Matt Damon apologizes to PETA, hates bullfighting, doesn’t wear a meat dress. Love him.  »

You will never guess what happened to Matt Damon after he attended a bullfight in Mexico City: He got a phone call from PETA, demanding an explanation! To which he responded with not only an explanation, but an apology.

Jane Dollinger for PETA has reportedly stated, “Matt said that he went to the bullfight believing that bullfights should be stopped but felt that he should see the cruelty for himself while he was in Mexico. He said that seeing with his own eyes what these tormented animals go through only reinforced an already strongly held belief that bullfights should be relegated to the history books.

"He also said that he was upset to think that his attendance was in any way construed to be an endorsement of such a barbaric activity.”

Matt Damon at the bullfight.

I’m having a hard time being mad at him for this [Ed. note: Read: Jenny totally wants to hit that! Myself, I don’t buy his, “I didn’t know” routine. Don’t play dumb with me, Matty!]. I mean, bullfights, awful, for real! Good for PETA for getting to the bottom of the situation, right? I guess I could get behind a Matt Damon campaign for PETA. Don’t you want to see Ben Affleck in it too? I miss those guys together. So long as they aren’t wearing leather jackets, feather earrings or some other bullshit in their very special celebrity PETA poster. Ah! Pun not intended.

Actually, I really despise the PETA campaigns featuring celebs who eat meat. It seems hypocritical to me, like “I love animals, stop abusing them, BUT I ALSO REALLY LOVE EATING THEM!” Or, “I’d never wear fur, but I’ll wear a meat dress to an awards show.”
Maybe he should stay away from PETA, but still work to stop this atrocious spectacle of tormenting bulls for entertainment.

In more Matt Damon news, PETA has already addressed his movie We Bought a Zoo [Ed. note: oy, that movie makes me want to vom! War Horse too, War Horse can kiss my ass], and he helped start the charity


Hello, friends! It’s WTF Wednesday!  »

Have you guys been watching this horrible Sarah Palin abortion that is on the television? Several questions: What is wrong with this woman? Also, what is wrong with this woman? And finally, what is wrong with this woman? I have never seen this show because my head would explode in a volcano of rage, but I have read about it and seen delightful pictures of Sarah Palin: with a shotgun! Sarah Palin: with a hunting knife! Sarah Palin: crouched over the remains of a caribou she has just murdered! I don’t know if I asked this before, but what is wrong with this woman? How can you be so clearly against things like abortion and not be against murdering innocent animals? And how could you think that aerial hunting is an acceptable sport? I was going to just say FUCKFUCKFUCK for the next several lines, but my mother told me that my swearing is getting to be a bit too much and that I really need to tone it down; so instead, I ask you again: What is wrong with this woman? And additionally, do you think that seeing herself murdering things on television will make her feel bad about herself? I can hope, but it seems that this woman lacks both shame and insight!

Man, I am about to get even angrier. Perhaps it is because this week is not getting off to a delightful start. It is cold, I am tired, and our heat is out again. Even when we turn it up to about 90, we still have to wear several layers and then cover ourselves with about 5 million different covers. This is what I got out of Russia for! Not to freeze to death in the winter. And of course Allen is no help. I’m all trying to cuddle up and steal some of his precious heat when he groans and kicks me while asleep! Why does his unconscious aggression toward me come out during the coldest nights? It’s times like this that I wish I had some fluffy animal friend to keep me warm. A dog perhaps, or some kind of large rodent (it would be so awesome if someone made like a giant hamster that I could cuddle with. No homo.). I used to chill with a rabbit that lives with my old roommate now. Perhaps I could borrow her for these cold winter nights. Know what I wouldn’t do to a rabbit, though? Crush it under glass while wearing a school uniform!


