Jennifer Lopez adopts vegan diet and we think that’s great  »

Say what you want about her music but Get Right is the jam. I couldn’t make it through this video but trust I have the 12 inch. 

Yesterday, my FB feed was aflutter with the news that J. Lo has taken on a vegan diet. I know some people don’t like when I say “vegan diet” but I’m just like, that’s what it is. And you know exactly what I mean when I say it. But maybe I don’t get “plant-based diet” because “plant-based” sounds like you eat mostly plants whereas “vegan diet” sounds like you never eat that non-vegan junk. 

Back to the matter at hand, Jennifer Lopez did a recent radio interview in NYC where she dropped the v-bomb. I didn’t listen to the interview because I feel exhausted just thinking about listening to it but Celebuzz has some choice quotes:

"Being vegan, it’s basically no diary, no meat, everything is plant based and from the ground," she says. "Butter is the one thing I miss!"

She continues about her new diet, “You do feel better. I do recommend the vegan diet because you wake up and feel great!”

There you have it! And I know many of you are not on the celeb-news train but I’ll say what I’ve said before: a celebrity going vegan raises a ton of awareness. And even if it’s only a vegan diet, cutting out non-vegan food seems to be the biggest barrier for people when they think about what veganism means. So that’s a great place to start. And eating less animals means less animal suffering, full stop. I know Lopez has a disgusting history of wearing fur, but it’s not like she’s going to wear more fur because she’s not eating cheese. 

And, on the raising awareness tip, who’s more likely to become vegan? Someone who knows about it because some celebrity tried it or someone who’s never even heard the word before? Plus I think people are more likely to open up to veganism if they have a vegan friend—and guess what! Celebrities are very much like friends to a lot of people! Basically, it normalizes veganism, which is great PR considering so many people regard veganism as “extreme” and realistically impossible. 

In conclusion: Yay J. Lo! Hope it sticks! Let’s go to Blossom together, my treat.


David Lynch Teaches You to Make Quinoa Because What Better Way to Learn?  »

Bizarre quinoa instructions time! This is not new but I hadn’t seen it and what a tragedy it would be if you guys missed it. Part 1 is above. He needed two parts I guess. Here’s part 2:

Viewership seems to have fallen off at Part 2 but it’s pretty amazing. I guess he’s just talking in the dark for the time the quinoa needs to cook? That’s nice, right? A cooking show that actually lasts the length of time it takes to cook the dish. None of that cooking show hocus-I’ve-got-one-fresh-out-of-the-oven-pocus! Also, just to be clear, my research indicates quinoa is actually a seed. And my research is hella smart. 

The original post has the recipe in Portuguese but has a translation for you.

Bonus: He uses Braggs! “It tastes like soy sauce! So good!” Indeed. 


Jay Z and Beyonce take on vegan diet challenge!  »

imageThis pic is too cute

Yesterday, the vegan internet and my Facebook feed was a flutter with some super great news: Jay Z and Beyonce are embarking on a 22 day “plant-based” diet challenge! Jay Z shared the news on his blog:

Psychologists have said it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. On the 22nd day, you’ve found the way.

On December 3rd, one day before my 44th birthday I will embark on a 22 Days challenge to go completely vegan, or as I prefer to call it, plant-based!! This all began a few months back when a good friend and vegan challenged me to embrace a “plant-based breakfast” every day. It was surprisingly easier on me than I thought…

Why now? There’s something spiritual to me about it being my 44th birthday and the serendipity behind the number of days in this challenge; 22 (2+2=4) coupled with the fact that the challenge ends on Christmas day…It just feels right!

So you can call it a spiritual and physical cleanse. I will post my progress… Any professional vegans out there that have any great food spots please help out! Please ha. I don’t know what happens after Christmas. A semi-vegan, a full plant-based diet? Or just a spiritual and physical challenge? We’ll see…

Best of luck and health!

P.S. B is also joining me.

I will let my friend Marco explain the benefits of a plant based diet here.

How excited am I? SO EXCITED, I’M PHYSICALLY UNCOMFORTABLE! And socially inept, but that’s an every day thing. So, do you think Beyonce is going to show up to Blossom in one of her many fur coats? That might be as awkward as it is cruel. But I think a vegan diet is a great start and cutting out non-vegan food is maybe the biggest barrier for people when they think about what veganism means. Plus this brings a ridiculous amount of exposure to veganism!

