These kittens have no time for you, are still cute!  »


I love this project by NYC-based photographer Arne Svenson! Strays is a series of portraits of lil’ kittens from Animal Kind, but as you see, they aren’t your average portraits. These kittens have no time for you!

If you’re a pet stalker like me, you know the troubles of trying to photograph your pets only to have them turn their heads. Figaro straight up turns his head to the side deliberately whenever I try to take a pic. UNLESS I give him a treat. Jerk.

Read the backstory here. I just think these are so funny, right? It’s like the “I’m not listening!!!!” ear plugging thing. But more of a silent protest. Go ‘head kittens, get your civil disobedience on.





This little rescue kitty has the best hats!  »

A famous internet dude I’ve never heard of makes these little construction paper hats for his three-legged rescue kitty Maxwell! I don’t know why it matters that Maxwell is three-legged but they keep mentioning it. I guess so you’re not surprised when you see a pic where you can tell he’s missing a leg. Dang, three-legged animals just without fail make my heart swell. You too?

More hats!:

He makes some hats for his other kitty too. But who cares about a four-legged kitty! JK. So is this Wonder Woman or some anime thing I don’t know about?:


Cats as your favorite beat poets. Yes.   »


In honor of the Contemporary Jewish Museums Ginsberg exhibit, they’ve teamed up with SF SPCA to honor the beats’ favorite pet: the kitty!

The connection is natural as Ginsberg, Kerouac, and Burroughs all owned and were photographed with their cats. Kerouac mourned deeply after his cat died. And Burroughs wrote a book solely on cats, titled, The Cat Inside.

And as the post proposes, these shelter cats have lived beat lives. Above is Thistle as Burroughs:

Thistle easily evokes Burroughs with his long limbs, quiet demeanor, and bony face with large protruding eyes. Poor Thistle had a hairball. We feared he was taking his role of Burroughs too seriously. He looked unwell for a moment and we feared he was going to vomit. But a true champion, he pulled it together, kept it all in, and we finished. Thistle then nodded out in front of the typewriter after the shoot.


And here’s Dorothy as Ginsberg:

Crazy beat cats! Check out the rest of the portraits


It’s Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use!  »


It’s Paul Shapiro’s Animal News You Can Use! Yay, Paul! Yay, animals!

Vegetarian eating is on the rise in China, with their vegetarian population now larger than that in the U.S. And on this side of the world, in the U.S., “meat” may be becoming a four-letter word, so much that Taco Bell is now just referring to it as “protein.” The article about it notes that part of the reasoning is based on the fact that “43 percent of conversations about ‘meat’ over the last six months were negative and often included such words as ‘bad,’ ‘concerns,’ and ‘problem.’”

A big ag trade publication commenting on our campaign this week notes, “The movement against gestation stalls is international, widespread and making major gains.”

Indeed, major gains are being made, and in one state, we’re going to have to fight very hard to ensure that those gains continue. Despite nearly unanimous votes in both chambers of the state legislature and enjoying overwhelming voter support across the political spectrum, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed legislation yesterday that would have banned gestation crates. The next chapter of the fight will soon unfold.

P.S. Video of the Week: Cat or dog?


The terrific cat-lives-saving Teal Cat Project has a new shirt, and it’s the fucking CUTEST SHIRT. Designed by the ridiculously talented vegan artist Lisa Congdon (we love her!), I’ll be wearing it every day this summer and then almost everyday in the fall and then over a thermal in the winter because I’m v. fashionable. BE JUST LIKE ME, OK??

The terrific cat-lives-saving Teal Cat Project has a new shirt, and it’s the fucking CUTEST SHIRT. Designed by the ridiculously talented vegan artist Lisa Congdon (we love her!), I’ll be wearing it every day this summer and then almost everyday in the fall and then over a thermal in the winter because I’m v. fashionable. BE JUST LIKE ME, OK??


Come to the Oakland Cat Vid Fest on Saturday and support the East Bay SPCA  »


Saturday is FULL of events on both coasts, you guys. And this one sounds like so much fun: the Oakland Cat Vid Fest! How much fun? Let’s see:

The Great Wall of Oakland is collaborating with the Walker Art Center to bring the Internet Cat Video Festival to Oakland! On Saturday, May 11, from 3 to 10 p.m., an estimated 5,000+ cat-lovers and friends will be celebrating felines and exploring the low-art of Internet cat videos together, in real-time, as we transform West Grand between Telegraph and Broadway into a cat-lovers wonderland. Best of all, proceeds benefit the East Bay SPCA!