Exactly. Even after seeing “2 Girls 1 Cup” (OMG!) I was not prepared for the horror that was Chinese animal-crushing porn. Did you know that such a thing even existed? The video, which lasts about four horrifying minutes, is of a young woman dressed in a school uniform picking up a rabbit, stroking it, then mercilessly crushing it by placing it under a piece of glass and sitting on it. Sickening! And not even lucrative! This girl was paid $60 for killing a defenseless fluffball! And then stamping on it! Se claims that she didn’t know about what the job was going to be like because she found it on the internet, but really her innocence ends there. If I were a young woman looking for work and someone was all, “Yeah, you’re hot. Please come shoot this movie,” I would be wary. Perhaps I would go and see what it was about, but the moment the producer says something like, “Let me tell you my vision: You and three of your closest friends are chilling with Mei-Wen’s new rabbit, until you, in a cathartic act that exposes the cruelty of our society, grab the bunny, place it under glass, and slowly crush it with your posterior. Finally, you and the girls stomp the bunny with your stilettos in a meditation on futility as the screen fades to black,” I would be OUT OF THERE. It is just not OK! Actually, I would probably report these people, too and then firebomb their studio. I’ve actually been joking about firebombing a lot lately. I should really stop reading teen novels set in a dystopian future.

Speaking of teens (see what I did there? I am so pleased with myself!) There is a "Justin Bieber of Bullfighting." I didn’t even know that being a “Justin Bieber of” anything was now an accepted thing, but apparently what it stands for is being an annoying tween with an annoying talent. Like singing songs about “baby, baby, baby” or killing bulls because it is “fun.” Unfortunately, unlike Justin Bieber, who is merely ubiquitous, Michelito Lagravere is a horrible little monster who has slaughtered over 300 bulls. I wonder how this kid is going to adjust as he gets older—you can’t kill six bulls at a single time while wearing sequined pants and come out of it unscathed. You don’t just recover from that. I’m really angry at this kid, but I am even angrier at his parents, who not only encourage it, but seems to believe that this kind of behavior is condoned by god. It just doesn’t make any sense. I wonder if I could apply the same question that I applied to Sarah Palin to this kid. But then I’d also have to apply it to his family. And any place that allows something like bullfighting. And then any place that allows cruelty to animals, whether it be for pornography, sport, food, fun, or clothing. What is wrong with people?

Just thinking about this stuff is exhausting. Why don’t we call it a day and meet here again next week, when there might be happier news to report and less of my head exploding in a rage volcano? Send me links for next week, and have a safe Wednesday out there.

[caribou photo by Daniele Colombo; Indian bison photo by Pandiyan]


Hello, friends! It’s WTF Wednesday!  »

Today’s WTF Wednesday is brought to you by the power of the all-nighter. I’m telling you guys, my brief love affair with Vicodin last week really put me out of commission. So much so, that when I began reading over my hour-long presentation about crises in psychotherapy for this afternoon I realized that all I had done was fill an entire PowerPoint file with photos of Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton. I’m sure I had some kind of master plan—mainly because I left some cryptic notes such as “lol here!” and “Yes, that is where this joke goes!” in the outline—but unfortunately I am now only on copious amounts of Ibuprofen, which makes accessing the part of my psyche that came up with this plan completely impossible. Before I start weeping and rewriting, I thought I’d bring you all the latest fuckery happening on the internet this week.

First up, horses. The Breeder’s Cup just finished. This by itself is a giant WTF! Who ever decided that it would be a good idea to put tiny little men on top of horses and then race them around a track for shits and giggles? Was it the same person who decided that the best way we could get in touch with bulls was by dressing up in a stupid costume and stabbing them as they charged at us? What is the appeal of horse racing? Is it the giant hats that the ladies wear? The sinking realization that you’ve lost Junior’s college fun on a horse named “Life at Ten”? Or is it the cruelty of putting horses through their paces, forcing them to go faster and faster around a never-ending ring as they compete for a prize they will never get to enjoy? Is it the drugs? I’m about 200 percent certain that the horses aren’t interested.
Actually, I am about 300 percent certain that horses would prefer that you not climb upon their back and squeeze their sides to make them gallop. Maybe if you gave them a choice, but I doubt it. You know how I know that? When I was 12, my brother had an ear infection. Because my parents are fairly hysterical people who raised fairly hysterical sons, we took him to the emergency room. I was not allowed to stay home alone because three years previous, I had tried to bake a cake by microwaving a bowl of dry fruit loops. As you may imagine, the wait in the emergency room was horrible. I had quickly finished both my Phyllis Reynolds Naylor as well as the Baby-Sitters Club Super Special I had brought along and was looking around for someone to bother. Just then, a girl burst wailing into the waiting room, followed by her parents. Her hand was bleeding profusely and her mother was screaming “A horse bit her! A horse bit her!” at anyone who would care to listen.
“What happened?” asked the nurse behind the desk.
“She was riding the horse,” the girl’s mother screamed. “And when she got off, it turned around and bit her in the hand!”
“I didn’t even want to go on the horse!” the girl screamed back. “They made me! Child abuse!”
And that’s how I know horses don’t like to be ridden.