People sometimes dismiss our posts about veganism among celebrities but it really does raise awareness tremendously, whether they remain vegan or not. And it normalizes it! Making it less intimidating. I am all for celebrities adopting any part of the vegan lifestyle.

Finally, check out Beyonce’s Instagram of her day 2 meals:


Not bad! But what I especially like are the “maybe I’ll try a vegan diet too!” comments. That, my friends, is what I’m talking about.


Ecorazzi interviewed Matt Damon and asked if he’d ever consider being vegan, considering his work in water conservation. Apparently he has: “…I tried to eat vegan and I lasted like two days. I just, I literally can’t do it.” Literally? Is this the new kind of literally that doesn’t mean literally what literally means?


So Necessary: 55K Crocodile skin backpack from the Olsen Twins. Yes.  »


This edition of So Necessary is brought to you by the Olsen twins. This backpack the two young women just unveiled is priced at $55,000 and made from the skin of Nile crocodiles. How rude indeed. 

It may surprise you to hear that animals bred specifically to be skinned for accessories aren’t generally treated very humanely. Shocker, I know. But need a reminder? I have one for you (warning: this gets the coveted graphic as fuck rating):

Can’t see the video? Watch it on!

For those not watching the movie—and I don’t blame you—it’s the usual stuff: torture, animals being skinned alive, blatant cruelty and inhumanity. But obvi this bag is totes worth it. And I didn’t even address the prescription meds decorating it. How completely out-of-the-box! No really, it’s truly, truly outrageous. Good job Olsens, I dub thee scumbags. 

Via Ecorazzi


The Vegansaurus Top 15 vegan celebrities!  »

LA Weekly just posted their top 10 vegan celebrities, which got me wondering why they should have all the fun. As many of you pointed out, a few of those celebs aren’t even vegan anymore (Alec and Olivia, I’m looking at you.) So … drum roll, please … we at Vegansaurus have put together our own top 10 list, only it contains 15 of our favorite vegan celebs! What do you think? Does this make you love us more? Hate us? Feel nothing? Ha! I bet you can’t stop reading anyway!

In no particular order (I’m very sensitive myself and do not want these beautiful specimens of veganism to feel jilted), I present you with…THE VEGANSAURUS TOP 15 VEGAN CELEBRITIES! 

The first two are the winners of a little poll we conducted around the first of year, asking you about your favorite vegan musicians. You guys went totally bonkers for

1. Moby! This guy has been vegan for what feels like forever, which roughly translates to about 18 years. He’s co-owned a vegan cafe and co-written a book, all the while working as a recording artist, hot dang! I went to a BBQ he hosted at SXSW last year, which was pretty fantastic, and maybe one of my favorite meals from 2011. Keep doing you, Moby; keep doing you. 

2. Ted Leo! Now, don’t get upset, but I don’t know much about this guy. That doesn’t matter, however, because you, our lovely readers, LOVE this guy. You couldn’t hold back your devotion in our poll! Please, feel free to school me about Ted Leo in the comments, I will not mind. According to this interview, he loves Millennium (holla!). Maybe us S.F.-dwellers will run into him there. Jealous?

And now for our picks:

3. Bill Clinton! Need I say more? The Vegan Fox (formerly Slick Willy, right?) is on Team Vegan, hurrah!

4. Fiona Apple! Angst sounds so sweet mixed with a vegan diet. My Tumblr and Twitter feeds are still filled with people going nuts about her new album, and that dropped like four months ago! Has anyone seen one of her epic onstage meltdowns? I’m not hating—I have epic meltdowns every day of my life, as witnessed by my friends, family, roommates and co-workers.

5. Alicia Silverstone. She videotaped herself feeding her kid like a goddamn bird, which grossed out pretty much everyone who saw it. I still shudder, thinking about it. In other news, she loves Food For Lovers queso, wrote a pretty awesome vegan lifestyle book, and STARRED IN CLUELESS (not to mention those Aerosmith videos).

6. Woody Harrelson. Raw vegans tend to be pretty sexy (hey Sarah E. Brown, I’m winking at YOU), and he especially did not disappoint while kicking undead ass in the movie Zombieland! Looks like he even got his hands on some vegan Twinkies for a scene in said movie. HEY WOODY, I MAKE THOSE FOR A LIVING!

7. Tony Kanal, the bassist for No Doubt! This one’s for me and my girl Tashina, the biggest No Doubt fans you may ever meet. Don’t hate, celebrate! Gwen Stefani was just photographed leaving a vegan restaurant in L.A.; maybe that was Tony’s influence? (Though I hear Gavin’s a longtime vegetarian.)

