From, this is your cry-yourself-to-sleep-on-Christmas video. You might want to have a companion animal nearby to hug so hard you almost accidentally kill them while you watch it.

SO. Some folks dressed as Santa visit pigs on an Austrian factory farm and give them hay to play in and apples to eat. First, Austrians are totally nuts! That’s just an aside but I mean, really. Second, it’s amazing to see the pigs transform from being totally terrified of the people entering the room (because that most likely means abuse or death! Merry Christmas!) to being so happy when they’re playing in the hay and munching on apples. The heartbreaking part is that the video ends, and then they’re all abused and murdered so some jerk human can have a pork chop. You know.

If you’re fully traumatized, go watch the video under this one of the adorable pit bulls saying, “I love you!” I’m pretty convinced it’s the only thing that will stop the sobbing. You might also consider a few episodes of Get a Life and if that doesn’t work, some roofies?

Now, I’m off to donate all my money to Farm Sanctuary (some rich person is matching donations through Dec. 31!), take two valiums with a vicodin chaser, and watch the trailer for Alvin and The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel on repeat until I pass out. Happy holidays!

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