Giving out vegan candy this Halloween? Don’t forget to add your house to the list!  »

Help the lil’ vegan kids have a happy halloween! Give out vegan candy and make sure they can find it by registering at No Trick Treats! My favorite vegan candy is of course Pennsylvania’s own Peanut Chews. Those are the yum. Is anyone giving out vegan candy? Oooo my brother gives out candy, I should totes make him go vegan this year and add him to the map! I’m getting one family member at a time!


Vegan Etsy Halloween round-up!  »

Halloween is quickly approaching! Normally I stall on this and then you don’t have time to order and of this stuff before Halloween but this year I’m getting a head start. Enjoy the ride!

For starters, how about some pumpkin mallocremes? I do not know what that is but these are adorbs. 

This is a genius idea: black and orange fortune cookies! Guess what else is cool? You get to think up your own fortunes to put in there! You should totally do scary Halloween ones! Duh. 

Halloween caramels! OK, OK, don’t die, but these are pretty rad. I always go back and forth with caramels but I’d eat the hell out of these. 

A Halloween must: Oreo pops! Whoever invented the Oreo pop needs some sort of Nobel prize. There’s a Nobel Lollipop Prize, right?

What in God’s name are those? Why they’re skull lollipops! Yummy AND creepy! A perfect combo.

And of course, don’t forget your vegan zombie makeup! YOU TOO can be a zombie!

All right pals, that’s it for now! Have a fun Halloween and as my mom likes to say, be good! And if you can’t be good, be safe.


Product Review: Peanut Chews!  »

Peanut motherlovin’ chews. They are MY JAM. They’re a chocolate-and-peanut candy from a Philly company and they are delicious. Falling under the accidentally vegan category, they are enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike. I grew up on these! They were my big brother’s favorite candy, and as he’s the first-born male and no cares what girls think (what about MY needs, dad!), we’d all get peanut chews. I haven’t seen them ANYWHERE in San Francisco! WTF? You people need to import these mofos! Better yet, I should import them and make a million dollars selling them to you non-peanut-chew-having Bay Area folk! Every day I’m hustling.

PS, you can also order them online. Laura believes that you might be able to get them at Phat Philly but it’s unconfirmed because we’re the laziest.

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