Celebrities love the Alkaline diet. Just go vegan already, you dopes  »

Details has this little sneeze of an article, just a hiccup really, about the popularity of the Alkaline diet with the muscled bo-hunks of Hollywood. Yes! “The hardened Spam tower known as Channing Tatum” (LAWSON) appreciates a daily high-alkaline smoothie, as does Mr. The Dutchess (the Dutke?), Josh Duhamel.

The Alkaline diet seeks to balance the body’s pH levels by eating a diet heavy on “fresh citrus and other low-sugar fruits, vegetables, tubers, nuts, and legumes and avoiding grains, dairy, meat, sugar, alcohol, caffeine and fungi.” The idea is that high-alkaline or alkaline-forming foods are more easily processed by the body.

One might say that this is another way of describing the diet every nutritionist and dietician worth their salt advocates, with the usual terrifying caveats (it’s not a diet if you don’t have to give up at least two foods that make life worth living). One might say that people love pseudoscientific explanations for their choices—“I’m not eating bread because carbs kill!” “I’m not eating sugar because acid!”—but one might also say that if people are eating a plant-based diet and laying off the g-d meat then who cares what kind of nonsense is influencing them to do it.

I don’t understand why people who eschew meat and dairy in favor of beans and greens are eager to call themselves followers of all kinds of scientifically unsupported diets, instead of using the word “vegan.” Bill Clinton isn’t afraid of saying it! Why are you dummies?

[photo by Belinda via Flickr]


Rachel Ray does good for some animals (still cooks others)  »

Look, I’m going to be honest here—I really love Rachael Ray. When I have extra money, I buy her magazine; if I had cable, I’d watch 30 Minute Meals. Her recipes are SO EASY to veganize, and they are quick! I know you all want to make a fast dinner during the work week. Stop hating and start veganizing her simple, yet tasty and creative, recipes! Plus, she didn’t go to culinary school and neither did I. No pretension here!

Anyway, on to something that has to do with animals. Rachael Ray has teamed up with Katherine Heigl to save some dogs! Let’s not talk about how I feel about Katherine Heigl, okay? (Let’s just say that I love Grey’s Anatomy and cry to it every week.)

On her recent show, Rachael Ray donated $150,000 dollars to Katherine Heigl’s animal charity, the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation. It’s all about raising awareness about spaying and neutering dogs. Which reminds me of the only PETA poster I ever loved (and even owned, but sadly lost in some move between apartments in Chicago):

Not Rachel or Katherine, but instead: Chan Marshall, not wearing feather earrings! She also wants you to spay or neuter your pets.

[top image from Rachael Ray via the Jason Debus Heigl Foundation]

Oh man! How did we miss this? It’s a Funny or Die video featuring that unnecessarily creepy “exclusive” whisper and also Katherine Heigl, advertising her life’s mission: neutering (and spaying) animals! It’s funny enough. Mostly we think it’s awesome when celebrities are passionate about important issues in an unpretentious manner.

[video by Funny or Die, which we found at Ecorazzi]


Awesome celebrity news: Ted Danson goes vegan!  »

What’s that? Another distinguished, white-haired older gentleman has gone vegan? Which dashing silverback has made the choice to abstain from animal products in his diet, for the good of the world and his health? Why (as you may have surmised from the accompanying photograph), it’s Ted Danson!

Yes, Ted Danson, he of the delightful, departed Bored to Death, and most recently of CBS’ Cavalcade of Pseudoscience, Vol. 1 (CSI), has turned to a vegan diet to help himself “feel good and look fabulous,” according to Yes! Ted Danson, we’re all vegans around here and we feel good (reallllll good) and look fabulous, too! Welcome to the club!

Or, welcome back? Ecorazzi says that this isn’t the first time this silver fox has spoken of his vegan diet (or lack thereof), but you know, it took a couple tries for veganism to stick with some of us, too, so we’re going to remain open-minded and open-armed about this decision. You’re welcome as long as you like, Ted Danson, as is your ridiculously beautiful wife. It’s awesome over here in vegan-land! Stay forever!

[photo by Sharon Graphics via Flickr]


Fred Durst is on a juice cleanse. How are your resolutions going?   »

Remember that night, two weeks ago, when you made a bunch of champagne-filled empty promises to yourself? How’s that whole “going for a jog every day” thing going? Taking your vitamins? Blogging every day?

Do you need a little inspiration? I know I do!

Fred Durst is on a juice cleanse. Yes, Mr. Imma Cover a George Michael Song in ‘99 is on a JUICE CLEANSE! And blogging about it! I tried to avert my eyes, but this shit reads like a diary! It sucked me in like reality TV!

Fred Durst’s fridge. Let’s just admit that sometimes we find inspiration in the weirdest places, okay? So I can still look myself in the mirror?

Wine counts as juice right? It’s made out of grapes! Silly me, I just answered my own question. But seriously, if Fred Durst can go all juice-cleanse, I KNOW I can too (I might be a little competitive)! Not gonna lie, I’m totally hating myself motivated right now!


Jeff Mangum is VEGAN!? And he’s on TOUR!? Get a rope!  »

You know, so we can all tie him up and marry him. The genius man-boy behind every hip-and-cool person’s favorite band Neutral Milk Hotel* is on tour, which is something he hardly ever does. Except for the animals BECAUSE HE’S AN AWESOME VEGAN. Of course he is! Look at him cuddle that chicken! I can’t wait for him to perform at our wedding when I marry him!

