#NEWSFAIL: Vegan authors take on the media! Plus, meet Jamie Kilstein & Allison Kilkenny in Brooklyn on Tuesday!  »


Remember that time I interviewed comedian Jamie Kilstein and told you all to go see him at UCB in Los Angeles (you seriously missed out if you didn’t go, btw!)?! Well, during said interview Jamie told me that he, and his also awesomely funny and vegan wife, Allison Kilkenny, had written a book that was coming out this fall. And you guessed it, IT’S ALMOST OUT!!! 

Newsfail: Climate Change, Feminism, Gun Control, and Other Fun Stuff We Talk About Because Nobody Else Will addresses all kinds of issues the world faces today but also includes a whole chapter on veganism. I was fortunate enough to get a copy of this piece of (very informative) comedic gold, and let me be the first to tell you, I for reals LOL’d. Jamie and Allison have perfected the balance of presenting cringeworthy facts about eating non-human animals, with poking fun at how people stereotype and hate on vegans. They also shares a recipe for “Jamie’s Vegan Better-Than-Stupid-Pad-Thai Pad Thai.” Basically, it’s a #lifefail if you don’t buy their book!

#NEWSFAIL will officially be released on October 14th, but you can pre-order a copy NOW! Help put an awesome book promoting veganism on “The Charts!” 

But wait, there’s more! People of NYC (and the large suburban outlying areas surrounding it), you have the GLORIOUS opportunity on October 14th to MEET JAMIE & ALLISON (and buy a copy of #NEWSFAIL), at The Powerhouse Arena,in the hip land of Brooklyn. Don’t even ponder it, JUST GO (and RSVP here)!



4,000 Piglets Die in Factory Farm Fire (alternate title: vegan girl writing this post drowns in a puddle of her own tears…)  »


Cute piglet from a Google search, hopefully safe and sound somewhere.

My friends, both vegan and omni alike, seem to be crazy for little piggies these days (BECAUSE HOLY CRAP THEY’RE ADORABLE!!!). My Facebook feed is wonderfully full of pictures and videos galore of these sweet babies, which, I believe, made this news even harder to bear. All I could picture in my mind’s eye when hearing about these piglets were all these adorable faces. Well, theirs’ and the glorious Esther

Paul Shapiro, vice president of farm animal protection of The Humane Society of the United States issued the following statement: 

“As tragic as this calamity is, what’s perhaps even more disturbing is that it was easily preventable. The National Pork Producers Council has fought tooth-and-nail to block commonsense rules that would require factory farms to install sufficient fire suppression systems like sprinklers. More than 400,000 animals have already died in American factory farm fires this year, and the lives of hundreds of firefighters have been endangered. The National Fire Protection Association has the opportunity—starting at a meeting this Tuesday—to implement meaningful rules that would help prevent these disasters in the future.”  After this fire killed nearly 4,000 piglets in a North Carolina factory farm, the National Fire Protection Association should require similar facilities to have ceiling sprinklers. (FREAKING DUH, PEOPLE!!!!)

I haven’t seen anyone else write about this news, besides The Humane Society, which makes me think that either people don’t think it’s really newsworthy, or that it’s been swept under the proverbial rug of news. Either of which is a bummer. 


Product Review: Organic India’s Organic Moringa Leaf Powder   »


The only ingredient in their moringa is….moringa! (Holy crap, I just love saying that word!)

I’ve been drinking Organic India’s teas for years now, so I was excited to try their Organic Moringa Leaf Powder. I had NO clue what the heck it was, but they were lovely enough to send me some to try, along with some cool factoids about it! Taken from leaves of trees that grow in India, it has 46 antioxidants, 36 anti-inflammatory compounds, seven times the vitamin C in an orange and four times the vitamin B12 in one steak serving. (#PLANT POWER!) I’ve been putting it in my morning smoothies and feeling totally energized! It smells a bit like matcha green tea powder. You can make all kinds of tasty things with it, like their “Power Snacks.” (How easy & delicious does this recipe look?!) 

