Chocolate Inspirations: the vegan toffee-lover’s dream come true!  »

If anything resembling a vegan Butterfinger makes its way into the world, you better believe your friend Megan Rascal will be all over that, like brown on rice! So of course I had to try these “peanut butter pillows” (at about 6 o’clock in the photo) from Chocolate Inspirations. I wrote the company to get a sample, and as you see, they sent me all kinds of goodies! Toffee galore! 

Chocolate Inspirations specializes in English toffee. They aren’t a vegan company, but they have a whole line of delicious vegan creations (with bone-char-free sugar and everything!):

In 2009 after a suggestion from a Vegan who missed English Toffee, Pam developed a Gourmet Vegan English Toffee. The vegan community pronounced the Vegan English Toffee an immediate success and inspired Pam to create an entire line of Gourmet Vegan confections. In 2010, Marcy, a huge advocate for animal adoption, started Chocolate for Charity where a portion of the proceeds from selected chocolate items are donated to animal shelters around the country.

Yay! Letting vegans join in on the toffee party! And yay for chocolate that helps animal shelters. But, you prob want to hear about the chocolate now, yes? Hint: yes!

Well, the chocolate-topped vegan peanut butter pillows are AMAZING. They are sort of like Butterfingers but much much lighter in texture, like…pillows! You know I always share my vegan swag with my work pals but in this case, I could not. I kept all the peanut butter pillows to myself! I’m terrible! But they’re so good! Salty, sweet, and peanut buttery. YUM!

But I did share everything else with my workmates. The chocolate at about 8 o’clock in the picture is very interesting—it’s cinnamon toast toffee! It sounds odd but it’s very good. Really sweet though, so you can’t be sugar-shy with this one. 

imageI don’t have my own pic, this is from their site, but they also sent this super pretty Italian orange chocolate bar! The office manager went cray for this one. It was popular. 

But my favorite thing, AFTER THE YUMMY YUMMY PEANUT BUTTER PILLOWS OF COURSE, was the chocolate-covered cashew brittle (2 o’clock in the top picture). I’ve never been super into brittle, but it turns out, if you cover it in chocolate, I’m all for it! The chocolate is just so good with the buttery brittle. 

imageAND they sent these adorable chocolate cups! Nice and bitter-sweet. We mixed them with warm almond milk and it was great but I like the suggestion to mix the lil’ one in a cup of coffee—mmmm! These are so cute too. I think they’d be a nice treat for kids. Much more fun than dumping a little bag of powder in a mug!

You’ll also be happy to know that Chocolate Inspirations is on the Food Empowerment Project’s recommended list. And their prices are not even cray! Any toffee-lovers out there? Are you so excited?


THIS IS REAL LIFE: Kale granola chocolate bark!  »

imageAllow me to blow your mind: introducing KALE GRANOLA CHOCOLATE BARK! I’m so serious. I’ve written about my love for Coracao Confections in the past so you already know I’m into them. But then I saw this newish product and was like, say whaaaa?! You KNOW I’m on a kale kick! Obvi I had to try it, so they sent me some free kale chocolate bark to try and now I will tell you all about it.


I was thinking it’d be like chocolate covered kale chips, but it’s not. It’s like a true chocolate bark: a thin bar of bittersweet chocolate with Just Pure Foods Chocolate “Kalenola” mixed in. The Kalenola nutrition profile is impressive. I can’t tell how much actual kale is in the chocolate bark, though; you can see it looks like more of a sprinkle on top. But I’m saying, it’s got more kale than any other chocolate I eat! So I will take those vitamin-filled sprinkles. 

And let’s not forget the raw cacao! It’s low glycemic (which I think is good or something, right?) and as Coracao says, it’s “full of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and those ‘happy brain’ chemicals that we so love.”

At $7.50 for a 2 oz. pack, it’s not cheap. But it’s got quality ingredients that are most, if not all, organic. And there’s Himalayan crystal salt in it, which I think is cool. I wish Crystal Salt were my nickname.

This is definitely on the dessert side of the spectrum, not some sort of chocolate trail-mix type of thing. It could use a little more salt, I think, but when you get a good salty bite, it’s perfect. Who would have thought, kale and chocolate? But it works! I’m officially a fan!

Note: the kale chocolate bark is currently sold out but I’ll let you know when they have more. In the meantime, I recommend the rawmond butter bar!

UPDATE!: It’s back in stock! Get it while it’s hot!


Lulu’s chocolate: organic, raw, vegan, and chocolaty!  »

imageMaca Buttercups. 

Lulu’s is an organic raw chocolate company with not only super exciting wrapping design, but lots of yummy flavors! They are on the Food Empowerment Project’s recommended chocolates list, wrapped in vegetable-dyed, environmentally-conscious packaging, made with fair-trade cocoa, and sweetened with low-glycemic coconut sugar. Basically: EAT WITH RECKLESS ABANDON! Lulu’s sent me a bunch of free chocolate to try and now I will tell you all about it.

imageSexy packaging! Rococo, mother-lovers!