8. Joaquin Phoenix! He narrated Earthlings! He’s totally crazy (by which I mean a crazy-talented actor)! Isa Chandra Moskowitz has made eggrolls for him!

9. Emily Deschanel! She’s so beautiful and articulate, and her penetrating stare scares the shit out of me! She weathered a vegan pregnancy AND LIVED TO TALK ABOUT IT! Take that, everyone who says it’s not possible! Ha!

10. Scott Jurek, because vegan athletes/authors are superstars! Read all about Rachel’s love for Scott here! To quote the post, “Scott Jurek could basically kick your ass any day of the week, including days where he hasn’t slept the night before, has a broken ankle, and already ran 75 miles.” Dang.

11. Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres! They are so great about making veganism look fun and accessible. There is so much to love about this superstar couple and the work they do for animals. Too bad about the restaurant deal falling through, but yay for vegan dog food!

12. Erykah Badu! She’s every vegan jazz musician’s No. 1 crush, or maybe that’s just my old roommate Jeremy. Remember when she busted onto the scene with “On and On" then sent everyone into a flurry  with her video for "Window Seat”? This “Queen of Neo-Soul” is truly an inspiration when it comes to forward thinking politics and raising her vegan family!

13. Alanis Morisette! I had a co-worker at the Chicago Diner who thought the lyrics to You Oughta Know were “… and the cross-eyed bear that you gave to me”. HA! Now you’ll always sing that, instead of the right words, JUST LIKE ME! It’s a curse I bestow on you. Also, Alanis is quite lovely, and wasn’t she great on Weeds? Oh yes, and of course You Can’t Do That on Television!

14. Russell Simmons! Man, do you follow this guy on Twitter? He’s like a guru for people who don’t believe in gurus (me)! And seriously, wasn’t the best part of Kimora Lee Simmons’ show when he came on and moderated the crazy? Our Megan is always covering Russell’s vegan moves here on Vegansaurus, so I’ll just direct you to one of my favorite posts of hers, also featuring Martha Stewart! Keep giving us your vegan recipes, Russell! Keep giving us your wisdom!

15. Thom Yorke! OBVIOUSLY, right?! Most everyone’s favorite band has been Radiohead at some point, hasn’t it? He ate at Café Gratitude once, when I was working in the Central Kitchen of Scandal. Everyone went nuts, as to be expected. I’m never around when the celebs come to the restaurants I work at and it’s not fair, because I just love them so much! Actually, scratch that—M.C. Hammer came into Source recently (and I didn’t recognize him without his signature pants).

Honorable Mention:

Brad Pitt! I was shocked to find out he’s vegan. On second thought, it made sense. He would just quietly be vegan, helping to rebuild New Orleans, raising a family, and avoiding Jennifer Aniston’s rabid fan base of haters.


Guest Post: R&B superstar Usher is eating vegan! And he wants Justin Bieber to join him!  »

It’s always a big deal when someone famous comes out of the vegan closet. Us normal, everyday vegans celebrate it, and our omnivorous friends think, “Hey, maybe they aren’t so weird after all.” Maybe that last part isn’t always true but we all know we’re the LESS weird ones. And our count just went up by one, as Usher Raymond IV announced he is maintaining a vegan diet. My first thoughts? “Yeah!” [Ed. note: That’s the jam].

I have a sneaking suspicion that he and his 18-pack abs will still be gyrating under unzipped leather coats for the foreseeable future, but a small victory is a small victory. Usher saying he eats vegan has led to speculation that he’s getting his main man Justin Bieber to also gravitate to a plant-based diet, so he’ll have more energy fighting off 12-year-old girls in international airports. The Biebs going vegan will be huge for P.R. in the pro-vegan community, especially when accounting for the 8-to-14-year-old girl demographic. If I see a flock of Bielibers running toward a chrome Fisker in the parking lot of Native Foods Cafe, you bet your animal-loving ass I’m going to ask for a high five. I just better not have to wait any longer for my reuben.

There is more than handful of famous vegans. It’s tough to say who is in it for moral reasons and who just claims it as they get out of a Prius on the red carpet. Natalie Portman for example, isn’t all vegan all the time. But we beggars can’t be choosers, I guess. If veganism gets a little shine here and there from a celebrity trying to better their lives, who am I to complain? We got Billy Clinton to look as good as ever since his vegan transition. I was contemplating buying women’s underwear Wednesday night just so I could throw some at the TV. Lucky for the rest of us dudes, Usher can’t get any prettier. Right?

