Vegan Easter candy round-up!  »

Hey pals! Easter is coming up! How about a vegan Easter round-up? Don’t mind if I do!

"Speckles" Chocolate Rice Crispy Bunny and Flavored Solid Vegan Eggs from Allison’s Gourmet. This bun is too cute! And I love crispies in my chocolate. These chocolates are also gluten-free and made with fair-trade cocoa. 

White Rabbit Ostara Hare Easter Bunny Vegan White Chocolate from Realist Mermaid on Etsy. These are also gluten-free! Who likes white chocolate? Not me! But I know some people do and this actually sounds really good. It’s flavored with organic Tahitian vanilla bean. Yum!

Vegan Easter assortment from No Whey Candies on Etsy! This collection looks AHMAYZING. 

And don’t forget your vegan creme eggs from Queen Balch! You know we love vegan creme eggs up in this piece

Look at this little guy! This Sjaak’s chocolate bunny is filled with almond butter! My mom loves her some almond butter. And this is great for kids with peanut allergies! A special treat. And you know Sjaak’s uses fair-trade and organic ingredients. 

For those not that into chocolate (you crazy bastards), Vegan Essentials has these cute sugar chicks and bunnies!

Vegan large Easter bunny girl from Chocolate Decadence! Such a pretty lady! This 12” chocolate statue stands up. Good lord! That’s a big bunny.

For you Peeps fans, Sweet and Sara’s Easter Skippers and Sunnys! These are so cute!

Vegan marshmallow chicks covered in chocolate! Dang, son! These look yums. 

From Rose City Chocolatier, a super cute hat box filled with Easter chocolate! This is adorbs. Any kid would die if you got them this!

For another basket, Indie Candy has this great pack of Easter goodies! I love the carrot lollipops, so cute. 

There you go guys, I hope you have a happy Easter if having a happy Easter is something you want!


A Very Vegan Valentine Gift Round-Up!  »

Valentine’s Day is approaching! I may have touched on this in previous years but I’ll say it again: Don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you Valentine’s Day is some made-up Hallmark holiday! It’s as old as dirt! Look it up, bros. 

Now, I don’t think Valentine’s Day has to be some crazy event, I think dinner and flowers is perfect! But if you want to step it up a little from flowers, here are some super gift ideas:

Here’s a sweet treat from Rescue Chocolates, “Wild at Heart” chocolate hearts filled with raspberry ganache! You can find some at Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe! These are so simple and pretty and the proceeds go to great animal organizations so you’re sweetie will be all the more impressed!

Another sweet gift for a good cause, how much would your main squeeze love a heart full of chocolates from Farm Sanctuary?! SO MUCH! These special “milk” chocolates are fair trade, vegan and organic! Plus you are helping one of our favorite charities (it’s the one and only Eric the piglet’s home!)

This doesn’t need much commentary from me. You obviously need one. Get it from Chocolate Decadence!

Here’s a twist on the traditional candy gift, from Vegan Etsy Team member Feedyourface, Vegan Organic Valentine’s Day Caramels with raspberries, dark chocolate, vanilla balsamic, and white pepper! That sounds YUM with a capital DANG!

Another Etsy candy entry, cute vegan Valentine’s chocolates from MissVeganTreats! I’ve never tried these but they are adorable. I love the skulls! Because they are baddass AND romantic, just like me!

Ok, last Etsy treat gift! This is Iheartveg’s Vegan S’mores Kit: Valentine Edition! I like this because it’s sweets for your sweet but it’s also kind of an experiential gift! Because s’mores aren’t just a food, they are an activity! So you can give your sweetie the kit and then make them together! Ohhhhh, maybe over a campfire! Romantic! Jeez, you’ve outdone yourself. 

Now, here’s an idea! For all the freaks in the crowd, get some vegan whipped cream and chocolate sauce! Oooh la la. 

Lingerie, whether you plan on wearing it for your lovey or giving it to your lovey to wear, is a crowd-pleaser! And this set comes from vegan lingerie shop Purrfect Pineapples and has little white hearts on it. So romantic!

Don’t forget the appeal of an old-fashion card! Only old people give out cards any more and old people are the best so you should give out cards and be like an old person. This cutie cute cute one comes from Vegan Etsy Team member MyZoetrope. You know what would be cute? If a BOY got this for someone! Boys never give cards. That would be adorbs. You guys should do that.

