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[Hilarious picture my grandpa sent me, from his friend: “People living in Colorado Springs wondered why their rainwater barrel was almost empty every day. They set up a couple of cameras and look what they caught on film”]

I meant to post this a while ago: an interview with the lovely Leanne from Vaute Couture!

FitSugar has a list of five books to help you go vegan. Did your favorite make the list?

I stumbled upon this site, Keep it Wild, that has a great article about what to do instead of going to the zoo. Let’s go do this stuff!

Time's take on this bullshit about banning undercover filming at factory farms.

Did you “like” my Megans United to Save Megan the Lab Chimp page yet? You don’t have to be a Megan. Let’s start a revolution!

Did you see this shit about arsenic in chicken? What. The fuck.

My discussion topic of the week: Did you see this piece in HuffPo about why veganism makes non-vegans so angry? Why do you think they get so angry? I think they are bitter because we are morally superior! In my humble opinion.

This Dish is Veg responded to the HuffPo piece by defending the omnis. What do you think?

WTF. This resort in Singapore captured a bunch of dolphins to entertain guests. It’s super sad. Two have already died. Sign this petition! Because that’s bullshit.

Care2 has an article on butterfly first aid! Did you ever imagine such a thing?!

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