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Chipotle announced fantastic news this week, stating that its popular Sofritas option will be going nationwide. CEO Steve Ells commented, “Many of our customers, we’ve realized, are vegetarian or vegan, or generally meat-reducers or concerned about their diet and questioning about how the animals are raised and how much meat they should be eating.”

The ag-gag battles continued this week, with the Idaho legislature sending a dairy industry-backed bill to the governor that, if signed, would make it a crime to take a video of animal abuse on a factory farm.  Some Idaho newspapers are editorializing against the bill and even yogurt brand Chobani is urging a veto. The governor’s office indicates that it’s received well over 11,000 phone calls in opposition, and very few in support. You can take action here.

In Arizona, the PR battle on ag-gag continued, with op-eds and more.

Finally, wondering why vegetarians live longer? TIME offers seven reasons this week.

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P.S. Video of the week: Goats just wanna have fun…

P.P.S. Photo of the week: New HSUS ads in action!


Chipotle is taking Sofritas nation-wide!  »


Breaking news from Death and Taxes:

Wednesday, after spending a year on select menus throughout the country to gauge public interest, Chipotle is officially adding the mother-effing delicious vegan and GMO-free Sofritas to their menu in all 44 states where Chipotle is available.

I’m sure you are all feeling exactly how I am right now: OMG coworkers are THE WORST! But forget about that for a moment because Hodo Soy is coming to a Chipotle near you starting March 3rd!


"Honest Scarecrow" by Funny or Die. 

Several people suggested Vegansaurus might want to post that Chipotle scarecrow commercial. I was like…you’re cray. All my advertising friends were immediately taken with the vid and posting it all over fb and I was just like…you’re cray. How can anyone take this seriously? Sorry bros, Chipotle is not some caring, anti-big ag corporation. I like Chipotle, I won’t lie, but come on. Don’t be silly.

Then, finally, one of my ad peoples (Yay Pete Johnson! Speak the truth!) posted this Funny or Die parody. Please, let it knock some sense into the world. 


You guys — it’s for a FREE Sofritas burrito from Northern California Chipotle!
And it works! Just text “SOFRITAS” to 888222 — you’ll get a coupon texted back. FREE BURRITO! And the Sofritas burrito is damn tasty — it’s all delicious Hodo Soy Beanery marinated tofu deliciousness. 
NOW, I believe they used to just be in the SF stores only, but now they are in all of Northern California, I BELIEVE. Double check with a call first! Oooh, and order online via their website OR their app — it’s so fun. FOOD TODAY, AM I RIGHT? The future is now.
[Thanks to Jessica for the heads-up!]

You guys — it’s for a FREE Sofritas burrito from Northern California Chipotle!

And it works! Just text “SOFRITAS” to 888222 — you’ll get a coupon texted back. FREE BURRITO! And the Sofritas burrito is damn tasty — it’s all delicious Hodo Soy Beanery marinated tofu deliciousness. 

NOW, I believe they used to just be in the SF stores only, but now they are in all of Northern California, I BELIEVE. Double check with a call first! Oooh, and order online via their website OR their app — it’s so fun. FOOD TODAY, AM I RIGHT? The future is now.

[Thanks to Jessica for the heads-up!]


Chipotle bringing tofu “sofritas” to the Bay Area!  »


This is kind of old news but I don’t think we covered it: Next month, a.k.a. February, Chipotle will be serving “sofritas,” a shredded tofu filling in the Bay Area locations. According to AP, “The Denver-based company said the tofu will be braised with roasted tomatoes, chipotle sauce and poblano peppers.” Sounds alright to me! 

I know it’s not cool to like chains but I’m a big Chipotle fan. Their guacamole is just so good. And they give you so much! And I didn’t get that pinto bean drama because I knew it had pork in it for years…how did I know but no one else did? I’m not sure. But I thought everyone knew or I would have told you. 

I know Laura was bummed they stopped serving the Gardein burritos, and that would be way better than tofu filling, but this is still cool. Everyone try one for me!


Commercial fishing SUCKS. It is absolutely terrible. Vincent Peone of College Humor made this beautiful video—reminiscent of that Chipotle happy-times free-range pigs video, notes Fast Company—called “The Story of Sushi” to illustrate the nightmare behind those tidily cut and arranged pieces of dead fish. He created it at the behest of Bamboo, a sustainable sushi restaurant in Portland, Ore., so it ends on the same cheerful, “look at us kill stuff in a less abhorrent way” note that bothers me so much about that Chipotle ad. I know some of you loved it, but ugh, those “happy” pigs. At least this video doesn’t pretend like fish are at all pleased to be caught. 

My issues aside, this is an important topic. Overfishing is ruining our oceans! So watch it, and maybe pass it on to your favorite sushi-eaters. Because you’ll feed more hummingbirds with sugar-water than saltwater, right?


I have an idea: Let’s all watch a commercial about how Chipotle's meat is “all-natural,” and let's all yell out what about it most offends us. Ready, go:

"Of course, one white dude has a sad and it’s REVOLUTIONARY
"Any way you farm animals, you’re still FUCKING MURDERING THEM, Chipotle"
"Too bad your stupid parent company sources all its food products from mean and nasty factory farms
"Pigs on a farm are still in jail"
"You know what would be better than killing animals in a different way? Offering Gardein again"
"Maybe vegans are impossible to please, but this is still whitewashing"

OK, what about you guys?


Vegan Roadtrip: Las Vegas!  »

Hey everyone! Two weeks ago I went to Sin City and OMG. Even though the idea of Las Vegas depresses me (casinos in the middle of the desert, half-naked girls dancing, gambling addictions) I always end up having a blast! Probably because I’m like, the most fun person I know.

