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We already told you a bit about San Francisco’s new Vegan Happy Hour, but we thought we’d give you some more details this time around. Vegan Happy Hour SF is the brainchild of Mike Desert, long-time vegan, boozehound, DJ, and TOTALLY COINCIDENTALLY, my husband. No conflict of interest here, folks! I pried a few words out of him about the event while he was trying to ignore me and play video games.

Mike says he had the idea for Vegan Happy Hour SF after attending the Vegan Happy Hour at the Short Stop in L.A. back when he lived there. “It got really popular and was a great way to meet new people Would you let this man DJ your vegan potluck?and eat lots of good food, and it was a great way to show non-vegans that vegan food is so much more than just salads, cold tofu, and mediocre veggie burgers,” he said. Since he already had a DJ shift at the Hemlock once a month, he decided to give it a go, and with a nod from bartender extraordinaire Nikki, the event was quietly launched last month, in the middle of a torrential downpour. Asked what he’d like to see people bring this time around, Mike replied, “being at a bar, unhealthy bar food is always welcome. People who don’t know their way around a kitchen are always welcome to bring chips and salsa, or stop by Trader Joe’s and get something vegan. Mostly,” he says, “don’t stress about it. Bring something, anything vegan, and just have a good time.”

Mike’s goal for the event is for it to be a “fun Friday eating good food, drinking booze, and listening to music.” It’s not necessarily about activism per se—hanging out, eating, and drinking are the focus—but if people get turned on to veganism or vegan food by these events, that’s okay with him.

When asked why he saw the need for another vegan booze event here in the Bay Area (we’re already blessed with two Vegan Drinks chapters), he answered, “there can’t really ever be too many vegan-and-booze themed events. Vegan Drinks has a bit of a different vibe to it,” he says, “so this is a bit more low brow and rock ‘n roll,” for those that are into that kind of thing.

You heard it here first! Come on down to the second monthly SF Vegan Happy Hour! Friday, Apr. 9 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Hemlock Tavern. Scumbags always welcome.

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