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Vegan bakesales are taking over the BAY AREA! San Francisco, the East Bay, the Peninsula, and now Marin! California knows how to party. And how you party here is with PIE. Also, booze and drugs, just not at these events.

SO. If you’re in Marin and would like to bake, contact Sarah. If you just want to eat everything, be there! Where you ask? Take it away, Marin Vegan Bakesale!

Looking for bakers and eaters of delectable vegan treats for Marin County’s FIRST VEGAN BAKESALE, in celebration of the Worldwide Vegan Bakesale and in solidarity with the people and animals of Japan. All proceeds raised will go to Doctors Without Borders (Médecins sans frontières) and to Kinship Circle for their work in Japan relief efforts.*

You can help bake and eat:

1. e-mail to get involved! 
2. Invite all your friends. (Facebook invite, yo! If you don’t have FB, you’re either a serial killer or the coolest person we know. One of those.)
3. Save the date and come eat yummy vegan treats for a great cause. 

All eating and purchases are guaranteed to be 100 percent guilt-free. 

When: Saturday, Apr. 30, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Where: Outside of Cafe Trio, 363 3rd St., San Rafael (Montecito Shopping Plaza).

Make sure to check out our host, Cafe Trio, too—we’ll be right outside and they offer an outstanding menu with many delicious veg options, including a vegan soup of the day and a tofu scramble. Plus, they are totally big-hearted and awesome and excited about the day. 

*Doctors Without Borders has sent medical teams to support the government-led earthquake and tsunami response in Japan. Kinship Circle has disaster and veterinary trained teams ready for Japan deployment to assist with animal quake-tsunami aid, and is also supporting countrywide animal rescue efforts.

Pie via Madame Furie! This pie (meaning one like it maybe) can be yours!

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