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today quarrygirl presents goes global as we travel to london to check out ms. cupcake, the uk’s first entirely vegan bakery! 

i wish i could be more like owner mellissa morgan aka ms. cupcake. disappointed in the lack of british vegan baked goods when she moved to england from canada, she took matters into her own hands and started making treats in her tiny flat and selling them at a market stall. just three years later, ms. cupcake is a world famous bakery in brixton with over 150 different cupcake varieties, several other dessert lines, savory items, and a cookbook on the way. 

we sat down with mellissa to chat about why she started baking, why all people (not just vegans!) enjoy her desserts, and how cupcakes can provide an inclusive experience. when in london, be sure to check out ms. cupcake—you won’t regret it! 

Have you subscribed to Quarrygirl's vegan video series yet? This week's entry features the queen of British vegan baked goods, Ms. Cupcake! Vegan Philly cheesesteak puffs?! My life is empty with you.


Ms. Cupcake opening in London  »

On Friday, Apr. 1, Ms. Cupcake, an all-vegan cupcake shop is opening in Brixton, London! Yes, that’s a bit far away. Still very exciting! The whole internet is a’buzz about it. I’m just excited for this glimpse into Laura Beck’s future! Isn’t that totally her in 20 years? She’s probably bedazzling a cupcake hat as we speak. And a matching one for Hazel

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