Let’s hope that Ursher’s selling skills are as good as his sit-up skills and we can mark down more artists in the famous-V column. He reportedly feels great and “loves” eating out at fancy New York city restaurants. Not the best-ringing endorsement to potential or on-the-fence vegans, since people of all diets can eat out in fancy New York restaurants. But we’ll take it! Hopefully Usher will make a Billboard chart-topping single where he serenades an unsuspecting woman on where he gets his protein. I’ll buy that record.

Andrew E. Irons is a blogger from Long Beach, Calif. He co-created and contributes to Rhode Island-based hip-hop website The Echo Chamber Blog under the pseudonym Verbal Spacey. You can track his daily diatribes by following him on Twitter.


Guest Post: Rosie O’Donnell Announces She’s Vegan On Twitter!  »

For those of you living in the middle of nowhere Arizona eating raw vegan food, meditating and not checking Twitter on your phone every ten minutes, I feel you: I lived that way for a couple years! I assume your main source of information is Vegansaurus, so we’ll just break it down for you: the awe-inspiring Rosie O’Donnell recently suffered a heart attack and has since gone vegan! 

Yesterday Rosie O’Donnell tweeted:  ”nine days later - nine pounds lost - eating a plant based diet #likebillclinton

Some debate ensued as to whether she really was outing herself as vegan. I tweeted the news that she was vegan and a few people chirped that she’s not. I apologized for the misinformation, and, lo and behold, @Rosie tweeted me:

@Rosie@QueerVeganFood - yes i am

The vegan-lesbian tribe is getting so full these days! Yay! Since coming out as vegan, Rosie has received a barrage of vegan-positive tweets, Facebook posts, and messages across the far reaches of the Internets. Let’s keep spreading the veggie love and supporting her heart-healthy journey to an ethical, plant-based diet!

This is Vegansaurus raw correspondent Sarah E. Brown’s latest post! Read more by Sarah on Vegansaurus, and visit her personal blog, Queer Vegan Food.


“ Although we like to torture the human fans who willingly come to our shows, we don’t want to be a part of making innocent animals’ lives hellish. I’ve learned from my friends at PETA that these marine animals are very sensitive to sound, as they communicate by sonar, and loud noises mess with their most basic instincts and drive them more nuts than they already are when trapped in your tanks. „

This was Tommy Lee’s response when SeaWorld asked to use a Motley Crew song in “Shamu Rocks.” That’s what I’m talking about! This almost makes up for that sex tape I accidentally watched through no fault of my own.


Please welcome new vegans Michelle Pfeiffer and Larry Hagman!  »

I’m on the celebrity beat this week because your regular vegan celebrity news correspondent is on vacation, like a fancy lady! Come back soon, Jenny! Come back soon so I don’t confuse Sharon Stone with Michelle Pfeiffer again, like an idiot.

So, celebrity news: First, Sharon Stone Michelle Pfeiffer announced last week on CNN that a CNN program, “The Last Heart Attack,” and reading a book called Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, inspired her to adopt a vegan diet because she doesn’t want to die of heart disease related to the consumption of animal products. This is like how I’ve started intermittent standing at my desk because I don’t want to die of sitting. Stars, they’re just like us! Ms. Sharon Stone Michelle Pfeiffer says she’s also working on getting her husband, David E. Kelley, to eat vegan as well, which shouldn’t be too hard. Who could say not to that glorious creature?

Next, Larry Hagman turned to a vegan diet after being diagnosed with cancer last year; he says he’s now cancer-free, and healthy enough to work again, reprising his role as J.R. Ewing on TNT’s new Dallas. Which means nothing to me, as a person who grew up in a General Hospital household, but some people are excited about/dubious of/irritated by this thing. Larry here has said that he plans to eat fish and eggs again, which is too bad, but eliminating milk is a big and good deal. Cow’s milk is a terrible, harmful industry! Stay off the teat, Larry.

We’re always happy to have new members of team vegan. OK, maybe not jerks, but observing a vegan diet can mitigate from general personal awfulness. The point is, famous people going vegan, hooray! Welcome to the club, celebrities! We promise not to ask for your autograph (unless you want us to), and to share our vegan secrets. Now, what are you bringing to the potluck?

[Michelle Pfeiffer photo by JeremyChristopher via Flickr; Paris Match covers via Patrick Peccatte]

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