Have we talked about dogs lately? Have you heard about the dogs they’re dropping out of planes into Afghanistan? No, this isn’t another opiate-fueled hallucination; U.K. special forces are actually parachuting German Shepherds into Afghanistan with cameras attached to their heads. Have we asked anyone how dogs feel about this? I mean, if they feel humiliated being dressed up, I’m sure they’re scared shitless jumping out of a plane with some dude strapped to their back. The dogs are sent in to look for insurgents and are trained to attack anyone that is armed. Not surprisingly, eight dogs have died this way. The official response has been something like, “Well, that would have been eight of our men, so…” Ugh, you idiots! Those dogs ARE eight of your men. And I’m sure they won’t be receiving any medals of honor. I don’t even know what to say about this except to wonder why this isn’t against any kind of animal cruelty laws. These animals are literally being sent to their deaths! This isn’t the first time we humans are pulling shit like this. During World War II, the Russian army had an entire program dedicated to training dogs with explosives attached to themselves to run under enemy tanks and explode! It was so ineffective, it actually killed some Russian human soldiers! I don’t even know how to comment on this because it is making me angry just thinking about it and since it is late at night I should probably avoid yelling at my computer screen, so let’s move on!

Here’s some exciting news. All that science stuff we’ve been learning in school and hearing about on the news has finally proven to be useful. We now know which animal has the biggest testicles! I hate to spoil the surprise for you, but I’m going to have to reveal that it is the bush cricket! Yes! Did you even know such a thing existed? Did you think, at first, that it was someone’s porn name? I did!! Surprise: in this country, we call it the katydid. Sounds a lot less pervy now. This insect (insect!) has testicles that make up 14 percent of its body weight. OH MY GOD! That would be six kilograms per testicle on a human! How does this thing manage to fly? Who cares how it manages to fly though, because it manages to fu FORNICATE just fine! And in quick succession! With several females! This is amazing. I want to be a bush cricket when I grow up. Or am reincarnated. Sex, Larvae, and Rock ‘n Roll, baby!

That’s all for this week. Please send me links for next week, or leave them in the comments. Have an awesome Wednesday!

[photo of wee donkey by Saparevo; photo of great green bush-cricket via wikipedia]


The same charmingly misanthropic news, one day later: it’s your weekend link-o-rama!  »

This gorgeous rhinoceros is a screen print by artist Millie Marotta.

Take some action from your computer this weekend! The Humane Society asks that you send an email to Dr. Barbara Alving of the National Center for Research Resources to politely ask her to retire 26 “elderly, wild-caught chimpanzees” at the New Iberia Research Center, some of whom have been research subject for over 50 years. PCRM needs you to ask your senators to support the Great Ape Protection Act. Farm Sanctuary would appreciate it if you would send a message to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, and Committee Chair George Miller to remind them of your support for the House version of the Child Nutrition Act, and ask that they work to get that version passed. Then, learn about meal-planning from the Domestic Vegan, and practice good nutrition yourself. Or bad nutrition, your Vegansaurus offers this link as a money-saving tip, we make no judgment on your vegan foodstuffs.