Everyone keeps asking me what I possibly could have eaten there. I’m like, guys, it’s super easy to be vegan in Vegas when you subsist on margaritas and Bud Light for 2.5 days. In the (paraphrased) words of my idol, Chelsea Handler, “I prefer to be on a liquid diet on my vacations.” Half-kidding! I had at least three meals.

The first night was not about eating: I ate before I left, knowing I would not be up for finding vegan food at 9 p.m. in Vegas. I did buy some vegan Power Bar-type thing and wasabi edamame in the airport, ‘cause I like eating while doing everything, especially waiting to board a plane. The Southwest terminal at SFO is not nearly as exciting or vegan-friendly as the Virgin America terminal.

The next day began with a Bud Light (seriously, I’ve never had so much Bud Light in my life. I can’t bear to look at another bottle right now) and then lunch at Chipotle!

My standard, a veggie burrito bowl: black beans, fajita veggies, NO RICE, both tomato and corn salsa, guacamole, and lettuce.

Dessert came in the form of a margarita at a bar stand outside of Caesar’s Palace. Now, normally I don’t drink margaritas because of the sugar in the mixes, but the people at this little tent-bar made theirs with lime juice, AGAVE NECTAR, tequila and Cointreau. Delicious! So worth the $12.

I know you are all wondering, DID SHE HIT UP LA CAVE? Of course. The second I made my plane reservation I knew I’d be eating there. After many hours and many Bud Lights (did I mention we stayed at Hooters Hotel and Casino? $30 rooms and $1.50 Bud Lights. SCORE.) I put on one of the 30 dresses I brought for my three-night stay and headed to the Wynn with my roommates.

Waterfall at Hooters. The pool and the hot tub are open 24/7! Drinking in them is totally acceptable. Even spilling a shot of tequila in the hot tub is fine!

Walking into La Cave, I felt like a vegan Kardashian. It’s so fancy! Now, one thing I didn’t know about the place is that it’s small plates/tapas-style. I did get a dirty look from one of my roommates (“I’m paying $15 for tapas?!”) but once we got our food, everyone was stoked/the evil stares dissipated.

The most important section of the menu.

Gardien Chick’n, Celery Root Puree, Lemon Caper Sauce

Mushroom Tortellini, Arugula, Tomato “Cream” Sauce.

You guys, go to Vegas just to eat at La Cave. Though I have to warn you, being fancy does not come cheap.

After some more Vegas shenanigans (Old Vegas is super fun. It’s like being in an episode of Mad Men; the casinos are so retro), we ended up back at Hooters. You know, because it’s where we were staying. The boys wanted wings (so gross boys, SO GROSS) and luckily for me, there was totally a sandwich I could veganize on the Mad Onion menu: the “Sassy San Franciscan.”

Take out the cheese and mayo, sub mustard on this veggie sammie, please and thank you!

On our final day, I simply could not be bothered to leave the pool, so I ordered the sandwich AGAIN! There were plans to go to Ronald’s Donuts, but in the end, pool > donuts. I know, you guys are all “WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU,” but the thing is, I didn’t eat donuts before I was vegan and I’m not going out of my way to eat them now. Sorry I’m not sorry!

That’s all the vegan-ing I did in Vegas. I know there’s a lot of places I missed (drinking Bud Light all day really kills motivation) so let me know what to hit up next time! Because even though I don’t think I get Vegas, for some reason I always miss it when I leave. I’m already itching to go back. Sin City, I might love you.


Now we know: Chipotle puts bacon in the pinto beans. Thanks for the assist, Twitter!  »

I love Chipotle! Good thing every time I go there, I order the black beans—I had no idea they cooked their pinto beans with bacon! Or maybe I had heard that, which is why I always order the black beans. Point is, bacon in the pinto beans is not clearly marked anywhere! Thanks to Seth Porges, Chipotle is going to change their in-store menus to  state that they cook pork with the pinto beans.

While we do have Porges to thank for this change, I think we also owe a huge thanks to the real hero here: Twitter. If it weren’t for Twitter, I wouldn’t be able to stalk my favorite celebrities/bloggers quite so easily, AND Steve Ells, CEO of Chipotle, may not have heard and responded to Porges so quickly! Within two hours of Porges’ tweeting and emailing Ells, he got a response promising action. Unfortunately, that action does not include removing pork from the beans altogether—yet?

Don’t let anyone tell you that you spend too much time on the internet. This is how shit gets done! Voices are heard! Actions are taken!

A delicious, pork-free burrito bowl from Chipotle. What?! I’m an American! I want my fast food! Cruelty-free with a extra side of guacamole, please.


Chipotle experimenting more with Garden Blend burritos; meaty-meat chef Nate Appleman is all OMG VEGGIE BURRITO  »

That’s right:

What’s your usual order? I’m not joking when I say that I eat a Chipotle vegetarian burrito every single day. It’s rice, black beans, peppers, onions, and guacamole. I’m thinking a lot about vegetarian food these days, which is kind of funny when you consider what I’m known for. Right now I’m experimenting with something called Garden Blend for Chipotle, which is a soy and protein combo. I’m going for vegetarian food more often and now it’s my goal to only eat very good meat, which means eating it much more rarely than I used to. I’m treating meat as something special.

That’s pretty cool because he’s one of those celebrity chefs who is usually all OMG MEAT and now he’s all OMG VEGETARIAN BURRITO. So, you know, Go on Nate Appleman, and Go on, Chipotle. Rock out that Garden Blend (made with Gardein!) and make that shit even more delicious and then put it in all of your “restaurants” and finally make us vegans happy for once in our miserable lives. Sheeeeit.
Garden blend burrito photo from quarrygirl, who also has the update on them stopping Garden blend sales! But perhaps this Nate Appleman character can change all that!

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