Overall: LOVE. And I don’t know if I’m just gassed from their write-ups, but I felt like I was totally eating something that is good for my body! Chocolate is good for you now, right? Especially raw chocolate!

My very favorite was the smoked sea salt almond bar. Salt and chocolate is the best combination and Lulu’s pulls it off perfectly! I shared all the bars with my coworkers (because I am so nice to them) and they liked everything, but this bar was especially popular with them as well. 

My other favorite was the coffee crunch bar. I also love coffee with chocolate and once again, Lulu’s does it right!

imageSmoked sea salt almond bar.

At the top, you can see the maca Buttercups. Maca is supposed to be super good for you, I think? At least it’s supposed to be an aphrodisiac. Below is the chocolate maca chunk. 

imageChocolate maca chunk bar. 

I have to be honest, I wasn’t that into the maca flavored chocolates. They are fine but just kind of not that flavorful and not as good as the straight chocolate bars. But the Buttercups were pretty good actually! Besides the Buttercups though, I would mostly get the maca chocolates for the interest-factor. I.e. APHRODISIAC SEXY TIMES!

imageLove truffles. 

The love truffles are pretty exciting. They have hazelnut Rawmio! They were a little too rich for me, all truffles are, but my coworkers really liked them. So if you are a truffle person, these are for you. They have a hint of salt too! Yum.


So clearly I am a Lulu’s fan! If you want delicious chocolate that’s actually good for you, Lulu’s is where it’s at. 

In other Lulu’s news, they currently have an Indiegogo campaign! They want to open a “chocolate lounge” but they need your help. There’s less than a week left and they still have a ways to go! So let’s help them out! I love when we get together and support vegan, socially and environmentally-conscious businesses! And you don’t have to be in Arizona to donate, the perks include LOTS of chocolate! So if you are thinking of buying any of their chocolate to try, think about doing so through the campaign so you get yummy raw chocolate AND you help out a vegan business. Let’s do this!


Vegan Chocolate Online Fundraising Auction TOMORROW!   »


Guys! Tomorrow from 9am-8pm PDT (so that’s noon to 11pm for us East Coasters), there’s an online vegan CHOCOLATE auction to benefit Food Empowerment Project!

You know we love FEP here so I hope you will support this fundraiser. PLUS AUCTIONS ARE THE FUNNEST! And chocolate is the chocolatiest. So it’s perfect. 

It’d be super fun if you get stuff and tell me in the comments what you got! I just want to know. And I barely ever ask you for anything so jeez just do me this one favor gawd!

Help Asbury Park, New Jersey get its very own all-vegan chocolate shop!  »


Cinnamon Chocolate Covered Toasted Macadamia Nut Truffles! Yum!

Kristina Swenson learned to make chocolate as a child in Hawaii, now she wants to bring her skills to New Jersey! A natural progression. But Kristina needs your help to get her chocolate shop, The Chocolate Rabbit, started. 

I haven’t tried these chocolates but they sure look nice! And I am excited to have an all-vegan chocolate shop to force my family to stop at when we drive the NYC-Philly route. 

I know, another day, another vegan kickstarter, but I happen to love that our community can come together to fund the vegan endeavors of our brethren. We are mighty! Plus you KNOW I love kickstarter perks. Imma get some chocolate!

You can learn more and donate here. Good luck, Kristina!


SF: Chocolate Vegan Pop-Up Spa fundraiser!  »

imageHey Pals! Not to get all Cathy on you, but I love chocolate! And I love spas! So a chocolate spa sounds just about perfect. I won’t be in SF on the 29th but if you will, you should definitely book an appointment to the chocolate vegan pop-up spa! It looks like there are only A FEW appointments left!

Here are the details:

A Healing is Giving fundraiser for Food Empowerment Project 
held at the beautiful VegNews offices in San Francisco’s Mission District

massage + hair + nails + skin + chocolate + more!

Chocolate Spa & Salon Menu ((Click Here))
Spa sessions are limited. No walk-ins. 
A portion of all services will be donated to 
Food Empowerment Project.

| spa services provided by |
Bee Uytiepo, Vegan Massage Therapist & Owner of Beelight
Tina Brennan, Vegan Hair Stylist & Owner of Va Va Vroom
Sarah Brauer, Vegan Esthetician & Owner of Sb Skin
Xuan Dang, Vegan Esthetician & Owner of Nails by Susan

You know Vegansaurus loves Food Empowerment Project so we totally think you should go to this! And take pics of chocolate all over your face! Unless that’s not what happens. 


Fine & Raw: Organic raw chocolate from Brooklyn!  »


Hey raw chocolate lovers and all the other kinds of chocolate lovers! Fine & Raw is a Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based raw chocolate company that makes yummy organic, vegan chocolates! They sent me some free bars to try and now I will tell you all about them!