HSUS is such a fraud, you guys—did you know they want to take away our pets and turn us all into VEGANS? Just ask Joe “the plumber” Wurzelbacher, the king of political commentary! Look, they will wear their terrifying uniforms and kick down your doors looking for “abused animals” like the fucking Gestapo. Another organization dedicated to denying real ‘murricans’ right to kick downer cows, Mercy For Animals, reports that one of the Conklin Dairy workers on trial in Ohio pleaded guilty to six misdemeanor counts of cruelty to animals; he was sentenced to eight months in jail, to pay a $1,000 fine, may not come into contact with animals for three years. I wonder how much jail time ol’ egg-recall DeCoster will get for causing hundreds of people to contract Salmonella illness? Or for allowing for the torture of so many hens for so many decades? Yeah, vegetarians, nice job with the eggs-and-milk diet. But hey, milk and yogurt are so hot right now, especially unpasteurized milk, which you have to buy it all under-the-table like bathtub gin. Hope it doesn’t kill you!

Have you had your dose of rage today? I know you skimmed that anti-HSUS polemic, but this interview with Hal Herzog about his new book Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat will really raise your blood pressure. He’s a real peach, Hal Herzog; “What do we make of the fact that in 1933 the Nazi party enacted the world’s most progressive animal protection legislation?” he asks, and BAM you know you’re not going to get a sensible word out of him. It’s endorsed by Irene M. Pepperberg, the “Me” of Alex & Me—you know, the African Grey parrot who never got to leave the lab—and Vegansaurus’ favorite “animal welfare activist,” Temple Grandin. And the interview itself is nothing but softball questions, no follow-ups on the ridiculous claims Herzog makes, and OH he makes some outrageous ones. Maybe a better book for people with logical brains and feeling hearts is The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant; it’s the story of the 49 pit bulls after their rescued from Michael Vick’s dogfighting ring in 2007.

Another Millie Marotta
screen print! This one is a donkey, could you tell?

Good news, everyone! Since 1999, scientists have possessed the silk gene, but now they’re able to reproduce it in seeds, tubers, and transgenic tobacco. Imagine a word of cruelty-free silk! That doesn’t mean science is done with animals, though; suppressing a certain gene in mice—which is also found in humans—can affect cognition; they call it “the Homer Simpson gene,” ha ha ha they can make mice stupider! Does that mean it will affect humans the same way? WHO KNOWS? They don’t even know all the effects of the suppression of this gene on the mice yet! Well, at least the FDA hasn’t approved that poor AquAdvantage “salmon” yet, despite the feelings (read: ridiculous arguments) of our esteemed colleague at Reason feels. You know, if we trusted libertarians, the majority of our grandparents would be living in the rooms we are living in now at our parents’ house. “Free-market solution” is an oxymoron, friends. As is “Corn refiners care about your health, which is why they want to change the name of high-fructose corn syrup.” Wait, no, that’s a lie, and Marion Nestle’s gonna fuck you up.

Last Sunday, Sept. 12, anti-bullfighting organizations CAS International, PACMA, and AnimaNaturalis held a collective protest of the Torneo del Toro de la Vega in Tordesillas, Spain. This torneo involves men on horseback and on foot chasing a bull across a bridge toward a meadow. During the run, these men repeatedly stab the bull with lances, but they aren’t allowed to kill him until they all reach the vega. Then the man who kills the bull gets the “honor” of cutting off the bull’s testicles, and parading around the village with them; then he gets a gold medal. Just like an Olympic athlete, you guys! This year’s bull was named Platanito, and apparently his ordeal was over in 15 minutes, which is comparatively brief. We are also super-impressed with Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks, who already this week murdered a bear for violating a three-strikes law; now they’re demanding an expedited permit to hunt the fuck out of the 525 wolves remaining in their state. They only want to kill, like 75, and they won’t gas any babies this time, they swear. Just because an animal is on the federal endangered species list, that doesn’t mean you can’t shoot a few of them, right? Come on!


Catalonia bans bullfighting! Viva España!  »

Bullfighting is so nasty and I fucking* hate it! So I was very glad when Meave reported that an amendment to the animal protection laws in Catalonia, Spain passed! Bullfighting is so over, jack!