Experiential gifts are all the rage in the past few years, simply because a lot of us just have too much stuff! And really, isn’t it memories that build a romance? At least that’s what I hear. So here’s an idea: get tickets to Urban Food Crawl’s “Suds & Sweets: An evening of beer and dessert pairings” in LA! There will be mini vegan cupcakes and truffles paired with a beer flight! So fun! And nothing stimulates a romance like beer. If you don’t live in LA, you should still totally get tickets to this AND get plane tickets to LA! That would be awesome. I would totally marry you if you did that for me. Or not marry you; Whatever you were going for, I’d be down!

That’s all for now, pals! Have a happy Valentine’s Day and hug your lovey for me.


Vegan Easter candy-palooza!  »

At my house, Jesus didn’t have much of a presence during Easter. But candy did! We always did the little hunt with our Easter baskets and whatnot. To bring back that nostalgia for you Easter-celebrators, here’s some vegan Easter candy!
Rose City Chocolates
has a ton of Easter stuff and it’s all totally adorbs. Except that big bunny in the middle keeps undressing me with his eyes. Goddamn buck-toothed perv.

put together this nice basket of goodies. The work is all done for you! Lazy bones.

A chocolate basket straight from Sjaak’s! What a coincidence, that’s my favorite kind of basket! Plus, it’s organic and fair-trade. Holler at your ethics! Most of their other vegan Easter stuff is sold out so don’t procrastinate.

From Chocolate Decadence. This link wasn’t working for me today but hopefully it will be up later. Because those eggs are three inches of pure vegan yum! Ew, that sounds gross, Megan.

From Sweet Earth Chocolates. The dark chocolate caramel are vegan. They have little vegan chocolate bunnies too! Plus they are also organic and fair trade. That makes it taste better!

From NOWheyCandies on Etsy. Isn’t this guy cute? I just want to eat him up! And I could! Because it’s chocolate! This one is also gluten-free for our gluten-free pals. Congrats!

I was inspired to make this list by Bay Area Bites and Happy Vegan; they both made vegan Easter candy lists so def check those out. And there’s always Laura’s vegan creme egg taste-off and all of our Easter posts where we talk about shiz like delicious vegan peeps! I was also inspired by chocolate and my main man Jesus.


Valentine’s Day chocolates for that special vegan!  »

Hey beautiful people! Valentine’s Day looms over us with its promises of loneliness and emotional torture! JK, unlike Miss Lonelyhearts over here, you probably have a special someone to share the day with, hmmm? Or maybe you’ve had your eye on a sexy someone, hmmm? What better way to say, “I want to tap that!” or, “I still like tapping that!” than with a nice box of vegan Valentine’s chocolates?! Let the round-up begin!

Chocolatier Sjaak’s brings us this totally adorbs limited-edition box of vegan truffles for Valentine’s Day! I WANT IT, if only for the box. You have plenty of time to order a box for your sweetie before February 14, so get on that! If you have no sweetie, order the truffles anyway and eat them while watching whatever Lifetime movie marathon I’m sure will descend upon us come the big day. You can buy them from Sjaak’s or they have them at ye old Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe too. I WANT THEM BUY THEM FOR ME.

From Chocolate Decadence, we have this voluptuous double heart chocolate box of chocolates! A CHOCOLATE box filled with CHOCOLATES! What can’t science do? Don’t worry, they also have a “world’s best lover” chocolate bar.

Now we take it old school with this red velvet box from Sweet Earth Chocolates. Take note that they have regular chocolate and vegan chocolate so make sure you select the right option during purchase. I love an nice velvet box of chocolates. So kitsch!

I’ve got two Etsy chocolatiers for you; above is the Jumbo Love Bar from Sweet V Confections. Below, a gift box of assorted vegan chocolates from No Whey Candies. Looking good!

Lastly, I can’t explain this amazing picture but tell me a tuxedo box of chocolates doesn’t rule! Thanks, Rose City Chocolates! Also, get a new camera. But for real, check out that carnation! This box dominates. Oh, oh, and it’s velvet too! Once again, thanks Science!

OK, modern lovers! Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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