Product review: Galaxy Nutritional Foods’ new vegan mozzarella shreds!  »

Here ye! Here ye! There is a new vegan cheese shred contender! Galaxy Nutritional Foods sent me their new vegan shreds to try and last night I made English muffin pizzas with the mozzarella shreds.

They aren’t just dairy-free, they’re soy-, gluten- and preservative-free, plus they’re non-GMO. The color is not white, like dairy mozzarella; it’s a bit orange. But it smells like mozzarella, and as you can see from the picture above, it totally melts. Like, super-melts—it bubbles and stuff! Very nice consistency. As for flavor, survey says: yum! It’s good! I can’t really deal with Daiya mozzarella anymore so I’ve been off the English muffin pizzas. But now I’m back, baby!

They also sent me the Mexican shreds, so stay tuned, I should have a review later in the week. I’m thinking quesadillas? The mozzarella is so melty, I have high hopes for the Mexican shreds. Maybe quesadillas AND nachos?! Who can say? It’s my world!

As for where you can find these shreds, it’s limited:
They say you should encourage your local store to start carrying them, and you should, because this stuff is hella melty and a great alternative if you aren’t into Daiya. I’m excited for nachos!

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