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First came dog-fur knitting; now this:

A San Francisco Etsy seller name Flora Davis is making kind-of-awesome jewelry from the fur she combs off her cat, Gaia (pictured above). According to Wired,

"Davis has spent a while perfecting the technique of making perfect fur spheres. She starts by taking a small handful of fluff, which she molds into a starter ball. To this she adds more fluff around the edges and then rolls it between her palms quickly until the strands of hair start to felt into tight, solid ball forms. She then stashes the balls until there are enough to make a necklace—which can take between two and three months."

I’m going to go ahead and declare this vegan-acceptable to me, since the kitty probably adores the grooming and needs to be groomed anyway.

Here’s one of the necklaces:

Would you ever buy this? Could you wear it around people with allergies? Is it creative reuse or just crazy-cat-lady insane? Discuss.

[photos by Flora Davis via Etsy]

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