I was totally happy about this animal victory but on Facebook today, one of my Spanish friends criticized the motives behind the ban, claiming it’s a matter of politics and not concern for animals. My friend Santi, who says he hates bullfighting, also had this to say:

They are doing it to say we are not Spanish. Make no mistake, Catalans also like bullfighting considering the number of people turning up to arenas. They have used this to say we  are not like them to the world!

 I do have to point out that the anti-bullfighting side used the fact that bullfighting has been declining in popularity as an indicator of public thought, so I question just how much Catalans like the “sport.” According to the Barcelona Reporter, “Barcelona’s last bullring is so unprofitable that the company managing it intends to give up the business next year.” The Guardian also reported the ban, focusing on the political implications of the issue. Pro-bullfighting peeps are saying Catalonia is using the ban as a big fuck-you to the rest of Spain.

Guess what has two thumbs and couldn’t give a shit about the motives that ban bullfighting?! THIS GUY! Bullfighting is disgusting and anyone who likes it is despicable. I said it! I don’t care why, I’m just glad it’s on its way out. Another thing I’m a fan of: matadors getting totally thrashed by bulls. I’m pro that. Fuck those douchebags.

Many of the bullfighting supporters also say the ban is an attack on Spain’s cultural heritage. An op-ed on from last month addressed this cultural heritage argument. See, major news outlets aren’t always big ol’ jerkwads! The author, Jordi Casamitjana, is a consultant for PROU, a super-dope anti-bullfighting organization. Casamitjana says:

Many pro-bullfighting activists have argued that the “sport” is an important part of the Spanish culture and should not be banned. But cultural heritage is no excuse for inflicting pain on a frightened and confused animal. This campaign is not a matter of arbitrary prohibitions or of stomping on people’s individual freedoms. It is a matter of suffering.

Do you love this guy or what? 

If you don’t think bullfighting is fucking repulsive, watch a few youtube videos like this one supplied by SHARKonline. I don’t want to post them on here because they make me cry and I don’t want to make you guys cry because then you’ll all be at work looking like a bunch of nancies.

Bonus! The story of Ferdinand the bull! Of course in real life, they’d totally stab him to death but still, Ferdinand is totally adorbs:

[can’t see the video? watch it on!]

*My parents are dedicated Vegansaurus readers and they get upset at the foul language because they are so very old and square. So to them, I must apologize for dropping the f-bomb but bullfighting makes me so mad!

[bull illustration from PROU website]


O, link-o-rama! O, link-o-rama! Animaux, activités, de Friday jusqu’à Monday, il y a tout ce que vous voulez dans le link-o-rama!  »

We’re all ’60s-crazy over here, maybe you can tell? Mad Men is nigh (!!!) and we’ve got the silliest songs stuck in our heads, and here comes this amazing Airstream camper for your little dog to perfect our little fantasies. [Straight Line Designs via Pawesome]

Que faites-vous ce weekend?
Tonight is Vegan Happy Hour and potluck, hosted by Mr. Vegansaur Jordan at the Hemlock Tavern from 6 to 9. Be there, or have less fun in your life.

On Sunday afternoon, take a tour of the trees in and around Dolores Park with Chris of Mr. Prune Tree Care. The tour will be in English and Spanish, and run about two hours. Meet at the J stop at Church and 18th Streets at 11 a.m. [thanks for the tip, Mission Mission!]

Hands-On Gourmet is hosting an All-American BBQ workshop on Monday, July 12 to teach you how to make the best animal-free, gluten-free barbecue meal ever. Dishes will include burger buns, patties, potato salad, strawberry shortcake, and ice cream! Gluten-free beer will be available for tasting—attendees must be 12 or older. The workshop runs from 6 to 9 p.m. at the H.O.G. Kitchen at 2325 3rd St., No. 330; tickets cost $75. Please contact Joshua with any questions.

Wholesome Bakery, in conjunction with Ritual Coffee, will lead cookie and cupcake workshops at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (701 Mission St. at 3rd Street) as part of this summer’s Taste! program. There’s a coffee workshop (duh), too, and an art project called The Ministry of Approximate Travel by local artist Jenny Odell. Every Thursday in July in the Grand Lobby from 6 to 8 p.m. I’d say visit the YBCA’s website for more information, but as of today they actually have no information about it, so.