Because I think we should all get to marry him. I think he’ll love that because he’s not an intensely private person, or anything. You can’t escape love, Jeff. Especially when it clubs you on the head and keeps you hostage in an XL dog crate in the basement. 

So, let’s all go see him! Tickets are on pre-sale now but the password is “layover” so SEE YOU THERE.

Finally, no disrespect, but I totally think Jim Carrey could play him in his biopic. Okay, I guess that was a little disrespect.

*who isn’t Azealia Banks. Lick those gums, lady! Really get in there! Also, love when she does the fake stairs thing. Also, don’t watch this if you hate swears because SHE LOVES SWEARS. 


Not a fail, Eva Longoria. More like a beginner’s mistake  »

Dear Eva Longoria,
Hey girl! I just heard you tried to go vegan and feel kinda guilty about your epic fail. What’s this noise about not doing the research about how to nourish yourself with plant-based food? Passing out cause you subsided on salad? Not knowing almond butter exists? I’m just so confused. But don’t worry! For both our sakes, I’m here to help you with all this mind-boggling vegan stuff.

1.) I can’t help but feel that many people, when they make the transition from omnivore to vegetarian or vegan, don’t know what they are doing at first. It’s tricky to change your entire lifestyle and eating habits. Not to sound facetious, but there’s this tool a lot of us use called the internet. It’s great! I personally used it to find out how I could get my protein, iron, and vitamins from a plant-based diet! Then I made myself a handwritten list of how to make complete proteins and stuck it to the side of my refrigerator! Hey, like I said, I’m here to help you!

2.) You went from an omnivorous diet to a diet consisting of salads? Were you trying to go vegan or go raw? That’s some hardcore shit, Eva. I’d fail too! I mean, I tried a mostly raw diet and I didn’t last too long either. Let’s try some seitan buffalo wings before we move on to like, raw veggies in a collard green wrap, OK?

3.) If you need a personal vegan chef, call me. Seriously. I’ll move to Hollywood. I’ll move to Texas. Whatever you want, girlfriend. Let’s try this again. Your support system is in place!

Jenny Bradley
(vegan chef extraordinaire)


Hip-hop royalty went vegan. My heart exploded.  »

They are the cutest! The CUTEST!

Were you aware that Lady B has gone vegan* during her pregnancy?! I was not. What kind of vegan celebrity correspondent am I? I will never forgive myself for letting us all down this way.

For the last few months of her pregnancy, Jay-Z has also adopted a vegan eating style! This is fantastic news! Sympathy eating FTW! I’m hoping they keep up with this new lifestyle, after the baby is born.

Yo, Beyoncé! I will help you come out with a line of healthy vegan baby food! Or be your personal chef—whatever you want!

*UPDATE: We are reading that Beyoncé and Jay-Z have only gone “partially vegan!” So please take note. I think it’s still pretty great though because she’s basically telling the world she thinks going vegan is better for babies, when everyone else is like, “it will kill the fetus!” AND maybe her and Jay-Z will feel so super that they will want to go fully vegan! Maybe if we are all positive about it, it will help! Negative nancies. Laura adds this note for Beyoncé: "while you’re at it, ditch the fur, goddammit! We want you to be our vegan goddess!" Agreed. -Megan Rascal


Ryan Gosling speaks out for animals, a billion undergarments drop  »

Ryan Gosling, hero to every person with eyes, is speaking out for abused chickens! Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty fine man GOOD LORD.

Gosling co-wrote a letter to McDonald’s, asking them to use cage-free eggs. 

According to Mercy for Animals, the appeal comes after hidden-camera video, shot at Sparboe facilities in three states revealed hens crammed in tiny wire cages, dead hens left to rot in cages with birds still laying eggs for McDonald’s Egg McMuffins, and workers burning off the beaks of baby birds without painkillers. Yum! Watch the undercover video here:

[Can’t see the video? Watch it on!]

Ugh, egg farms are the grossest. Seriously, this kind of abuse isn’t just happening at Sparboe facilities, it’s happening any place animals are treated as commodities. I see those poor chickens and I imagine my dog in that situation and I just want to murder everything.

So, thank you, Ryan Gosling, and assorted other celebrities I don’t give a shit about because your faces are like garbage compared to his, for speaking out.  I already wanted to go all Kathy Bates in Misery on him and now the odds of that happening are about 2-1. G’damn!

And finally, some Feminist Ryan Gosling to both tantalize and amuse:


Katy Perry donates $175,000 from California Dreams tour to charities, including the Humane Society!  »

I’m done hating on Katy Perry. I must have been unhappy with some aspect of myself (not being an adorable pop star married to Russell Brand, perhaps). I’m going to use this forum to come out and say it: I’m a Katy Perry fan. (Don’t worry, I kind of hate myself too). I have bought more of her songs than I care to admit on itunes, which I play when I invite people over for some elegant debauchery. Ask Sarah, we’ve jumped around and sang TGIF countless times on my porch (#tweens)! Oh, and she does a fab rendition of "California Gurls" at karaoke, let me tell you. I clapped my hands with glee the entire time.

Katy and her cat, Kitty Purry

Now that I’ve come clean, let’s proceed! Katy Perry is donating $175,000 of her ticket sales from the California Dreams tour to over 50 charities, including the Humane Society, Generosity Water and the Children’s Health Fund. Each organization is rumored to receive around $40,000 each! Haters gonna hate, but I’m not one of them anymore!

[Photo courtesy]

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