Our summer issue is out now! :)

Chickpea is a seriously great magazine. Don’t you want to make your life better through publishing? Get on it!


Fat Vegan? Wear it proudly, baby!  »

They’re badges that express your fat veg pride! Yes! Now, that says “fat vegetarian,” which you can get if you’re an alright fat vegetarian, but if you’re an awesome fat vegan, just make the request at checkout and she’ll make you a fat vegan badge in whatever color your little piggy heart desires. I’m buying them all and wearing them at the same time because I’m extra fat and awesome! 

I found the link to these through the most excellent latest Chickpea magazine! We love them and you should read the whole thing because it’s wonderful. Great recipes, stories, and I have about 15 things bookmarked from their gift guide. I know it’s January 2nd but it’s never too early to start thinking about what you’re buying me for Valentine’s Day. Sexy, sexy! 


New vegan online magazine is adorable and free!   »

Cara from hipsterfood (we love them!) started a community vegan online magazine called Chickpea (GOOD NAME) and their first issue just released yesterday. It’s really pretty, with some great looking food photos and recipes, which is not surprising because hipsterfood is so fucking cute and delicious! It’s also free, so no skin off your back to check it out, Scrooge McDuck. There’s more than recipes, too. We’re so lucky! Fall product guides, vegan journey stories, how to pack your own vegan lunch, and other really fantastic stuff that will cause you to read it instead of doing stupid work.

So, that makes two vegan online mags that I know of, this and T.O.F.U., right? Are there more? If so, let me know so I can read them all immediately. Well, right after I watch Community and Parks & Rec and the entire second season of Breaking Bad again. Also, I gotta clean the kitchen and do some Kettle Bell exercises (SEXY) but RIGHT AFTER THAT. And in conclusion, make me this from Chickpea’s first issue:


Product review: Lucini Cinque e’ Cinque, a.k.a. Tuscan frittata!  »

Laura heard of this vegan Frittata mix by Lucini and she showed it to me. Your friend Megan Rascal was like about to die: I LOVE QUICHES AND FRITTATAS and all that eggy crap! So I wrote Lucini, my new best friends, and they sent me frittata mix, gratis. When I email people, they send me free shit. And when I dance, orphaned children find new homes.

How does it taste? It’s a little odd, but once you get used to it, it RULES. I’m obsessed with it and keep thinking about it ever since we made it. Like, for real.

The mix is essentially chickpea flour. First, I made one of the mixes straight-up, no veggies or nothing, and it was a little strange. It kind of has a custard-like texture? I don’t think you should make it and serve it plain . The pack even says to serve it on baguette or with tomatoes or something.

So I gave it another shot! My brother and I made it totally frittata-style and it was so great! We made the rosemary mix with broccoli, mushrooms and garlic. We had it with some kind of hearty toast my brother had. At first it was a little odd, but then once we got used to it, it was awesome! We BOTH had a slice for breakfast the next morning. I still thought it had a custard-y texture but my brother said it was like eating mashed potatoes with a bunch of veggies in it. We both agreed that it’s more frittata/egg-like when you eat it with toast. Also: I needed to add a serious amount of sea salt, but that’s me.

The other great thing about this frittata mix, it is SO EASY to make! But I have some tips for you: if you don’t know, generally when you make a quiche-type thing, all the fillings are pre-cooked. So we steamed the broccoli and sauteed the mushrooms before we put them in the batter. Something that is served raw, like tomatoes, you might not cook, but do pre-cook most other veggies. Also, we had to cook it for quite a while longer than it said but we got some extra water in it when we added the mushrooms. Lastly: halfway through, you are supposed to open your oven a little and let it cook for the rest of the time with the oven door a jar. This lets all the extra moisture out. My oven does not just stay open so a little thing you can do is stick the end of a wooden spoon in between the door and the oven just to keep it open a bit. The end of your spoon will probably blacken a bit but it’s not a big deal, unless you are a crybaby brother. This is also a great tip for when you are making biscotti. Got to dry them mofos out!

Here’s a pic out of the oven:

You can see it’s a bit moist in the middle but it had stopped giggling when we wiggled it so we took it out and it was fine. Oh, another bonus: it’s pretty healthy! Go health!

Moral of the story: two thumbs up, but you have to be open-minded at first bite. Go forth! I want someone to make it in a crust like a real quiche. Do it!

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