Little abused dog on death row just wanted to be loved  »

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Here’s another bittersweet, heartstring-tugging video from Hope for Paws. It’s a few years old but it’s new to me. I could watch videos from this site all day. If I wanted to have puffy cry-y eyes at work! Really though this makes me so sad. I understand that a lot of dogs have to be euthanized, because what the hell do we want people to do with them? There’s just too many to take care of. But the idea that a dog like Chase could be euthanized after years of abuse, never knowing what it’s like to be loved or even treated nicely? Heartbreaking. It’s like, were they born just to be abused and die? And so many of the dogs in these videos are the kinds of dogs people pay thousands of dollars for, when dogs like Chase are waiting, scared and alone in shelters. So senseless.

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