During the day, cat-lovers and their allies can peruse cat and pet products and arts and crafts from a host of vendors, adopt cats from local rescue centers, learn about kitten fostering, listen to live bands, nom delicious human food from local food trucks, and participate in a plethora of cativities, including art projects.

As the sun sets, festival attendees will gather in front of the Great Wall to view the Bay Area premiere of #catvidfest, [Minneapolis, Minnesota’s] Walker Art Center’s curated collection of Internet cat videos. See your favorites: “Henri,” “Cats Playing Patty Cake,” and “Cat Says NOM NOM NOM.” The Great Wall’s artist in residence group, Bandaloop, will perform a cat-themed aerial duet off the 100-foor wall before the screening.

The Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival is a unique community event celebrating cats, art and technology while educating the public on the importance of cat adoption and kitten fostering.

Ridiculous and delightful, right? Check out this recap of the original CatVidFest that now works as a preview for Saturday’s event!

For more information, visit Oakland Cat Vid Fest online.

Got a tip about an awesome vegan-friendly event? Let us know! We love fun!


Cat videos are the internet. Vice finds out the who, why, and how in Lil Bub & Friendz, coming to the Tribeca Film Festival in April (and later the internet?). Hello, kitties!


It’s Paul Shapiro’s weekly Animal News You Can Use!  »

Want to read a great AP story about the proponents of anti-whistleblower “ag-gag” bills getting part of their bodies (I’ll let you be the judge) handed to them at a legislative hearing in Nebraska yesterday? Also, the ag-friendly Bakersfield Californian editorial board slammed the supporters of a similar California bill this week, saying how they’re “amazed by the audacity of the cattle industry.”

Good week in statehouses for farm animals, with a New Jersey ag committee passing a bill to ban gestation crates and a Colorado committee doing the same on a bill to ban dairy cow tail-docking. We’ll continue working hard to further advance these bills.

There’s a fascinating story out today about a meat industry front man who admits he created a fake Facebook profile posing as an animal activist in order to criticize HSUS and encourage other animal activists to do the same.

After extensive dialogue with HSUS, Bob Evans is the latest food giant to announce it wants to phase out gestation crates. And the National Pork Board did a survey with promising results about the changing attitudes of pork producers to the gestation crate issue.

Think you’re the only one who finds promise in plant-based products? These billionaires are with you.

Finally, students! If you want “Skinny Bitch” Rory Freedman, VegNews editorial director Elizabeth Castoria, and HSUS’s Kristie Middleton to read your essay, enter HSUS’s Meatless Monday essay contest now!

Video of the week: Justin Timberlake on SNL singing about vegan eating. Words can’t describe how great it is.

Photo of the week: My cats enjoying their catio!


Kitty clothing site Cat-toure gets a makeover, kitty model is still baddass  »


Cat-toure, my favorite kitty clothing site, got a fabulous makeover! There are new clothes and a ton of new pics of the baddest B on the block, Liley. Look at that bruiser!

And remember, this line came to life because Liley’s breed doesn’t grow thick enough hair to stay warm in the chilly weather, so don’t get too angro about kitty clothes. As always, don’t put clothes on your kitty if she or he doesn’t like wearing clothes.

OMG Liley is the cutest adopted Rex in the land!



Pet CPR: Learn how, with vet tech David Watts!  »

This is David Watts, an Antioch, Calif., vet tech, demonstrating how to perform CPR on Caspar, a “resusci-dog” used as a veterinary teaching aide.

Did you know that there are animal-specific CPR techniques? The Contra Costa Times ran a neat little article about Watts, who owns a pet-ambulance company and teaches people how to perform life-saving techniques on their pets, specifically cats and dogs. Could you perform the Heimlich Maneuver on a hamster? Maybe, but you’d have to be awfully careful.

It seems like the techniques don’t differ too much between people and animals, but while my parents made me take a class on adult, child, and infant CPR before offering my services as a babysitter, I’d never heard of pet CPR before my friend Kelly sent me this article. “The thing is,” she said to me, “I’m not sure I’d be able to do it on my own dog, even if I knew how.” Which I think is interesting. I wonder if it’d be less terrifying doing chest compressions  or mouth-to-mouth on a dog than a baby. What do you think? Is the concept of holding your precious pet’s life in your hands more or less intimidating than an infant’s?

You definitely should check out the article for basic instructions and tips on preparing for domestic animal emergencies. Plus, for interested parties in the Bay Area, Watts offers classes on both pet CPR and combination pet CPR/trauma management. They cost $35-$45, and interested parties should call (925) 956-2911 for more information. Presumably they happen around Antioch, where Watts is based.

[Photo by Dan Rosenstrauch for the Contra Costa Times]

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