Power Snacks (and here’s a how-to video)

  • 1 tbsp Organic India Moringa Powder
  • 16 dates, pitted
  • 1/2 cup of coconut oil
  • 2 tsp cinnamon powder
  • 1/2 cup of cacao nibs
  • 1 cup of raw almonds
  • 1/2 cup chia seeds
  1. Combine ingredients in Blender or Food Processor until smooth
  2. Shape mixture into bite-sized pieces 
  3. Place on plate and refrigerate until the pieces harden 




I don’t like to use caps locks excessively, but learning about Vromage opening in WeHo in late September makes me want to TEXT SCREAM ABOUT HOW AWESOME THIS IS! VEGAN CHEEEEEEEEESE SHOP, PEOPLE!!!!

Okay, now the facts: 

  • Chef Youssef is the mysterious, magical man behind this new endeavor 
  • Cheeses will mostly be organic and many gluten free
  • There’s no social media links on their webpage, but Youssef put his cell phone number, so feel free to text him to say how much you love him
  • I will eat there all the freakin’ time
  • Vegan cheese, ZOMG


Vromage will be located at: 7980 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046


Sanctuary Bistro opens this weekend in Berkeley!  »

Gluten-free vegans rejoice! Sanctuary Bistro is officially opening this weekend, and it’s sure to be spectacular! (Anyone want to fly me up there from LA to be your date??) Using local, seasonal, organic, gluten-free, vegan ingredients, Barry Horton and Jennifer Jones Horton’s food is flavorFULL. 

I had the great pleasure of attending a wedding this past weekend that was catered by these talented folks, and let me tell you people, I WORKED that buffet (yay for loose fitting dresses!)! 


From top left: salad made with local peaches, olive tapenade, mushroom-stuffed quiches (I thought they were tamales whilst dishing up) and ZOMG the lasagna!!!  

I found out the day before the wedding that Barry and Jennifer were catering the reception, and are former employees of Ravens’ Restaurant, at the Stanford Inn by the Sea, in Mendocino.

Having been to Ravens’ (which is amazing) I knew I was in for a treat. I thought I was making an exception from my usual gluten-free diet, but found out after I’d had two servings of lasagna that it was indeed GF. (Party on, Wayne!)

Soooooo, the moral of the story is BOOK YOUR RESERVATION ASAP and get your pretty selves to this fine, new establishment! 


From top left: Chocolate covered strawberries & cherries, truffles, mini chocolate cupcakes and Russian tea cakes (I’ve also heard them called Mexican tea cookies). I will never admit how many I ate of each…


Crossroads is now serving brunch!   »

Is there anything better than vegan chicken & waffles? (Photo courtesy Crossroads)

Tal Ronnen strikes again, and this time he means BRUNCHNESS. Starting this weekend, you can go to Crossroads in Los Angeles on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and indulge in both savory and sweet dishes (guaranteed not to disappoint). Some menu items include Chicken & Waffles (drool on photo above), French Toast (gluten-free options available), Crossroads Benedict, two types of frittatas, and much more. Also, for you boozy brunchers, there will be a “tableside bloody mary cart.” (Can you roll me out of there on said cart when I’m done chowing down?) 

Click here for the full menu, and to make your reservation!


Los Angeles vegans, come to Sharon Palmer’s Plant-Powered for Life book launch at Real Food Daily!  »


Delicious vegan food (a free tasting menu!), lively discussion between Plant-Powered for Life author Sharon Palmer and Real Food Daily owner Ann Gentry, and a raffle—anything else on a Wednesday night would be snoozeville in comparison. All this goodness happens Wednesday, July 16 (that’s tomorrow), from 6 to 8 p.m. at Real Food Daily in Pasadena.

RSVP to the Facebook event page or to and invite all your friends! See you there!


