Eco-Planet Organic Cheddar Crackers!  »

Vegan cheddar crackers! I’ve been looking for you my whole vegan life! Eco-Planet Cheddar Crackers are not the same as Goldfish but they sure do hit the spot! And they are great, the shapes are so funny! There’s a sun, an earth, a wind energy pinwheel and an electric car! Hilar! Plus, the designs on the crackers catch bits of salt in them, that’s my favorite part.

Now, keep an open mind, but my favorite thing back in the non-vegan days was Cheddar Goldfish and Peanut M&Ms. I swear to you they taste super good together! I am not even kidding! No one believes me until I make them try it and they are like, “Megan, you are queen of snacks!”* So once I find the vegan Peanut M&Ms, look out little eco-crackers because IT’S ON.

I got these from (among other things!!!) but I’ve also seen them at the Fairway market in Redhook. 

*And I’m like, “I’m already the queen of so many things, I don’t know if I can sustain another kingdom!” But then I accept the title because I’m a benevolent ruler.

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