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It’s no secret that Vegansaurus has serious crushes on Gnosis rich, decadent, ethically sourced all-raw vegan chocolate created by fearless compassionate lady of the cacao Vanessa Barg. (For further proof, watch our video interview with Vanessa and read our blog interview with her.)

This Valentine’s Day, Gnosis has created an incredible new collection of chocolates that seriously trump that bullshit milk-chocolate sugar bomb your 7th grade boyfriend thought would convince you to let him go to second base (they didn’t).

Gnosis’ Valentine’s Day “Passion Collection” includes delicately crafted morsels infused with “aphrodisiac herbs” like horny goat weed, dong quai, fo ti damiana and maca. Each delightful sustainable fair-trade ethically sourced artisan truffle and raw cacao piece in the Passion Collection has been engineered to inspire you to get it on!

The Passion Collection Truffles come in four flavors: Cherry Vanilla Truffle, Passionfruit Cupuacu Truffle, Wild White Rose Truffle and Madagascar Mylk truffle. The Cherry Vanilla Truffle was hands-down my favorite: elegantly filed with raw cherry-vanilla jam with dark chocolate ganache creme layers (and hella aphrodisiac herbs maca, damiana and fo ti!), how could I not be obsessed? The Wild White Rose Truffle came in close second as the first raw vegan white chocolate I’ve tried that tastes smooth and decadent yet doesn’t overpower with richness. A marvel of science and raw gastronomy! Each order of Passion Collection Truffles comes adorned with love notes (how cute is that?) so your sig other/crush/Vegansaurus writer friends can know you’re behind such a thoughtful gesture of confection bliss.


In honor of Valentine’s Day, Gnosis also offers two bars: The Passion Bar and the Berry Rose bar. Rose is a risky move for cacao, because rose oil can easily overpower the flavors of the cacao. Passion includes tart raspberries and lower-glycemic coconut palm sugar (my personal favorite!). It also has lots of maca and horny goat weed, which are sure to keep your passions revved. image

Gnosis touts Berry Rose as “A bouquet of roses, box of chocolates & chocolate-dipped strawberries - all in one!” and I wholeheartedly agree! This special Valentine’s Day-only bar is adorned by strawberries, goji berries, cranberries and lemon and rose essential oils. To top it off, Gnosis even added dried rose petals to the bar’s surface! That’s classy!

Get your Gnosis Valentine’s Day orders in now online for up to 20% off!

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