Strongest Hearts: vegan athletes do exist and they are amazing!  »


I don’t know about you, but as someone who likes to pretend to be an athlete (AKA slow and gasping for air, but keeps on trudging), I’m insanely inspired by super-active vegans! Sooo, I want to see more of them in awesome videos!! Plus, how tired are you of the myth that vegans can’t be physically powerful if they want to be? Let’s show the world that it is just that: a myth! Enter Strongest Hearts, a web series that focuses on vegan athletes. Strongest Hearts films these awesome athletes doing some pretty darn impressive stuff with their bodies… powered by the power of Greyskull! Okay, kidding, powered by plants (duh)!! 

Hosted by Registered Dietitian (and bike-obsessed) Matt Ruscigno, R.D. and shot by Whale Wars (amongst many other things) filmmaker (and hockey fanatic), Sasha PerryStrongest Hearts has a few awesome episodes under their belt but they want to make more—because there are so many more stories to tell! Just watch the damn video they made, people, it’s so much better than any words I could stick together. Then donate what you can so us vegans can be super-inspired/inspiring, and maybe get some omni-athletes to see they could be vegan and still do what they love. DO IT TO IT! 


LA: Come to The Lusty Vegan pop-up this Thursday in Venice!   »


Remember when we told you that Chef Ayinde Howell was trying to open a food truck here in our great city? Well, now’s your chance to eat some of his scrumptious food!! AND, his co-author of The Lusty Vegan cookbook and relationship manifesto (out October 14th), Zoe Eisenberg, will be there as well! Let me assure you that the food at this event will knock your wool-free socks off. I was one of the recipe testers for this cookbook and was incredibly impressed with everything I tested. I have also been to an event catered by Chef Ayinde and the man is a culinary sorcerer! Plus, look at the menu: 

Balsamic & Truffle Mac & Yease
Citrus & Salt Pickled Fennel Salad
Hearts of Baltimore Crab Cake with Garlic Dill Aioli
Fillet De Soy with Blood Orange and Napa Cabbage Slaw
Fresh Biscuit Strawberry Shortcake with Vanilla Ice Cream


Buy your tickets! Then, RSVP (very limited seating) on Facebook. And enjoy stuffing your face with delicious foods!! 


Veggie Prom West (aka LA knows how to party!) PLUS $10 off for Vegansaurs!   »



Following in the footsteps of the successful NYC Veggie Prom, it’s time for the west coast to get in on the fun! The 2014 beneficiaries are The Gentle Barn, and the Animal Advocacy Museum. There will be music, dancing, complimentary vegan food and drinks, prom photos, prom court (vote here!), flash mobs portraying iconic prom scenes (Hand Jive from Grease, anyone?!), and raffle prizes donated by vegan companies (like Phoney Baloney’s and The Tree Kisser apparel). So, basically, there’s NO excuse not to come! 

The event is 21+ and will be held at the Animal Advocacy Museum in Woodland Hills, California on June 28th from 7pm-12am

USE THE CODE “VEGANSAURUS” TO GET $10 OFF YOUR TICKET! (Good for one week from today.) Tickets are $55 ($65 at the door, if they’re not sold out). This ticket price includes complementary hors d’voeuvres and unlimited spiked (or unspiked) punch, samples of Hint Water, two raffle tickets, and more shall be revealed! 

Whether you hated your prom, skipped (or missed) it, or had the time of your life, you can have a whole new prom experience of vegan awesomeness! 

Here’s a little throwback to mine (from way back in 1999):  

I think I went to the actual dance for all of 15 minutes. The remainder of the night (and well into the next morning) consisted of dinner at my favorite vegan-friendly restaurant (I still love you, Harmony Cafe!!!), cheap beer (thank you prom date’s mom!), a hotel room with a hot tub, a “chaperone” (my, then, 19-year-old cousin who passed out early while the rest of us got wasted in said hot tub), and a major make out session (#noregrets). Needless to say, it was a fun night (miraculous, considering my original prom date bailed on me the week before because he reunited with his girlfriend). Upon reflection, it sounds kind of like a tamer version of The Hangover. 

Regardless, bring a date, come with a group of friends, or fly solo to this kick ass event!!!! (GO BUY TICKETS NOW!


Even in flat shoes, I was towering over my date. (For the record, he was my buddy, and wasn’t the guy I had the make out session with.)

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