everyone at work is saying “it’s really nice” and they are all like, “maybe I should go to your person!” And I’m like, “do it!” 

Suffice it to say, I’m very pleased. Brittany is amazing and Gristle is very nice. So if you are in need of a vegan tattoo in NYC, I highly recommend them!

UPDATE: So as not to mislead anyone, Brittany herself is not vegan but she is a vegan process tattoo artist as is everyone at Gristle. And Gristle is a vegan-owned business.

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