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I kind of hate April Fools Day. Some stuff is fun, like when Google or whatever plans something elaborate. But I hate when you are working on a deadline and you get “zany” “emergency” emails and it’s like, OK, can you just tell me if this is real or not so I can get back to work? Yes. I’m a ball of fun. But! I have to admit, some of these animal-centered April Fools are funny. Come on, admit it.

Up top is an ad from ASPCA about their new anti-puppymill campaign. It’s pretty dang cute. Corresponding video:

Don’t worry, cats can join in on the protest as well.

Ug, I hate stores that sell dogs! Monster Pets in Philly does and I hate them. Boycott them! But a lot of pet stores are hip to adoption and don’t sell pups and kitties. If only we could get them to stop selling hamsters and those other little guys! But pups and kitties is a start. 

Vegan-friendly online store Ethical Ocean made a pretty funny site, Unethical Ocean. You get where it’s going but this basketball net offer is just really funny:


It’s all in the details! Like in the FAQ for Warby Parker’s new line Warby Barker

Can my dog ride in the car with his head out the window while wearing Warby Barker glasses?

Yes. Each pair is constructed from exceptionally durable materials.

Not an animal org, I know, but this silly page links to HSUS. And besides, DOG-OCLE

Other jokes: PETA said they’d release meat-allergy-inducing ticks, Sony had a cute thing, Grubhub’s Kibblehub is kind of hilar, and Care2 had a petition from a cow asking for more visibility on the site.

In crappy April Fools attemps, Whole Foods disappoints with a joke about a cam that promises to let you “watch what your meat eats,” because all animals are “your meat” and isn’t that funny. Um, fuck you. And it appears even the Army has a sense of humor? Too bad they do actually send dogs off to get PTSD or die (the Army may have a sense of humor, but I still don’t!). And wait, is this Ostrich pillow from Fab real? Ug, I hate April Fools Day.


Good news for sharks!  »

The Bahamas are known not only as the shark-diving capital of the world but also for a local seafood company that had plans to export shark meat and fins to Hong Kong last year. Gross! Luckily, the Bahamas has just banned commercial shark fishing! More than 40 species of sharks can breathe (not really, they have gills) easy now. Pick up a Bahama Mama or pina colada, sharks, and toast to your new protection! I just love the thought of a shark just hanging out, wearing sunglasses and somehow holding a frosty drink in his or her fin, kinda like this:

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