Voudriez-vous quelque chose à lire?

Anti-bullfighting activists protest in San Fermín, Spain. If you read Spanish, this article might prove interesting. [photo via AnimaNaturalis]

People treat animals really poorly, did you know? In Dublin (Calif., not Ireland), some assholes stole a penguin from the zoo, then abandoned her on a fucking sidewalk. HILARIOUS PRANK, guys! Ooh, the new gourmet food is lionfish, because it’s a super-destructive invasive species, wreaking havoc all over the Gulf of Mexico, into the Caribbean, and moving down into South American waters, and “humans are the only predator that can wipe it out.” But how did the lionfish, a native of the western Pacific Ocean, get to the other side of the world? Oh, well, see, people in South Florida who kept them in fishtanks in the ’80s started dumping the fish in the ocean! The wrong ocean! Whoops! And the lionfish figured out how to thrive, and now it’s fucking shit up for coral reefs all over the place. SO LET’S EAT THEM UP TO RECTIFY OUR MISTAKES. Humanity at its best.

Or no, humanity is at its best when it keeps monkeys for research, and the monkeys, because they’re miserable in captivity and hate being experimented on, figure out a genius method of escape, but don’t want to leave all their monkey pals behind, so are “lured back into captivity by scientists armed with peanuts.” I am so proud to be a human right now! BACK BEHIND THE ELECTRIC FENCE, WE MUST CONDUCT MORE TERRIFYING EXPERIMENTS ON YOU, PRIMATE.

People are also totally nasty. KFC makes its buckets from trees in North Carolina’s Green Swamp, which for some reason (money) isn’t protected land, but should be, except (money) KFC is clear-cutting it for fucking buckets. Thanks, government! And thanks, Western “junk food”—you know, your franchises of animal-products-in-everything, plus corn syrup—for giving 15 percent of men and 16 percent of women in Southeast Asia type 2 diabetes! Capitalism, you guys, it’s the best. Free market forever. In San Francisco you won’t be able to buy full-sugar sodas or waters in vending machines on city property anymore, but milk—both dairy and non-dairy!!—will be available. Calories are not all the same, you know—better to get some from protein and fat in soy milk than all from HFCS in a soda, yes? YES.

Deep Roots Animal Sanctuary needs your help to build a coop for their chicken, Mabel, and the chickens they hope to rescue in the future! The coop will be environmentally friendly, Mabel will have friends, and Deep Roots can save more birds. Birds are amazing, did you know? Robins can actually see magnetic fields, which helps them orient themselves. [link via The Telling Compulsion].

Kevin the kestrel is an amazing patient of St. Tiggywinkles [sic] wildlife hospital in Buckinghamshire, England! Someone found him on the ground with a broken leg, and the St. Tiggywinkles staff set it with “a hypodermic needle as a pin, some thin pieces of wire and dental cement.” We wish you a quick and happy recovery, Kevin!

So the president is all, Hey you congressjerks should pass the Food Safety and Modernization Act, it is Srs Bsns. And farmers are getting up on the Facebooks and Twitters, all, We’re safe and good and not harmful of the cows etc., don’t listen to Mercy for Animals, those guys are mean and biased. And I say, I am mean and biased, NO SYMPATHY.

Let’s look at restaurant reviews in the Chronicle! This week, Michael Bauer takes in the “modern neighborhood feel” of Encuentro, and what do you know, his take is very similar to our own Brianna’s! To wit: pretty all right, but could use some improvements. Lucky Oakland with its new restaurants. Lucky SFO, next, getting fancy-pants food from Napa Farms Market in Terminal 2 when it opens in March 2011.

Have you read about the Marines who rescued kittens in Afghanistan? I suppose it means people aren’t 100 percent terrible 100 percent of the time, and it’s nice to see some small acts of kindness in a world of enormous cruelty. Right? Sure.


