Buy a t-shirt, help animals! They’re dope and available this week only!  »


I totally heart these sweatshirts and tees. It’s the intersection of my love for type, clothes, and animals. The concept behind the shirts is interesting too. This site┬áruns a fundraiser each week where they sell limited edition (I think) shirts and donate $7 of each sale to the chosen charity of the week. Their goal is to raise money for the charity but also, by making things related to the charity that people can buy and wear, they raise awareness for the cause. And this week, the cause is the Humane Society! So for every shirt sold, seven bucks goes to HSUS. More importantly: you get a cool shirt! I kid, I kid. But looks like you only have until Sunday to buy so you best get on that.



New Vaute Couture coats are on sale! Order yours ASAP!  »

Our BFF Vaute Couture is going on fall tour! PLUS pre-order just started on new coats and they are 50 percent off for a few more hours! OMG THE EXCITEMENT! I got one last year and everyone says it’s smashing. [Ed. note: Everyone loves mine, too! —Meave]

The details are contained below:

Shop online now, or shop in person later! You can’t get fancier, better-made vegan fashions than Vaute Couture’s!

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