Lisa Jervis customizes a recipe, just for you!   »

What’s more bad ass than a star in your honor or a key chain with your name on it? A customized recipe from Lisa Jervis, author of the delicious Cook Food: A Manualfesto for Easy, Healthy, Local Eating and Bitch magazine’s founding editor and publisher, for the highest bidder in the WAM! Benefit Auction. Lisa will work with you to veganize your favorite recipe or help you a create a special occasion dish with all your favorite foods, all in the name of charity.

If you haven’t checked out Cook Food, but consider microwaving dinner in a plastic container “cooking,” then you need to read it. This easy guide makes preparing tasty, wholesome meals simple and accessible.

What are you waiting for? Bidding ends tonight!


More about Sarah Palin, who is terrible  »

I know, already you’re like, OK, Vegansaurus, we are hearing about her stupid goddamn book from literally the entire internet, you made a tenuous connection between her and vegans yesterday, give it a rest already. But we won’t be stopped! Because the TRUTH WILL OUT: she’s queen insanator! She’s the insanator to rule them all! She’s the one true insanator! She is dragging public discourse down into the illiterate, xenophobic, carnivorous mud and WE AREN’T GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

And you guys, that’s not even the point of this post. The point is, you kind of want to read her terrible, crazy book, don’t you. That’s all right, you don’t have to admit it now. There’s a solution to your problem that doesn’t involve waiting three months for a copy at the library, if you don’t have the patience for that. What you can do is buy a copy at Green Apple Books at 506 Clement St., because they’ve promised to donate 100 percent of their profits from Going Rogue to the Alaska Wildlife Alliance, which does things like protect wolves from being hunted from airplanes, like that horrorshow was so fond of.

So if you must needs buy the book, buy it from Green Apple, OK? OK.

(thanks to Brittney from Eye on Blogs for the link!)


World Veg Fest, Cupcake Camp, secret vegan pizza, uncute animals, stupid lists, idiots on the radio AND MORE in this Friday’s link-o-rama!!  »

Get busy this weekend! It’s the 10th Annual World Veg Fest, as always at the County Fair Building on 9th Avenue at Lincoln in Golden Gate Park. It runs 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday Oct. 3rd and 4th, with a $6 “suggested” (strongly encouraged) donation. Come for the free samples, stay for Howard Lyman and Colleen Patrick-Goudreau. Or vice-versa, whatever.

Also this weekend: Cupcake Camp 2k9! Happening on Saturday, Oct. 3rd from 2 to 5 p.m. at Auttomatic (Pier 38, next to AT&T Park at Embarcadero and Brannon Street). Free to show up and eat! RSVP here.

Popbitch directs our attention to Uncharismatic Minor-Fauna, a.k.a., endangered species that don’t get the love and aid that the big adorables do, “just because they look like frightful abominations of nature.” We can’t all be pandas and tigers and pygmy hippos, after all.

After three years, a 12-country, 16-institution team of scientists called the Potato Genome Sequencing Consortium succeeded in their big goal: mapping (or sequencing, if you will) the potato genome! The potato has 12 chromosomes with 840 base pairs (in comparison, the human genome has 23 chromosomal pairs, with 3 billion base pairs). Coincidentally, just two weeks earlier another scientific team announced it had sequenced the potato blight pathogen. Vegansaurus firmly believes that what we need more of is science (and potatoes)—congratulations, potato mappers!

Farm Fresh to You was featured on NPR’s “Morning Edition” this week! Turns out you may already be eating produce from the Capay Valley at your favorite restaurant, which we assume is not Nettie’s Crab Shack, because, ew. (thanks for the link, CSA Delivery!)

HA HA HA one of the Lamb Cam kids looks just like Madonna.

KPFA hates vegetarians! No, seriously: Listen to the ridiculous nonsense they aired last week about the “destructiveness” of a vegetarian diet. I KNOW. This is by Lierre Keith, an ex-vegan and author of The Vegetarian Myth, which is just the sort of book omnivores love because it allows them to eat animals and feel morally superior—they’re the ones who’re really saving the environment, not we selfish sissypants vegans and our foolish soft-hearted misguided ways. SHUT UP FOREVER, LIERRE KEITH. Everyone knows you’re wrong.

You know how much Vegansaurus loves Animal Place—here is a chance for you to show them that you love them, too: Art for the Animals! It’s a super-cool project, and artist Sheila Tajima has a few paintings up now of different residents of Animal Place for you to purchase. All the proceeds go to the sanctuary!

Look, it’s Vegansaurus’ favorite congressional representative, Dennis Kucinich! He’s discussing health care! Needless to say, everything out of his mouth is Real Talk. If every elected official were as dedicated as him, we might actually have a functional government that served THE PEOPLE. Or at least, people with fucking sense.