Their mission “is to save the world through silliness and chocolate!” They use low-heat techniques and you’ll also be glad to know they make every effort to be environmentally friendly. Plus, reading their site is positively delightful! They are funny. And there’s some good info about chocolate on there like this!:

Cacao has been report to have these benefits:

  • #1 food source of antioxidants
  • #1 food source of magnesium
  • Phenylethylamine (PEA) - the compound which scientists believe is released when you’re in love
  • Anandamide - the ‘bliss chemical’
  • Tryptophan – the precursor to serotonin.
  • MAO Inhibitors – allows more serotonin to flow in your body. read: more fun
  • Appetite suppresant & aphrodisiac
  • None of the above statements have been evaluated by the FDA, although they told us they really love chocolate.

Yay chocolate! Don’t mind if I do!


Above is one of the truffle bars. Creamy and good! I had the peeps at work try all the chocolate of course because I am so nice to them and this was very popular. It’s not sweet but it’s not too bitter. A good balance.


Now, my friends, THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! As I’ve said a million times, I love salty chocolate so this epic dark chocolate sea salt bar was music to my taste buds. And just look at that bar, they are not messing around! It’s a solid bar of chocolate. On the bitter side, so this is a grown-up kind of bar. And you can break it into sticks! 

And maybe most importantly, they like dinos too!:


For you non-New Yorkers, you can order Fine & Raw chocolates from their website. Get your raw chocolate on around the globe!


Vegan Divas brings you a vegan bûche de Noël!  »

Vegan Divas, your favorite health-conscious vegan bakery, has created this decadent bûche de Noël! Or Yule Log, to us local folk. It’s a chocolate sponge cake, layered with chocolate mousse and caramel filling. And if you don’t know, Vegan Divas’ chocolate mousse is their signature dish. It’s so chocolatey and smooth!

The bûche de Noël is $59 and serves 10-12 people. You can pick one up at the store in Manhattan or they are delivering to the NYC metro area. I don’t know how far they’ll delivery otherwise but they do say you can contact them for Connecticut or other areas. I want one! They are so pretty!


We heart Nicobella’s delicious vegan chocolates!  »


You guys are totes going to love Nicobella! Just read this:

We love animals, therefore do not use any animal ingredients. We donate 5% of our sales to our favorite animal organizations (Mercy for Animals, The Gentle Barn, Noah’s Ark of Locust Grove, GA and The Humane Society of the United States). We also donate any left over chocolates that have not been sold to these organizations to be used in auctions, which helps to raise money for animals in need.

Yay! And not only are the chocolates vegan, they are organic, sustainable and fair trade! I tried the Nicobella truffles above and then the “munch” snacks you see below. I LOVE THE MAPLE NUT MUNCH!!!: “Maple-nut munch is a savory healthy snack made with organic, Fair Trade 75% dark chocolate, maple coated roasted pecans and just a touch of sea salt.” OMG RIGHT? You should know by now that I love chocolate and salt together so this is right up my alley. 


I shared the treats with my coworkers because I’m so nice to them. Once again, they weren’t that interested in the fair-tradeness, sustainability or vegan…ity? But they were def interested in the chocolate part. The truffles were very popular. I think the green tea drew a lot of interest and the pumpkin chai. I liked them too but it was the Maple Nut Munch that took the show in my book. The other Munch flavors went like hot cakes as well. They are especially nice because they seem a bit healthy but still so yummy and chocolatey. 

In conclusion: Nicobella rules! The I just ordered more Maple Nut Munch today because I’m obsessed. 


Legal bit: I got these for free from the company to try!


Lagusta’s Luscious croissant-infused caramels and more!  »


Did you eat enough candy last week? Me neither! Which works out perfectly because I went totally cray on the Lugusta’s Luscious website the other day and got all kinds of stuff. But rewind: did you see that title? I’m not even kidding! Croissant-infused chocolate-covered caramels!  And let me tell you, they are so totally the new jam. And I let my coworkers try them because I am so nice and everyone agreed they are the new jam. So good. Nice and salty-sweet. 


I also got these peppermint patty type things above. They are creamier than peppermint patties but they are very good. The chocolate is not very sweet, that is how I like it. 


I also got this butterfinger type candy bar. This is the only thing I ordered that I’m not super into. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very yummy, it’s just missing something real butterfingers have. It’s not as crunchy or something. I don’t know. But it’s still peanut buttery-good. 


This is the last thing I got, Matzo Toffee! It’s some kind of craziness! It’s like caramelized matzo with salty dark chocolate drizzled on top. Maybe I’m weird but I’ve always loved matzo. I would totally trade my snacks for matzo in elementary school. I also ate white flour. That’s enough about me for today.

In conclusion: YUM!

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