Your Kitty Can Help Save Tigers!  »

Here’s Dolores, my new kitty, giving her super roar to save tigers. Like our favorite kitty star Lil Bub, Dolores and me are so sad that there are only a few thousand wild tigers left. It’s terrible! That’s why Greenpeace has started this initiative with the help of all the cool internet cats like Bub, Cats Save Tigers.

And your cat can be a part of it too! Go to and you can make your own kitty meme and even donate. 

Learn more from Lil Bub herself:

Now go to the site and see how you can help!


Scooter the Neutered Cat promotes a gonad-free lifestyle to save kitties  »

imageMegan Rascal here, on the Ad Beat again. Here’s a super silly commercial for, a campaign to combat kitty overpopulation and euthanasia in shelters:I love Scooter! He will definitely catch some attention and that’s got to be good for spreading the message. I know from past posts that many of us disagree on cats in clothes, but I’m fine with it if the cat isn’t protesting. And Scooter seems super chill.

You can see some behind the scenes shots in this video below. Apparently, Scooter comes from a shelter himself. The shelter said he was unadoptable because he had a serious ‘tude. Look at the boy now!: 

Totally chill. And he has a great message because hella cats are killed in shelters all the time. Besides simply raising awareness on the importance of spaying and neuturing, Scooter provides a lot of info about where to get low-cost spay/neuter surgery and will even give your cat a ride to get snipped! There’s also info on TNR and links to kitties up for adoption. So, lots of good stuff on the site. 

You know who they need to do a campaign like this for? Bros with male dogs. Because, I swear, I have encountered way too many dudes who won’t neuter their male dogs because of some sort of testicle worship. Bonkers. Are people like that about male cats too? Or is it just a dog thing? 

imageOf course it is to be noted that specifies it wants a no-kill world for cats. And as we’ve recently discussed, most people feed their cats other animals. So, I guess those other animals don’t get a no-kill world. BUT less cats having babies means less cats around to eat other animals. We still win! Yay!   

Note: Is “Give Them Ten” a play on 9 lives?? That’s what I’m thinking but not sure. I invite your insight.

Another note, this time for my ad nerds in the crowd: The campaign is by Northlich Cincinnati. Good job, pals!


Share your story: Who has a vegan cat?  »


Cool “delux starter kit” from

Always a controversial topic, let’s discuss vegan cats. I want to adopt some cats, but I’m torn about what to feed them. I don’t want them to get sick but I don’t want to pay for someone to kill animals so I can feed my animals! And whenever we talk about vegan cats, a million people (generally with no veterinary or nutrition background, of course) say it’s unhealthy. But one reader was like, “um, that’s what everyone says about vegan people, and it’s false.” So maybe it is just ignorance that makes me question the health of feeding a cat vegan food? I mean, they do have vegan cat foods that account for vitamin A and taurine. 

I’ve been reading up on vegan cats and PETA had this to say

Cats are often more finicky than dogs, and their nutritional requirements are more complicated. Cats need a considerable amount of vitamin A, which they cannot biosynthesize from carotene, as dogs and humans do. Insufficient amounts may cause loss of hearing as well as problems with skin, bones, and intestinal and reproductive systems. Cats also need taurine. A feline lacking taurine can lose eyesight and could develop cardiomyopathy. Commercial pet-food companies often add taurine obtained from mollusks. James Peden found vegetarian sources of both taurine and vitamin A, plus arachidonic acid, another essential feline nutrient. He then developed veterinarian-approved supplements Vegecat™ and Vegekit™ to add to his recipes.

Maybe it’s like anything else: You have to be diligent about your pet’s health and make sure they are getting all the proper nutrients. I would do that even if I wasn’t vegan!

My ultimate question: Who has a vegan cat? Can you share your experiences? I also have to admit I’m worried about being bullied by my vet! Has anyone found a supportive vet?

And please hold the “it’s not natural!!!” comments. Going to the grocery store and buying commercial cat food is far from “natural.”


This Cat Covered Dress Is Both Ridiculously Adorable and Helps Charity. Double Trouble.  »

Um, we all need this, right? Like immediately. Plus, $10 from each sale goes to benefit the Teal Cat Project. WHAT COULD BE BETTER? Nothing. Get it. Get it now. Get 20. Do it.


The Greatest Interview in the History of All the Things: Lil Bub on Vegansaurus!  »


You guys, this is pretty much the biggest moment of my journalistic career. Lil Bub did an exclusive interview for Vegansaurus! If you are not familiar with Lil Bub, OMFG welcome to life! Lil Bub is a published author, talk show host, movie star, fashion plate and the most amazing cat on the internet. Bub also does a ton of charity work. She is a true philanthropist and a Bub among men. 


Lil Bub’s Lil Book, for sale at a bunch of places.