Everything’s happening this weekend and we have proof in your link-o-rama!  »

It’s summer, let’s go camping! HA HA HA KIDDING. What I meant was, It’s summer, let’s spend time outside, and let’s bring our portable, pop-up bunny tents so our best pals can hang out with us! [photo via VagaValley]

Activities for vegans!
Vegan Happy Hour is tonight, Friday, June 11 from 6 to 9 at the Hemlock Tavern. It’s run by Vegansaur Jordan’s husband Mike (some of us are grownups, did you know?) and promises to be a good time. Remember, it’s also a potluck, so bring some tasty vegan food (maybe a recipe from Vegan Happy Hour blog?)!

This weekend—Saturday and Sunday, June 12 and 13—is Maddie’s Matchmaker Adoptathon at 41 animal shelters in the Bay Area! Megan Rascal already gave you a preview, but there are so many more animals than MARSHMALLOW and his GIANT CHEEKS waiting for you to adopt them FOR FREE! That’s right, for the Adoptathon, the adoption fees will be waived at participating shelters! So go on, find your new best friend.

How about that East Bay? On Saturday, check out 23 HAM’s artist reception—from 6 to 11 p.m. at 903 Camelia St. in Berkeley—celebrating East Bay Open Studios! Black Orchid will sell vegan baked goods, there’ll be live performances, and it’s free. Come on, you love art.

Love dogs? Have $20? You’re going to Bikers for Barkers tomorrow, then, right? There’ll be prizes and snacks and drinks—everything vegan!!!—so you have no excuse for skipping it. Be at Dainese D-Store at 131 S. Van Ness Ave. at 12th Street from 6:30 to 10 p.m. on Saturday. They say no one will be turned away for lack of funds!

On Sunday from 9 to 11 a.m. the LGBT Army of Compassion will protest animal cruelty at the Heart of the City Farmers Market at U.N. Plaza in San Francisco. They’ll be in the northeast corner near the live-chicken vendors. Click here for more information.

Pajama-action items!
PETA asks you to (please) demand the end of mulesing in the Australian wool industry. The Humane Society would like you to tell President Obama that the U.S. does not support any nation slaughtering whales, at all, ever.

Photographs of some of the ingredients in your standard Twinkie, by Dwight Eschliman, from his book 37 or so Ingredients. Guess what this one is! Hint: it’s not naturally powdered. [photo via Good]

Multimedia for your persual!
Who’s saying the dumbest-ever shit about the Gulf oil spill? Presently, it’s Slow Food USA, which recommends helping “your food friends of the Gulf” by eating seafood from the Gulf. Alternatively, you could listen to Vegansaur Steve, whose response posts on euthanizing oiled birds this week provoked some debate on Treehugger.

In further bird-related news, last year’s Mercy For Animals investigation into a Maine egg farm resulted in a settlement requiring the violators to pay over $130,000, the “largest penalty in a farm animals abuse case in this country.” Farm Sanctuary reports that the birds rescued from the Cal-Cruz Hatchery in California last year are happy and healthy, so at least there’s that.

OK let’s get the depressing stuff out of the way in one go. First, Bullfighting: A Troubled History by Elisabeth Hardouin-Fougier was just released in English. Second, Spain, land of bullfighting, is also home to a meat vending machine. Third, pet stores are alive and well in San Francisco, but the city’s Animal Commission will hold a hearing on a ban-type proposal on Thursday, July 8. You should attend, if you have an opinion on institutions like puppy mills. You could also get this lovely "support low-cost spaying and neutering" license plate, if you lived in California and owned a vehicle.. Fourth, this article on "The Animal-Cruelty Syndrome" in the New York Times: have you cried from rage yet today?

Video: Greenpeace vs. French tuna fishermen. Greenpeace mean serious business on the open sea, you guys, way more than those Deadliest Catch jerks.

Adorable photos of kid helping with the White House garden harvest. More adorable photos of rescued kids at Farm Sanctuary.

Whole Foods markets in San Francisco are interested in selling foods from local street vendors. Have you got vegan edibles you’d like to see at WF? Email Harvinder Singh with your ideas. Though of course mind the story of Pepples Donuts.

People are wetting their pants over this new tastes-just-like-chicken vegan foodstuff, in joy and terror; what do you think about it?

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