Wildcare’s little Northern Pacific Rattlesnake needs a name! Already taken: Cupcake; Buttercup. Sorry everyone, Vegansaurus is just too terribly creative. Can’t hurt to enter anyway!

Well well, Delfina, isn’t this cute: “Vegan Option: Though they’re loath to mention it, the pizzaiolo will come up with a special vegan pie using whatever is around the kitchen. Definitely cooler than ordering a salsiccia sans sausage and cheese.” Thanks, Hidden Menu! You guys rock!

The Chronicle’s 2009 Bargain Bites is out! Here’s the full list. The criterion: “the majority of a restaurant’s entrees have to be $12 or less.” And delicious, one hopes. Opinions?

Ooh another list: Eater’s “Essential 38 San Francisco Restaurants.” Let’s see, anything veg? No? Shocking! But Blue Bottle and Magnolia, yes, fucking essential. You guys are the best.

Heads up! Next week Friday, Oct. 9, Papalote will donate 30 percent of all sales to disaster relief in the Philippines, which is desperate for aid in the wake of Tropical Storm Ketsana/Hurricane Ondoy. Two burritos each, everyone, it’s for charity!

PS: We are not sad about this. Duh.


Most adorable flyer you’ve ever laid eyes on by Megan. I notice that she also recently re-designed The Urban Housewife and it’s looking super fly. Hire her to do EVERYTHING.
If you want copies of this flyer (in color or b&w!) to post to your blog or distribute on a street corner or paste all over your body or whatever, holler at your dino!


Most adorable flyer you’ve ever laid eyes on by Megan. I notice that she also recently re-designed The Urban Housewife and it’s looking super fly. Hire her to do EVERYTHING.

If you want copies of this flyer (in color or b&w!) to post to your blog or distribute on a street corner or paste all over your body or whatever, holler at your dino!


Rocket Dog fundraiser at Doc’s Clock!  »

Are you doing anything important on Saturday? No, certainly nothing can be nearly so important as attending the Doggie Happy Hour at Doc’s Clock, which this month benefits Vegansaurus’ favorite dog rescue organization, Rocket Dog Rescue!

Doc’s Clock hosts a Doggie Happy Hour on the first Saturday of every month, because it is a caring bar full of animal-lovers, all of whom deserve big kisses on the mouth. By the dogs who’ve benefited from these happy hours, obviously, god. Hazel, the greatest dog in the history of RDR, could be convinced to trade smooches for snacks. I bet.

Be there—2575 Mission St., between 21st and 22nd Streets—from 4 to 8 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 5th with lots of cash in hand, as 50 percent of the bar goes right to RDR, in addition to 100 percent of the proceeds from the silent auction OH YES, THERE WILL BE AMAZING ITEMS FOR THE WINNING. I promise you* will want at least one of the WONDERFUL PRIZES. In addition, Doc’s Clock will take donations for VetSOS, which provides veterinary care for the companion animals of homeless people. Bring collars, leashes, harnesses, animal first aid supplies, unused animal medications—anything a pet might need, a homeless pet probably needs as well.

With all that good you can do with so little effort, how can you not go and spend money. FOR THE DOGS, the poor, sweet, needy dogs. You just get drunk and buy stuff, easy-peasy, and the world is a little bit better. See you on Saturday (or else)!

*OK fine, I promise I will want at least one of these things, but really, they’ll be great.



Store Review: Loyal Army!  »

The stuff at Loyal Army is so fucking adorable it’ll make you barf kittens. The cuteness, it’s painful like a migraine. Like the kind of migraine you get when you look at me because I AM SO CUTE SOMETIMES IT CROSSES THE BORDER INTO REPULSIVE.

Loyal Army is a relatively young, SF-based company (the flagship store is in the Upper Haight!) that makes cute hoodies, cute shirts, cute bags and cute accessories in all sorts of different cute overload prints and designs. They have stuff for women, men, teens, tweens, kids, toddlers, babies and preemies (aww). Actually, their stuff is probably most suited for kids because some of this shirts makes grown people look straight up ridiculous. If you’re 30 and wearing a t-shirt with a talking stack of pancakes on it, I’m gonna automatically lose respect for you. Actually, I’ll probably try to be your best friend but really, you can do better.

MOST IMPORANTLY, Loyal Army launched a line of t-shirts and tote bags with an “Animals Have Rights Too" theme, including a dog and a cat hugging in a heart-shaped explosion of adorability! It will make you want to tear your eyes out because you JUST CAN’T TAKE IT and it’s on sale for $12! The coolest part is that 20 percent of the proceeds of the sales of these shirts and totes go to Rocket Dog Rescue, a local dog rescue group that saves dogs from the shelter and abuse and neglect situations and puts them into loving homes <3.

And, with that, I promise I will never use the word, “cute” again in any of my reviews. We can start a dollar jar for every time I fuck up. Then, at the end of the year, you can take the dollar jar and buy yourself a Delorean.

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