Without further ado, I present the one and only Lil’ Bub!:

Vegansaurus: Where did you come from?
Lil Bub: I come from the planet Bub Ub Bub. It’s very far away.

How do you look so amazing?
Well the key to looking amazing is really believing that you are truly amazing from the inside and out. It’s all about perception. In my case, I am so proud of myself, and so sure of how remarkable I really am, that your perception of me is what you see - giant magical eyes, a perfect pink tongue and a remarkable body. But on my planet, we all look exactly the same, because we all know how amazing we are.

What inspired you to use your celebrity for the good of other animals?
Well let’s be honest, what else is there to do with celebrity power? I came to Earth on a mission. It was only a matter of time before the world knew about who I was, and I could pursue my mission of spreading positivity, understanding and knowledge to your people. And I can also do fun stuff while I’m at it.

imageLil Bub on set.

What is your favorite animal charity or shelter?
Well this is a very difficult question. I love all the shelters, especially the ones that work extra hard. There are literally thousands of shelters that are doing everything they can to help find homeless pets a permanent family, to get pets off the streets and to spread awareness about the importance of adoption, proper animal care and spaying and neutering. One particular charity that I am very excited about is my own charity that I’m working on. It’s called Lil BUB’s Fund for the ASPCA, and it will be the first national fund specifically dedicated to special needs pets. It hasn’t been official announced yet, but it will be soon.

Where do you stand on cat breeding?
I don’t stand anywhere near it. There are far too many wonderful, magical, homeless and needy pets in the world. Breeding pets, specifically to create an animal that appeals to a human’s definition of “cute” for financial game is cruel in itself, but becomes simply horrific when considering that hundreds of thousands of homeless animals get euthanized every day. And I feel that I am proof that the most amazing animal on the planet did not come from a breeder. And I encourage people that want a special one-of-a-kind pet to go and look for one at their local shelter or at other shelters online. Why spend ten times the amount of money when you could find your very own special pet, who will repay your love ten fold?

Do you have a best friend?
My dude is my best friend. He rules.

imageLil Bub and her dude. 

Do you have any upcoming events or fundraising efforts we should know about?
Not at the moment, I need a break! But I am always raising money for charities through my online store, and am working on making Lil BUB’s Fund for the ASPCA a reality. It’s a lot of work for a four pound space cat!

AMAZING! Thanks so much, Lil Bub! We are so happy to have you on Vegansaurus. For all the Lil Bub fans out there, I encourage you to check out her award-winning documentary, Lil Bub and Friendz by Vice. Now, everybody, comment and tell us why you think Lil Bub is so great. There are so many reasons!


Uber delivers kittens to offices in honor of National Cat Day. What do you think?   »


To celebrate National Cat Day (meow!), Uber, the transportation service best known for connecting rich people to high-end transportation, has teamed up with Cheezburger to deliver kittens to people’s offices for 15 minutes for $20 bucks in Seattle, SF, and NYC. They’re calling the campaign ICanHazUberKITTENS, and I feel really conflicted about it!

On one hand, all proceeds of this PR stunt purportedly go to local animal shelters, and as Megan Rascal pointed out to me in an e-mail conversation, kittens do NEED to be held. However, I wonder what kind of message do we send about cats that they are objects to be delivered on command, like any old non-living consumer good?

While Uber does support kitten adoption through its app, how likely is it that 15-minute cat-holding sprees at random offices will lead to any actual adoptions? Does this stunt really promote adoption instead of animals as entertainment? How is it affecting the kittens being used in this service? 

I’m still so conflicted! What do you think?


Have mercy! This video is too cute. From the New York City Coalition Against Hunger. While this is not explicitly vegan, Vegansaurus is all for good will toward humans. And cute kitty videos!


A kitten unable to walk learns how right in front of your eyes!  »

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

Here’s your happy story for the day! This little kitten was born with a neurological disorder that made his back legs weak. But with a little help… well, you’ll see.

He’s so cute! I love the black splotch on his head, right? Any readers have pets born with health issues? We hear so many stories about them but I wonder if they actually find homes.


Whoa, did you guys know Lil’ Bub has her own show?! The 3rd episode preview is here! How did I miss one and two? Well, never fear, I shall never miss an episode again. I’ve subscribed to Lil’ Bub’s channel, on YouTube and in life.


Two super sweet kitties in NYC need a new forever home!  »


We have a bad allergy/asthma case that has made it necessary to re-home these two cuties. Jackson is 3 years old and Spencer is 5. Both are fixed and up to date with shots. A brief description:

Jackson and Spencer are the sweetest cats in the world. If you or anyone you know wants a cat that will not ignore you and be aloof, these guys are for you! (especially jackson, the most love hungry creature ever made). 

I know everybody wants a kitten but adopting adult cats means you know their personality! Kittens are a crap shoot! And two kitties are supposed to be easier to take care of than one (they entertain each other!). If you or anyone you know is interested, contact me: And spread the word!

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